Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery
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Index 419 reviews in total 

55 out of 70 people found the following review useful:

This should have been done years ago!!

Author: Michael DeZubiria ( from Luoyang, China
19 August 2002

In a time when we are almost constantly barraged with goofy spoof films, it's amazing that no one had come out with a spoof of the James Bond films until 1997. Those movies have been coming out and just BEGGING to be spoofed since the early 60s, and Mike Meyers is the one who finally steps forward to do what simply has to be done, and he does a wonderful job at it.

Fans of the James Bond films will have a blast looking for all of the allusions to the old Bond films and trying to determine which Bond film is being spoofed at any given time, but it's important to keep in mind that the film pokes fun at the Bond series in good taste. Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery is never disrespectful to the films that it makes fun of, which is probably the single most important thing about a spoof film that makes it good. This is why the Scary Movies, as just a couple of examples, were such dismal, hideous failures. They try to be funny by viciously making fun of all kinds of movies, and end up looking stupid because they have such a nonexistent right to do that. You can't make a stupid, stupid movie and make fun of a lot of great movies (and some not so great, admittedly) and try to pretend to be respectable at the end of it all. That's the recipe for a crapfest.

While it's true that a lot of the comedy in the first Austin Powers film is slapstick and obviously contrived, I think it should be a testament to the quality of the film that it is still so funny! We see all of the traditional Bond clichés in this movie, such as the usual one-liners (which are made fun of extensively and with spectacular effect here), the fancy cars, the goofy cockiness, the teeth-grinding theme song, and the occasionally inexplicable popularity with the women (this allusion makes most sense when compared to those Bond films that starred Roger Moore).

The plot involves a rivalry between Dr. Evil, an evil mastermind bent on world domination, and Austin Powers, a mockish caricature of James Bond, bent on stopping Dr. Evil's world domination schemes. Meyers portrays both characters with hilarious skill, making Austin an awkward womanizer with some serious dental problems, and Dr. Evil an evil schemer with a hilarious cutesy side. Neither character really seems like they belong in the role that they serve (as a spy and a doctor of evil), which is where a lot of the comedy comes in. There is also, of course the fact that they both spend most of the movie 30 years in their future, completely out of touch with the new world that they live in.

This is not a movie to be taken seriously, and quite frankly, I can't understand all of these reviews that I've read on the IMDb that are constantly complaining that Austin Powers is so cheesy or so childish. I've heard this same complaint about lots of other movies that are also not meant to be taken seriously, but this one is especially confusing. I trust that all you people complaining about how childish Austin Powers is realize that it is a spoof based on a whole series of movies that are also not meant to be taken seriously, right? I mean, that would be a hell of an oversight to miss that little detail. Austin Powers is one of the most refreshing comedies to come along in years, and it's sad that there are so many people who completely missed the boat on this one just because they pretend that the movie is something that it's not and was never meant to be. It's true that the movie is immensely immature and that it has unfortunately little re-watch value (one of the biggest problems with the film), but the quality of the comedy is unmistakable.

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45 out of 57 people found the following review useful:

Here's A Fast-Moving 90 Minutes

Author: ccthemovieman-1 from United States
6 October 2006

Austin Powers: Man of Mystery I'm embarrassed to admit this one-and-a-half hours of hedonistic humor was so enjoyable, but it was, and the two sequels weren't bad, either, but not as good as this one.

This is stupid; this is corny; it has way too many sexual innuendos, particularly for the millions of teens who saw this film.....but it is undeniably funny. It's also extremely colorful and the '60s clothing is a hoot to see once again (yeah, I remember it well.) This is the like the TV-program "Laugh-In," but with a dumb story.

I have no complaints looking at Elizabeth Hurley ("Vanessa Kensington") and Michael Myers ("Austin Powers"), with his crooked teeth, stupid grin and ridiculous sayings made me laugh. This is a very fast-moving film, a spoof of James Bond and a spoof of the crazy '60s.

The 90 minutes go by quickly.

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32 out of 42 people found the following review useful:

The Finest Spoof...

Author: Tim Cox from Marietta, OH
15 March 1999

In this hilarious spoof of 60's spy flicks, a swinging secret agent is thawed out of his cryogenic state in order to combat his old nemesis. The laughs never stop as Myers entertains in two pivotal roles. Hurley is sexy as Austin's partner and love interest. Robert Wagner finds ways to make fun of his "It Takes a Thief" character and is very entertaining in the process. A quickly paced film that generates constant laughs with each viewing. A sequel is soon to be released...Yeah, baby!

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25 out of 36 people found the following review useful:

Raunchy humor,but a fun spoof

Author: SmileysWorld from United States
8 July 2002

Aside from it's overwhelmingly raunchy humor,I consider this to be a great spoof of the spy genre and 60's culture.Mike Myers has created yet two more endearing characters in Powers and his nemisis,Dr.Evil.When certain characters inspire imitation (and who hasn't at least heard imitations of these two,or perhaps even Robert Wagner's character, Number 2 and others),then you have done something right.This movie is good for it's amusing characters and good story line,but again I think it would have worked without so much vulgar humor.Worth a look.

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25 out of 41 people found the following review useful:

Finally, a good Bond spoof

Author: Grann-Bach ( from Denmark
8 March 2004

This is really a funny parody of the Bond movies. This is the best thing to watch if you've seen a typical by-the-numbers Bond movie, one of the old ones, for example, and thought it was ridiculous, or at the very least something other than great. The plot is directly spoofing the old Bond movies, with an evil villain trying to take over the world. The acting is pretty good, for a spoof movie; the characters are mostly caricatures and stereotypes, to further parody the Bond movies, but they add to the humor of the film. Mike Myers is great in this movie, pretty much anyone who likes him will probably enjoy him in this. I loved how it was spoofing the Bond movies, sometimes even mentioning the ludicrousness of the characters actions in details. If you're into 60's stereotypes, crude sexual humor and some great Bond-spoof action, you'll most likely enjoy this. I recommend this to anyone who enjoys spoof movies, and who's seen at least one Bond movie and thought it was a bit ridiculous. It's filled to the brink with crude sexual innuendo and Bond-spoofing. 8/10

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15 out of 23 people found the following review useful:


Author: GMNL89 from Staten Island, New York
17 February 2004

A shagadellic movie baby, yeah. This is one of Mike Myers' classic movies. Mike(Wayne's World) is the man playing Austin and Dr. Evil, Liz Hurley(Bedazzled) is excellent as Vanessa, and Seth Green(Rat Race) is funny as hell playing Scott. Some of the world's greatest celebrities also make cameo appearences in this classic including Tom Arnold(True Lies), Cindy Margolis(model), Will Ferrell(Saturday Night Live), Charles Napier(tough guy roles), and Mike Judge(Beavis and Butthead) as Beavis and Butthead, who all make this comedy even more funny. There is no way if anyone watches this movie, they will not laugh; and the series gets funnier by movie.

For whoever is reading this and hasn't seen the movie: If you watch this movie, you will laugh your head off!

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20 out of 34 people found the following review useful:

Dirty, funny spoof if you're in the mood

Author: bob the moo from United Kingdom
3 July 2002

In the 1960's Austin Powers is one of the UK's best secret agents. He works as an international playboy who also fights international terrorists. However when Dr Evil tries fails to kill him, Dr Evil escapes into space where he is frozen until a time when he can return. Austin Powers also freezes himself to be defrosted later. In the late 90's Dr Evil returns to wreck havoc on the world and only a defrosted Powers can stop him if he can adapt to the new world order. Mike Myers is very much an acquired taste but he did seem to hit it big with this series of films. The original film set the tone with not very basic jokes but certainly plenty of crude ones. The main film is split between a fish out of water film, with Austin trying to come to terms with the 90's, and also a James Bond spoof with Dr Evil as a more frustrated Bond baddie (complete with cat and bald head). The fish out of water stuff works well as Austin is a funny swinger and the 60's stuff is cool, however the best bits for me all relate to Dr Evil whether it be his relationship with his son or the asides where the see the consequences of the death of his henchmen. The spoof on Bond movies gets the best laughs from me. Myers is good in both roles and clearly has fun with both. Hurley is OK but a bit wooden as Vanessa while Robert Wagner is good as number one. Michael York (whoooooo?) is good as control and there are some good cameos Rob Lowe is funny but I still don't understand why the whole Christian Slater bit was put in the final cut?! Overall it may be rude and slightly crude in places but there's still plenty to enjoy. It's 90 minutes long but it's very funny and rushes by. You may not remember much of the plot but at least you go away chuckling.

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9 out of 14 people found the following review useful:

Shagadelic, baby, yeah!

Author: Kristine ( from Chicago, Illinois
28 July 2002

When I saw "Austin Powers", I was on the floor laughing. This movie has every single memorable line you could possibly imagine. From "Yeah, baby!" to "Riiiiiight", Mike Myers is a genius when it comes to comedy! I think everyone could say that they laughed at least once to this film.

Paroding of the James Bond flicks, Austin Powers is an international spy who is a lady's man. Dr. Evil, is Arch Nemesis, goes into the future of 1997 and now Austin must travel through time to find him. When he gets to 1997, he has a beautiful assistant, Vanessa, who happens to be the daughter of his former flame in the 60's. Vanessa resists Austin's charm and wants to stick to business while Austin is wasting no time to get to his "business" with her. Dr. Evil learns that he has a son, Scott played by Seth Green. When Scott isn't as excited to have Dr. Evil as a father, Dr. Evil tries anything he can to get Scott to love him, including a hilarious scene in a counseling group for father's and son's. But back into action, Austin must find Dr. Evil before he rules the world with his kitty, Mr. Bigglesworth. But can he do that and have Vanessa at the same time?

You'll just have to see! My favorite characters that worked so well together was without a doubt Seth and Mike as Dr. Evil and Scott. They are just beyond hilarious and work so well together. I think a lot of the other Austin Powers fans would agree. There first scene together meeting is just really funny, "Give Daddy a hug! I'm down with the kids, ducka ducka ducka!" "No! Get away from me you psycho!". Classic! Like I said "Austin Powers" is just a great and funny movie that I think you can get into if you're looking for a decent comedy. Come on! We still say "Yeah, baby!" to this very day after all! Let's give Mike some credit here!


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7 out of 11 people found the following review useful:

`Austin Powers' has its hit and misses, but comes off with mostly hits...Perhaps the greatest thing about this film is that it is not directly geared towards Bond geeks...

Author: MovieAddict2014 from UK
9 March 2003

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery - Some Minor Spoilers

Spy spoofs usually amount to zip. That's why the raunchy `Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery' was so popular upon its release. It accomplished its mission of successfully spoofing the James Bond phenomenon in almost every way. The two sequels didn't do quite as well, but I was quite pleased with the second film, especially.

`Saturday Night Live' veteran Mike Myers plays Austin Powers, a groovy British spy in the swingin' sixties. 1967, to be exact. His looks resemble the orangutan-meets-human look that British are stereotyped with, and his clothes are fresh outta' 60's London.

Mike Myers also plays Dr. Evil, Powers' arch-nemesis. After tracing Dr. Evil to the Psychedelic Pussycat club in London, Evil gets away in a Big Boy rocket and blasts into outer space, where he circles the world for thirty years, frozen with his cat.

Myers 1 - err, Austin Powers - is cryogenically frozen immediately, to be thawed out upon return of Dr. Evil.

Well, the thirty years pass, and eventually Dr. Evil returns to earth, with Mr. Bigglesworth, his cat. Number 2 (Robert Wagner), his evil assistant, fills him in on what has happened over the years, and soon Evil is planning another `Highjack some nuclear warheads and hold the world ransom' bit.

Austin is thawed out and sent to find and defeat Evil, along with the monkey-eared Vanessa Kensington (Elizabeth Hurley).

`Austin Powers' has its hit and misses, but comes off with mostly hits. It is probably the best spy spoof to emerge out of Hollywood for years. One of the most interesting aspects is that it does not spoof James Bond film as openly as one might expect- there are tiny, minute details that you only pick up on after multiple viewing. I really expected every other gag to be a satire on Bond films, but alas! They were not! Yes, the film is a spoof on Bond, but not to a sick extreme. Just minute things that audiences may - or may not - pick up on, depending on how knowledgeable they are on the Bond movies.

Powers is, of course, a spoof on James Bond. He's sex-obsessed like Bond, but does not come across with the same coolness and ease of James Bond. At least not in the nineties, anyway.

Dr. Evil is a spoof on Blofield, Bond's arch-nemesis from the Bond films. He is shrouded in mystery and when revealed boasts a bald head, a big, crooked nose, and a cat like Blofield's which is unfortunately naked - without fur - because it didn't thaw out so well in the Big Boy rocket.

Number 2 is a spoof on.well.Number 2 from `Thunderball' - from the name to the eye patch, which I only picked up on after viewing `Thunderball' recently.

There are some very clever scenes in `Austin Powers.' Some of the gags spoof the spy genre very easily. Others fall flat, mainly because they try to get the audience to be sickened. Yes, the film needs to be raunchy to a certain degree - it is a Bond spoof - but they went a bit OTT on some of the jokes (the whole Jacuzzi scene got a bit prolonged.).

Perhaps the greatest thing about this film is that it is not directly geared towards Bond geeks. We've seen satires that were targeted at a small audience range - like `Galaxy Quest.' I really disliked the film the first time I saw it because I do not watch `Star Trek' - but on second viewing I found it to be a clever satire on the Trekkies and equally so on the television show. I guess if I saw the film I would have enjoyed it more the first - and probably second - time. It was a good comedy, but if they had not geared it towards such a small range of audience, I feel they would have received more of a response to the film.

But the exact opposite is the case with `Powers.' Bond geeks and regular moviegoers alike can enjoy this film. It brings two very different audiences together - they may laugh at different things, but they are still laughing together.

Perhaps that is the film's biggest achievement. Sadly, it is its most overlooked, as well. I think that many people don't really understand WHY they like the film so much. I've heard people say, `Why do you like the film so much?' and the other person will say, `Well.umm.gee, I just do.' They themselves know the jokes are not always the greatest. Many of the gags DO fall short.

But deep down they know that the cleverness of the film is what makes them like it so much - and they are either subconsciously afraid to admit that, or literally don't know how to.

Be warned, `Powers' is not a film for everyone. If you don't like raunchy laughs, I wouldn't recommend it. But if you want to see a clever parody of the spy genre - well, I might as well say it: a clever parody of the James Bond genre (let's face it - there's no such thing as a spy genre anymore - James Bond has its own genre) - then I would recommend `Powers.' `Austin Powers.'

4/5 stars -

John Ulmer

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10 out of 17 people found the following review useful:

One of the greatest 90s comedies

Author: knightadiaz ( from LA, California
9 June 2003

This is right up there with The Big Lebowski. Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery is actually funny, unlike its sequels. Its an excellent parody of the James Bond films, while adding an additional theme of the free love of the '60s, and how it would be received in the '90s. Its sweet, from the "Thats not a woman, that's a man, man", to "That looks just like Uranus". The soundtrack is sweet, the acting is superb, and that just translates into a masterpiece. What a work of art. I have never seen such a good comedy since "The Big Lebowski", but this is better.

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