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I really can't believe Joel did this
Kristine19 September 2002
Batman & Robin, the big summer movie of 1997, I remember seeing this in the theater when I was 12 and even then I wasn't impressed. But when I was more grown up, I watched this film again, I figured since I loved the 3 previous Batman films, why not give this one another shot? Now, seeing this movie once again, I can understand the low rating on IMDb, this movie was just a pathetic attempt at merchandising Batman and making an over the top action movie that really had nothing to do with Batman. The casting was just oh, so plain wrong. We have Arnold Schwartzenegger as Dr. Freeze?! Not to mention the accent, the character was just someone you felt like you could laugh off. Alicia Silverstone as Batgirl, she was alright, but again, questionable casting since she seemed out of place. Now, George Clooney?! I couldn't believe how Val Kilmer got complained about, but George Clooney I can see why. He was just the most awkward Batman ever and didn't fit the role at all, he was only used for his popularity.

Batman is living it up with his bachelor lifestyle, but Robin is a bit upset that he is living under Batman's shadow and wishes to be the star. Alfred is becoming very sick and needs serious help; his niece, Barbara comes to his aid and hopes to help him and stays with Bruce Wayne. Dr. Freeze is our new villain and is looking for a cure for his wife who is frozen until he can find a cure for her, he also is intending for the world to pay for what has happened to him and his wife for some reason. Dr. Pamela Isley is a plant scientist/right activist and while her boss sees her finding out more than she needs to know about an experiment on his version of Frankenstien, named Bang, he "kills" her with her plants. But the plants chemicals have an effect on her and actually make her into Poisen Ivy. She and Freeze team up to take over Gothem and of course to split Batman and Robin forever, oh yeah, then kill them I guess.

Batman & Robin was really beyond over the top, the costumes were a bit silly and the story was just too family friendly. This is Batman, the Dark Knight, it's not meant to be this bright and so crazy. I couldn't believe Joel did this, I really wish I could get past this, I know he's going to get a bad rap for this film for the rest of his career. The acting was just stupid and not true to Batman at all. The problem here was that the story and setting just had nothing to do with what Batman truly is and was just an excuse to spend stupid money. Please, don't watch this film if you love Batman, or you'll be sorry.

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an especially bad movie
Gambitt7 May 2001
I've rated several hundred movies on IMDB, and overall, I go easy on them. Most of the so-so ones get a 5 or 6. A movie has to be pretty bad to get a 4 or 3 from me. And movies with a 2 are simply, awful, awful movies.

I have saved the rating of 1 exclusively for Batman and Robin, for I'm pretty sure no movie could possibly suck more.

Normally, when I walk into a theatre with low expectations for some movie, this gives the movie an advantage since I've basically lowered the bar for it. I held low expectations for Jurassic Park, but ended up being surprisingly entertained.

Batman and Robin failed completely to meet even the rock-bottom expectations I held for it when I saw it.

The script is a complete wreck. The jokes are an insult to your intelligence. The acting isn't especially bad, but then again, very little is required of the actors. The action sequences are confusing and incoherent.

If you're a Batman fan, then you will hate what Joel Shoemaker did in this film. His bastardization of Bane pretty much kills any possibility of a Knightfall-based movie. If you're not a big Batman fan, you'll just hate this movie just because it's so freakin' stupid.

Any pros? Well, I've read some reviews that say the sets are beautifully constructed. Personally, I thought the sets were ok, but hardly anything special. Nothing that couldn't by done with lots of construction paper and elmer's glue.

So, no, there aren't really any pros.
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Quite Possibly the Worst Movie Ever
Nephalim24 February 2004
Don't get me wrong, the old Adam West Batman TV show was certainly funny, and given the times, a more accurate representation of what Batman was trying to be wouldn't have succeeded nearly as well. But the show still betrayed all the emotion and grimness of Batman's themes.

In Batman & Robin, Schumacher seems to be getting back to those roots. He treats the entire Batman franchise like a joke. Even if it was funny, this would be betraying the name of Batman. But here, seeing as it's NOT funny, it only succeeds in becoming the worst of the Batman movies, and, arguably, the worst films ever created. And I'm taking into account Plan 9 From Outer Space, Gigli, and You Got Served.

George Clooney just plays George Clooney. Which is the road he usually takes, but this suave, dashing, and charming Batman seems more like Mystery Men's Captain Amazing than the crimefighter of legend.

There's Chris O'Donnell, the angst-ridden Robin trying to break out of Batman's shadow. The only thing he ever really does is act like a child.

Alicia Silverstone. Wow. I seriously wonder what makes someone say, "Hmm, who should we get to play Batgirl . . . I know! Alicia Silverstone!" No offense to Alicia, but she's out in right field on this one. Her tough-girl performance is sprinkled with reminders of her Clueless days. But all that aside, she actually does very little.

Now, onto the villains. Uma Thurman, who we know CAN act, is hamming it up to ridiculous proportions. First, when she's playing the nerdy Dr. Pamela, she exaggerates that to a level I thought impossible. And then she inexplicably turns into an extremely sexualized villainess whose plan, by the way, would kill all the plants she advocated protecting.

Arnold seems like the worst possible choice for Mr. Freeze. I mean, of all the Batman villains I could see him playing - Bane, for christ's sake - Mr. Freeze is not on that list. He possesses none of the emotionless, calculated, and cold (no pun intended) sociopathy which makes Mr. Freeze such a good character.

And then, all that aside, they're handed ridiculous catch phrases and cliches they're expected to say with any level of sincerity? At one point Mr. Freeze says "chill out." Of all the ways it sounds, menacing is not among them.

Seriously, I'd have more respect for Schumacher if I discovered that he hated Batman, and had intentionally ruined it with this garbage. Then, this might actually be just his own personal joke. Instead, it borders on a travesty of good cinema. I only wish that 0 stars was a selectable option at the imdb, for this film ALONE.
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I've Lost Faith In Humanity
ReelCheese7 May 2006
BATMAN & ROBIN will make you lose all faith in Hollywood, indeed humanity as a whole. Stunningly awful, this was a disaster from the moment George Clooney traded in his scrubs for the black rubber boots. And it's not even awful in a cute, SHOWGIRLS kind of way. You won't laugh, but you might cry over the fact you've just flushed 125 precious minutes of your life down the crapper.

While everyone involved brings shame to their families, from the uncomfortable Clooney as the lamely-interpreted hero to Governornator Arnold Schwarzenegger as the junior-high-dialog-spewing Mr. Freeze, director Joel Schumacher must be punched the hardest. Even those who thought he embarrassed the franchise with the light-hearted BATMAN FOREVER were taken aback. Schumacher treats the audience like a group of eight-year-old boys with ADD, constantly trying to impress us with unexciting action scenes like a hockey-themed opening battle reminiscent of the under-appreciated genius of MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS.

The writers only make things worse with their "witty" hero chatter ("This is why Superman works alone"... har har, where do they come up with them??) and drawn-out "human" angles, such as butler Alfred's illness and a childish romantic triangle between Batman, Robin and the sexy Poison Ivy. This isn't root-on-the-heroes entertainment. On the contrary, you'll find yourself wishing Poison Ivy would tongue kiss both masked men to put us all out of our misery.

I love Batman and superhero flicks. I'm not a movie snob by any means, as I'm willing to forgive many a gaffe. But I absolutely loathe BATMAN & ROBIN. I loathe how it disgraces the characters it depicts. I loathe how the "talent" involved is still allowed within 100 feet of a film set or writer's room. It must be said again that BATMAN & ROBIN is the kind of experience that will make you lose all faith in Hollywood -- and humanity.
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Holy Cr**py Movie Batman!!!!!
renodc31 August 2004
This is the most disappointing movie in the history of film for me.

A 2 out of 10 is generous. I should give it a zero strictly based on the Bat Credit Card scene.

Every single individual whether it be producers, director, writer or actors (minus Chris O'Donnell) should be "Bat-Whipped" for this piece of junk. This is your typical "absolutely cannot fail" franchise in film getting raped by studio execs making critical content decisions about a film when they have no talent to do so. Batman is popular simply because of the comic book not because of that retarded TV show starring Adam West, but this movie is more fashioned after that campy trash. This was nothing but a slap in the face to every true fan of the Batman. The direction of Joel Schumacher was deplorable. The set designs looked cheap (the ice looked and acted like dried craft glue) and were visually painful, especially the overuse of the red neon hue in many scenes. The digital effects were OK but often over done. The production cost was extensive, and I wonder what percentage of the budget went to the salaries of Arnold, George, Uma and Alicia. I'm sure it was high. I know Arnold got $20 million, so the percentage had to be fairly high. Well, everyone one of them needed to give back large portions of their salaries because their performances were atrocious. Alicia Silverstone needs to give her entire salary back. Hers was probably one the worst performances ever in a major motion picture. Arnold can't act anyway so I wasn't really expecting much, but I was disappointed when I heard he was cast as Freeze because he in no way fits that character. Freeze was a scientist and when I look at Arnold my first thought is not "Scientist". Ben Kingsly or Patrick Stewart would have fit better. Uma, who is normally a credible actress, was too "drama queen" which made it hard to immerse yourself in scenes she was in. Clooney was totally miscast as Bruce Wayne/Batman. I mean it's hard not to laugh when Batman is shorter than Robin. George like Uma was too overly dramatic, especially in scenes with Alfred, which made it hard to take him seriously. Chris O'Donnell was really the only actor that seemed real. With all that, I would have to say the overwhelmingly worst part of this movie was the script. Akiva Goldsman should have been banned from Hollywood after this script. It was a completely brainless jumbled mess. The story, which was pitiful at best, gets completely lost in entirely too many characters. It was so frustrating seeing the origins of certain characters ripped too shreds as Goldsman attempted to jam them into the script. Batgirl, who should have never been in this film in the first place, was changed from Commissioner Gordon's daughter to Alfred's niece, which made absolutely no sense. In an attempt, to explain why Freeze was so muscular it was explained he was an Olympic gymnast. How freakin' stupid is that? Gymnasts by necessity need to be small in stature to perform well in gymnastics and Arnold is enormous. Goldsman's use of dialogue was highly irritating consisting of nothing but one juvenile one-liner after another after another after another. One other thing that really irritated me was the complete mishandling and waste of the character Bane. Bane is a much more complex and vicious villain in the comics, and this movie version with Bane reduces him to a mindless henchman. Bane deserves much more character development than he received in B&R. The same thing happened in Forever, when one of the most highly complex and interesting villains in the comics, Two-Face, got reduced to second billing. Note to Warner Bros. stop screwing with Batman he can sell himself, and stop trying to cram so many characters into the films, and understand nobody wants to see a Campy Caped Crusader.
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I ask you God, what have we done to deserve this?
eamon-hennedy8 December 2003
This is hands down the worst film ever made in the history of the existence of the universe. There have been some bad films made but this is a travesty. It is hard to believe that money was spent to make this. It could have been used on something else (charity I suppose). I was 12 when I went to see this and it broke my heart. Batman was my favorite comic book and character when I was a kid and this film broke my spirit. The excellence of the Tim Burton/Michael Keaton films are long gone. The dark emotional center and development of the hero and the villains is sidelined for action sequences, action sequences and some more action sequences, some of them incorporating the worst CGI and model work ever seen on film.

The casting itself had to the potential to make a good film. George Clooney could have made a great Batman (square jawed, popular with the ladies), the only thing going against him being that can be too laid back (maybe with a better script he could do the darker material). Uma Thurman is perfect for Poison Ivy. She is a good looking yet quirky actress, but you wouldn't know it by the emphasis on camp context and innuendo in this film. Arnie is maybe a little miscast as Mr Freeze, but he does well getting a chance to use some 'great' puns, but someone who can come across as more evil would have been better. Then there is Chris O'Donnell and Alicia Silverstone as Robin and Batgirl. Let's just say more charisma can come from a line of fridge freezers with nothing in them. The only decent performance comes from Michael Gough as Alfred, only one of two actors to have appeared in all four films. His performance is wonderful in this otherwise mess of a film.

The blame for this disaster can be laid at the hands of Joel Schumacher. His direction misplaced and his intentions misguided. He may have redeemed himself with Phone Booth, but he will always be the man who destroyed Batman in my eyes.
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Uncalled for, overrated and idiotic
Francisco Huerta13 August 2000
I know that there has to be some justice in this life, so everyone will pay for their sins and crimes someday. I shudder when I think what will happen to Joel Schumacher for killing the "Batman" franchise.

"Batman", the best of the series, was a dark, psychotic and complex movie with over the top acting and settings. The Batmobile was beautiful, as were the sets. The movie was forceful and interesting. "Batman Returns" shared some of the traits of its predecessor while adding more lunacy to the mix. It did suffer from the lack of top of the line talent (Jack Nicholson).

And then Mr. Schumacher ruined everything.

"Batman Forever" is a shame of a movie, but NOTHING compared to what this piece of garbage is. Since its from the same series, there is no excuse for the director to run wild and away from the spirit of the originals, in which a sad soul has to fight crime in order to mantain sanity. In Schumacher movies, Batman has to have the coolest cars, to kiss the most beautiful girls and to have a lot of fun while doing this. The first 2 movies acknowledged that killing or hurting people was a conscious choice which was painfully taken by Batman; in the last 2 it is as if violence was fun and part of Batman´s life.

There are so many wrong things about this film it is useless to count them. But there are two things that are an insult to every film goer: the Batmobile is reduced to a clownmobile, and Batman´s suit has NIPPLES in it. What a disgrace of a movie. This doesn't even qualify as "so bad it is good". This is merely "so bad it is bad".
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A pain in the ice.
The_Movie_Cat15 October 2000
Strangely enough, that's one ice-related pun that Mr.Freeze doesn't use in this film. Though it does adequately describe the movie. What was I thinking, watching Batman & Robin for a third time? Even worse, what was I doing actually starting to enjoy it?

Yes, there's something endearingly awful about a film that fails on almost every technical level. But it wasn't always so. The first two films in the franchise, anchored by the strong, and much undervalued lead of Michael Keaton, were enjoyable pop-art excursions by Tim Burton. The first, still by far the best, allowed Jack Nicholson to ham it up amongst retro stylings and the music of Prince. The second, Batman Returns, was a less successful effort to homage German expressionist cinema, the darkest of the four films, and struggled slightly under the weight of three villains.

The lesson wasn't learnt, and the usage of multiple baddies has been a fixed staple ever since. With the third, Batman Forever, the flat acting of new bat Val Kilmer was coupled with Joel Schumacher's garish direction and Chris O'Donnell's irritating Robin. Akiva Goldsman was now the writer, and any sense of depth had given way to trite puns and disjointed set pieces.

And so it was that everything that was symptomatically flawed with the series was expanded upon and magnified for the fourth, and by far the weakest, instalment. George Clooney has accepted a lot of the blame for this film, a humble admission but unfair. While he's clearly miscast as both Batman and Bruce Wayne, he doesn't give a bad performance per se. Rather, it's his back up that lets the side down. Uma Thurman (am I the only one who doesn't think she's that good-looking?) has a great time overdoing it as Poison Ivy, but she's joined by Arnold Schwarzenegger as Mr. Freeze. Schwarz, not exactly known for his acting skill, is unrecognisable under his costume, so what's the point? He gets to call Batman "Batunbuuurg", refers to Robin as "Buuurd Bouy" and only has 100 lines in total. The fact that 26% of these lines are lame puns on the word "ice" that even a two-year-old would struggle to find funny is even more deplorable. And when you hear Freeze tell Batman "Yew arr not zending mee too da cooola" the urge to use the video's "stop" button is almost insurmountable.

Bane makes up the trio, a monosyllabic muscleman in a gimp mask. A completely unnecessary addition, he offers nothing to the plot and goes largely forgotten. The introduction of wonky-mouthed Alicia Silverstone as a fatuous Batgirl character is also grating. And why doesn't her costume come fitted with Batnipples like the rest?

Tiny traces of amusement can be gleaned from Ivy's dialogue, with her urges that her "garden needs tending" adding some form of adult tone to the humour. However, it's unrelenting innuendo - "I'll help you grab your rocks" - does start to wear thin very quickly. I did smile at Batman's cashcard: "I never leave the cave without it"; and it's also nice to see some small references from other films. Even if it is just a glimpse of the Riddler's costume from Forever, some guards paraphrasing Cobra or some street bystanders dressed as Clockwork Orange Droogs. In fact, the idea of a Batman film as completely OTT comedy send-up may have worked, were the rest of the humour more sophisticated. "It's the hockey team from Hell"; "So this is where you hang out"; "I'll cancel the pizza"; oh, how lame and functional the dialogue is!

The film wraps up with a rather pathetic plot contrivance, and George having to dish out bland platitudes. "Not all heroes wear masks"; "to give life... that's true power". Oh, it really is abominably bad. Batman & Robin exists as a classic example of the Hollywood system folding in under its own weight. However, the universal slating this one got neglects one factor: while the least successful, it still made over $230,000,000 at the box office. I wonder how many people would be satisfied with "failures" like that?
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How to make the worst movie EVER! In 10 easy steps.
MinorityReporter20 September 2007
1. Cast Arnold Schwarzenegger as a scientist and have him spout nothing but one-liners for the entire movie. I cannot stress how bad his performance is. Even by his standards the level of acting is shockingly poor. Also Mr. Freeze was an intelligent guy in the comics then it doesn't do to cast a guy who can't even speak American without a heavy accent. Despite Schwarzenegger's intellect (he is one of the governors in USA with the highest IQ) he comes off as an ignorant person because of his accent.

2. Allow George Clooney to play Batman as gay. I am actually a fan of Clooney but his performance in this movie is disgraceful to say the least. He has stated himself that he found it amusing to play Bruce Wayne as gay. I, a great fan of the comics, did not find this amusing at all.

3. Move away from the serious tone of the first movies (which made them successful) and do a poor imitation of the 60's camp show with Adam West.

4. Cast Uma Thurman as Poison Ivy. I usually think Uma Thurman is hot but her overacting in this movie is so distasteful she loses all kind of sexual appeal, which in turn destroys any kind of menace the character should have had. Poor, poor, poor.

5. Allowing Joel Schumacher free reins over the movie after seeing which direction he was taking the franchise with the previous movie. This is just the sign of a bad producer.

6. Remove all tension in the fight sequences by dumbing them down to the point where it is beyond stupidity. Batman and Robin playing hockey with a diamond is not my idea of a cool fight scene. Several fight scenes actually had me gasping with shock as to how poor they are.

7. Cast Alicia Silverstone as a bad girl (Batgirl). She cannot pull it off.

8. The nipples people. THE NIPPLES!!! How ridiculous is this?! Batman and Robin's suits have nipples but when Batgirl makes her entrance notice the lack of the same.

9. Write a script that makes no sense whatsoever.

10. Turn one of the most memorable villains of the comics into a brainless henchman. I am referring of course to Bane who in the comics is one of Batman's worst enemies because of his strength and intellect. Bane has actually beaten Batman on several occasions and although The Joker is undoubtedly Batman's nemesis Bane isn't far off. I squirm with the way they treated him in this movie.

In my honest opinion this could in fact be the worst movie... no scratch that... worst thing man has ever created. So with that I give my final score.

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Funny and entertaining
Ken_Buddha28 May 2009
I can't help it, but I would take "funny" over "dark" every day and twice on Sundays. I recently purchased "The Dark Knight" on DVD, but in some way I regret it, and I am pretty sure that I will watch "Batman & Robin" again before giving 2008's Batman a re-run. That dark stuff just doesn't cut it for me, I don't care how many people rated "The Dark Knight" 8.9 out of 10. "B&R" is entertaining if you don't take the movie (or maybe yourself) too seriously. And that's what I remember about reading DC comics in the sixties: it was fun. "The Governor" as Mr Freeze alone is worth the price of the DVD (probably now around five dollars), because he takes the term "camp" to levels nobody dared to think of, which is fine by me since he's just a comic book villain. No masterpiece, but certainly not as bad as most of the other reviewers have stated.
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Things to learn from batman and robin
axopnk29 July 2008
Warning: Spoilers
1. As a director it is VERY important to get a close up of Batmans ass going into the bat suit. This is to help the audience know that bat suit protects all vital areas.

2. Superman does not want a partner because partners tend to want cars that chicks dig.

3. Mr. Freeze, despite being a professor, has very a very limited vocabulary, which includes ice puns or sayings.

4. Professional henchmen, mob etc. will gladly wear hockey mask and tights to match their bosses criteria for wardrobe.

5. Heavy metal doors are the best for sky boarding, skydiving etc. and are known for their crisp clean accuracy and precision.

6. Mr. Freeze, despite being unable to survive without sub cold temperatures, frequently smokes cigars.

7. As a villain it is IMPORTANT to wear fuzzy slippers in front of your men and force them to sing songs like frosty the snowman etc. This helps ensure discipline and fear.

8. Diamonds are typically used today as a source of energy for such things as power suits, weapons etc.

9. Batman and robin, despite being busy with thugs mob bosses etc., have no problem making a appearance at foundations, benefits etc.

10. Batman now has his own bank complete with credit card.

11. Both batman and robin suits come standardized with hockey skates

12. In terms of momentum, if you are riding down a statute, building etc. going about 70 mph, you will be are able to stop dead in your tracts, regardless of such scientifically proved concepts as speed, velocity, gravity.

13. Batman and robin typically fight over love or other emotional problems while fighting villains, thugs etc. This helps the villain understand that batman and robin have feelings like everyone else.

14. Gangs today are all themed based. For example, one gang will all wear fluorescent colored clothes. This is done for fear and intimidation while showing the victim that themes and paint can be useful tools in your opponents mind.

15. Shopping carts are typically found in prison.

16. Officers, Despite being hit with a vapor that causes your lungs to freeze, are highly resistant and are known to survive.

17. If you see a person get hit with a freeze gun DO NOT run, instead look at the person with the gun and either scream, jump at them, or charge towards them. Although ineffective, this causes the user to have momentary fear.

18. As a girl/guy, despite having no formal training in combat, as long as you put on any variation of a bat suit, your skills will improve by a recorded 100%.

19. Vines can be used as a whip and administer the same amount of damage

20. Despite having years of detective skills and deductive reasoning, batman has trouble identifying people who change their hair color , stop wearing glasses (Poison ivy) and people who wear mask large enough to cover the eye area (see Batgirl).

21. Concentrated sunlight from a powerful satellite, cannot be used to melt thing layers of ice on a mirror. Hand held lasers are the best for such problems.

22. Through years of fighting together, batman, robin and bat girl have learned it is best to use language as a junior higher such as "watch and learn little boy" "the heat is on" "chicks dig cars"

23. Mr. Freeze, despite wanting to destroy the world, carries antidotes in his suit. Typically, most antidotes also come in a cool blue color.

24. Most prisons still allow villains to wear battle suits despite being in prison. This is to ensure the prisoner is comfortable in his new surroundings.
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Ummm....The original Batman (1989) was cool...
cornchip6911 August 2000
I understand what Schumacher tried to do with this seems like a giant comic book, but...oh, hell...the movie is horrible. I don't think I've seen such bad performances in my entire life. I wasn't only disappointed by this movie, but mildly insulted that something like this was supposed to be a blockbuster at one point; yeah guys, maybe if we were all five. Whatever happened to the original Batman? Michael Keaton and Kim Bassinger? Yeah, see, back in the good old days, good comic book adaptation movies were made. Batman and Robin is TO BE AVOIDED LIKE THE PLAGUE
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Really does not deserve the sh*tstorm it got!
sarakitty051 August 2012
Honestly, I don't understand why people rambled on about this movie being garbage. I actually really enjoyed it. Although the previous one is still the best of the four.

The only low point i could find was that the plot jumps quickly from one point to another without any explanation. Otherwise, everything else was great. George Clooney played a different kind of Bruce Wayne/Batman..a more lighthearted, smiling guy. Honestly, I found he was good...then again George Clooney could just stand there and he'd make me swoon. Chris O'Donnell was also great in his reprise as Robin, and I enjoyed him a lot. I loved the brotherly dynamic between the two characters that was shown in this film.

Alicia Sylverstone was also good as batgirl, although if she wasn't there, it wouldn't have made a difference. But she was, so basing my review off of that, she did her role well.

The two villains were very entertaining. I loved Uma Thurman's poison ivy, and I found her to be highly entertaining. Her powder became annoying after a little bit, though. Also, Arnold's Freeze was very good. Yes, he had some corny lines, and yes he was a little creepy looking, but overall he was very convincing as a villain and actually provided a challenge for the protagonists (unlike the other bad guys we've seen). His backstory, about trying to find the cure for his ailing wife, was very emotional as well.

Overall, as I've said for the past movies, do NOT listen to the critiques and base your interest off of that. Rather, check it out for yourself and give your OWN opinion on it. You might be surprised and find yourself enjoying it!
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Absolute horse.....
madlovemonkey1 October 2001
The Batman series was started by a reimagination by Tim Burton. He took his dark style and adapted it to a tortured comic book hero. The results were pretty good. Batman was a fun flick to watch. Batman Returns was too dark, and so when a motion was put forth to lighten up the next film, Tim Burton walked away. Enter Joel Schumacher. Now, not that Joel Schumacher is evil, but he is kinda. His idea to turn Batman into a big-starred parody somehow managed to go by with little scrutiny with Batman Forever. Probably because there was so much hype. And now Batman and Robin. No need for a good actor, George Clooney says he'll do it. The result is a relative disaster, making all believability and style Batman had go out the window. Joel Schumacher just didn't care about the characters, dialogue, integrity, watchability, anything other than dollar signs...
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one of the ten worst films of all time
hs37113 November 2004
How did the Batman series begin so well and come to this? OK, none of the films are masterpieces, but this one is insulting. Anyone who paid to see it should join a class action to recover damages against the filmmakers.

Lousy acting from great actors. And some of the worst -- perhaps the worst -- set design ever. The plot is a grab bag, literally. A little of this, a little of that. No particular rationale behind any of it. I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall as the cast watched the film. Every single one must have thought, "It can't get any worse than this."

The most amazing thing of all: Director Joel Schumacher has actually been entrusted with directing jobs after this.
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Camp in the spirit of the TV series
maharani_md18 July 2000
Critics can't take a joke, obviously. This is campy good fun in the tradition of the old Adam West TV series. Okay, so Clooney was a stiff Batman - he was SUPPOSED to be. Chris O'Donnell was cute as a button as Robin -- "Rubber Lips" is my favorite line of the entire movie. Thurman practically steals the film as Poison Ivy until Alicia Siverstone trumps her as the all-feminist Batgirl. A few gags don;t work but so many of them do -- I cannot believe the flak this funny, camp outing got from so many people. If you want a movie to complain about see Nicole Kidman singlehandedly ruin the Peacemaker or see Eyes Wide Shut -- a horrible valedictory for Kubrick, but Batman and Robin -- one of the worst movies of all time !!!???!! That statement makes me laugh -- but not as much as all the good chuckles I got from the film.
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Not That Bad
SylvesterFox00710 July 2005
Not that great, either. Most of the bad things you've heard about this movie are true, but that doesn't stop the film from being entertaining.

Seeing Batman and Arnold Schwarzenegger duke it out is reason enough to see "Batman & Robin." But while Schwarzenegger as Mr. Freeze carries impressive weapons and strikes a menacing figure, his lines are cheesy instead of threatening. In fact, cheesier lines haven't been heard since Adam West played Batman.

George Clooney makes a likable super hero. Unfortunately, he's not really Batman. Batman is tormented by inner demons. George Clooney never stops smiling. Even though Adam West's lines as Batman were unbelievable, he still said them with a straight face, as if they were serious. George Clooney says even serious lines with a cheesy grin. He's believable as rich playboy Bruce Wayne, but, even though his attempt to get Batman to lighten up was a noble idea, the character should be played with some darkness.

Still, there's a great warmness between Clooney and Michael Gough, who plays Alfred the butler, and between Clooney and Chris O'Donnel, who plays Robin the Boy Wonder. Bruce Wayne's personal life is in turmoil. Alfred, his friend and mentor, is dying, and Bruce must cope with the idea that he might lose him. Robin is tired of standing in Batman's shadow and begins to jeopardize the Dynamic Duo's partnership. Both subplots are well acted and touching.

The plot is completely preposterous, but that's to be expected from a movie based on comic books. It's still entertaining. The gadgets are impressive, the action scenes are well done, and the Batmobile, as always, is cool. The lead actresses, Elle MacPherson, Alicia Silverstone, and Uma Thurman, are talented and very easy on the eyes. Uma Thurman, as the evil Poison Ivy, possesses a magic powder that will make men do anything for her. This seems redundant to me, since her sexy costumes alone are enough to make men do anything for her.

If I had to choose a worst out of the Batman movies, I'd pick this one. Still, it's light entertainment, and worth a look.
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The Most Over-hated Movie In History
zduvvian14 August 2013
When I see reviews for the movie 'Batman and Robin', people always seem to say that it is an awful movie and one of the worst films ever made. I have seen it, and to be honest, I really like it. It is campy and a little stupid, but it really doesn't deserve to be given the same title given to other horrible movies like 'The Garbage Pail Kids Movie' or 'Jaws: The Revenge'.

I'm not saying that people should stop hating on this movie (because I can see what people have against it) but I do think that people need to calm down about it. There are far worse superhero movies out there like 'Superman IV' and 'Catwoman'.

Onto the film itself, like I said, I can see what people have against it: "The acting is awful, the story is campy and the movie overall isn't well directed".

I don't think the acting is that bad. There are a few characters who are terrible (like Batgirl, who was meant to be British but it is obvious that the actress is American), but some characters do pretty good performances. George Clooney does a good job as Batman, Michael Gough does a great job as Alfred, Uma Thurman is a convincing Poison Ivy and Arnold Schwarzenegger is a pretty funny Mr Freeze (although I do agree that most of his ice puns are painful). The rest of the characters are pretty mediocre, but not terrible.

The story is no Oscar-winning masterpiece, but it is still a good story that flows well.

The (very) basic plot synopsis is that Batman and Robin are trying to stop Mr Freeze and Poison Ivy from freezing Gotham City and taking over the world. (Of course!)

That may sound like a boring and clichéd story, but it is actually quite good. The sub-plots fit into the story perfectly, especially one about Alfred dying of MacGregor's Syndrome.

Overall, I feel that Batman and Robin is one of the most over-hated movies of all time and should really be given a chance. Like I said, it isn't perfect, but it really isn't as awful as everybody says. If you watch the movie with the knowledge that is a campy flick, you'll have a good time, just don't listen to the people who say that it is a horrible abomination to cinema, because it really isn't.


P.S. - If you want to know what I think of Bane, I think he is closer to the comics than Bane in 'The Dark Knight Rises' because the inclusion of the Venom drug that gives Bane his strength.
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The hard truth, my friends, is that Batman & Robin is more closer to Batman comic books than all Nolan's movies.
Flaviaj199110 July 2017
The Nolan trilogy , although loved by many, has a problem that bore me: takes itself too seriously. Guys, let's face it: Batman is a guy who dresses in bat clothes and walks around with a high- tech car through the alleys to fighting crime. Now imagine a guy doing it in real life. It would certainly be as funny and ridiculous as George Cloney or Adam West walking the streets. Schumacher's Batman & Robin is a movie that embraces this cartoonism with fervor and without shame. That's why this movie deserves a glorious ten stars. The universe and superhero concept, including our beloved Batman, is often ridiculous and eccentric - things that we, comic book lovers, pretend not to see, because after all we love and will always love all this s.h.i.t like eternal children. The fact that so many hate this movie is that it just rubs these inconvenient facts in our face. Then people turn to films that mask and hide these shameful aspects, like the films of Burton and Nolan. Each one with their preferences, but I definitely continue with the Burton movies, which were dark without losing the sense of humor and without wanting to sound like a pieces of Shakespeare. Meanwhile, Batman & Robin lights up my days making me laugh and The Dark Knight leaves me with depression.
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Nothing Wonderful, but could be a lot worst.
martinniddrie8 August 2000
Warning: Spoilers
WARNING: May contain spoilers...

The one thing that makes Batman and Robin different from the other Batman movies was the fact that Joel Schumacher seems to want to live up to the original television series, rather than the comic books, which are clearly the basis for the first two Batman films, and parts of Batman Forever. Batman and Robin is a camp spectacle which resembles the TV series quite a lot, bright lights and lasers, bizarre and technologically advanced weapons, unbelievable villians and other aspects that made the film look more like a production of Guys And Dolls, rather than a Batman film. And Schumacher also seems to have attempted to build onto Tim Burton's quirky faces that emerge from Gotham's building, only Schumacher has gone too far, placing large statues under the Observatory and a massive statue in the centre of the Gotham highway. I'm sorry, but the realism of Gotham has just gone out the window. i know the city is meant to have an unusual and gothic look, but it seems to have gone too far, more like a fantasy land than a city.

The first scene is a bit of a let down, and I wouldn't be surprised if the Museum scene was filmed in an Entertainment Centre, because as Mr Freeze is walking along a spotlight can be see focused on him. I also found myself shaking my head at the whole rocket incident, just couldn't get my mind around it. I'm not saying the other Batman movies were realistic, who ever heard of a Cathedral as big as the one in Batman or a kid that grew up in the sewers, but they were still easy to relate back to our world. Gotham City in Batman and Robin seems to be on another planet. But, despite some annoying characteristics, the film does satisfy and is a good entertainer, giving plenty of action and some impressive fight scenes. George Clooney is a good Batman, much more like Michael Keaton's original brilliant performance than Val Kilmer's was. Arnold played Mr Freeze very well, and Uma Thurma was a scene stealer as Poison Ivy. Elle MacPherson's character was hardly necessary, and her performance reflected this (I actually missed what happened to her in the end). Overall, not the best Batman movie, but still worth the watch.
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Probably best for young kids.
kirk-24623 May 2009
I have to disagree with all of the negative reviews that people are giving this movie.I wasn't disappointed,but I wasn't surprised.Normally,young kids enjoy movies that most adults think are extremely bad.'Batman & Robin'is an example.I'm 13 years old and I don't think that this movie is really bad.However,it lacks a certain spark that some of the other Batman movies had.I thought the cast was really good.Arnold Scwarzenneger did a good job at playing Mr. Freeze,George Clooney did a good job at playing Batman,and Uma Thurman did a good job at playing Poison Ivy.But if the movie had a better plot with some better acting,then this movie probably would've been pretty good.But instead it's more of a mediocre movie.So if you're a huge Batman fan,than I suggest you select a different movie.But if you have young kids,than this might be a good film for them.Afterall,kids enjoy most of the movies that most adults don't enjoy.
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A great comic book adventure
pksky129 June 2003
I do not understand how this film got so many poor marks here at IMDB, it is a very deserving film. Arnold Schwarzenegger actually delivers a worth while acting performance here and there are many excellent action scenes as well. The introduction of Robin into the Dynamic Duo may have been a little over done, but I'll guess that the director forgot -- like so many in the audience -- that this is a comic book, not Charles Dickens.
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Awww cmon......
linkslinks214 July 2006
Lots of people and Batman fans have plenty of good reasons to hate this movie and be completely disappointed. Sure, Joel Shumacher treated the entire franchise as a big joke, made the characters over-the-top and filled this movie with cheesy and corny lines. Sure, he murdered the depth of certain characters and made a lot of weird additions. So what? If you're here to simply get entertained, then Batman and Robin has the perfect formula in place. This movie is extremely funny and there's some nice action too. The characters aren't serious but they sure are lovable. Sure, it may be a comedy or even a parody at heart but its a highly polished comedy no doubt.
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Let me explain...
andrew_flay26 August 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Let me explain when i was a kid i thought this film was the bees knees, back then i was a fool, I've given this film such a high rating because this film can not be taken seriously, i consider this film a comedy. From the amazing puns from Arnold Schwarzenegger to George Clooney batman bank card which he Never leaves the cave without it and Chris O'Donnell rubber lips. This film is a train wreck, but so so funny, a must watch for all.
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horrible, horrible
jjjm2316 August 2005
Warning: Spoilers
there's only one word for this movie and thats horrible. why is Arnold Schwarzenegger playing a scientist? Alicia silverstone is pointless, she does nothing in the entire movie except at the end. where that doesn't really come together at all. bane is a wasted character, all he does his grunt and fight the entire movie while Urma Thurman steals the scenes. George Clooney acts to happy to be batman, for someone who is supposed to be tormented superhero. Chris O'Donnell acts the most realistic out of all of them. now the plots are even worse. believe it or not Batman the dark hero is attending fundraisers. there is no telling ever in the movie why poison Ivy goes to Gotham, and why she wants to befriend Freeze. Gotham has no realism any more, towering statues are everywhere. they look bigger than the statue of liberty and there everywhere. Mr. freeze's rocket makes the least sense. in the beginning of the movie he takes off in a rocket just to jump out. the only thing that actually makes sense is that Alfred gets sick. everything else is just a bunch of cheesy plots and lines while the actors do nothing to support their roles.
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