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  • Bean works as a caretaker at Britain's formidable Royal National Gallery, and his bosses want to fire him because he sleeps at work all the time, but can't because the chairman of the gallery's board defends him. They send him to USA, to the small Los Angeles art gallery instead, where he'll have to officiate at the opening of the greatest US picture ever (called "Whistler's Mother").

    - Written by Anonymous
  • Mr. Bean is an eccentric caretaker working for the British national gallery in London, England, Mr. Bean is going to get fired by the museum's board of directors because he doesn't do his job and all he does is sleep. But the board instead decides to send Mr. Bean to Los Angeles, where David Langley, curator of a museum in downtown L.A. has requested that the board of director's of the British national gallery sends a art scholar to talk about their latest purchase, the famous painting "Whristler's Mother" which military officer General Newton has donated to the museum, at a opening conference. But Mr. Bean's arrival in Los Angeles causes mayhem, as David invites Mr. Bean to stay with his family and begins causing problems for David's marriage. But Mr. Bean doesn't know anything about paintings and although they think he is a brilliant, eccentric art scholar, he really isn't the right man to protect the painting as his behavior also threatens the painting itself.

    - Written by Daniel Williamson
  • Bean - the movie features Mr Bean in new adventures. The painting "Whistler's Mother" has been acquired from the Musee d'Orsay in Paris by the Grierson Gallery in California. As an attempt to get him out of the country, Mr Bean is sent to Los Angeles to unveil the painting and present it to everyone, even though he knows nothing about the painting.

    - Written by Livia Cheng <rhonda@post1.com>
  • Mr Bean works as a caretaker in a British gallery. He is a very bad worker (keep sleeping at work), but his bosses are prevented from firing him because the head of the gallery wants him as his worker. So his bosses send him to another gallery in Los Angeles, California. But things in LA goes wrong. An important painting arrives to his new gallery, and somehow Bean suppose to present it to a selected audience, and to protect it as well. The thing is that Bean does not know anything about paints, and he is exactly the most unsuited man to protect the paint.

    - Written by rsilberman
  • Even though he works only as a caretaker, Britain's Royal National Gallery just can not get rid of the clumsy Mr. Bean (Atkinson). That is until a Los Angeles Art Gallery requests assistance from the best man in Britain. This is the perfect opportunity for Britain to get rid of Mr. Bean and to unleash LA with the same problems.

    - Written by FilmFanUk
  • The bumbling Mr. Bean travels to America when he is given the responsibility of bringing a highly valuable painting to a Los Angeles museum.

    - Written by Daniel Jos. Leary


Mr. Bean (Rowan Atkinson) is a well-meaning, but hopelessly clumsy and destructive guard at the Royal National Gallery in London...

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