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Alternate Versions

In edited for TV versions, Dr. Evil's "shaved testicles/scrotum" dialogue is replaced with alternate, less racy dialogue about going to evil medical school. Despite this, the disgusted reactions from other people in the group are still intact.
In the airline version the name of the Alotta Fagina character is changed to Alotta Cleavaga.
Deleted scenes non included in USA theatrical release but appearing in DVD Special Edition:
  • 3 alternate endings where Austin and Miss Kensington end up in a lifeboat together

  • Security guard's family called after he is run over by steam roller

  • Security guard's friends (led by Rob Lowe) having a surprise Bachelor Party at Hooters are called after his head is eaten off by fish

  • No. 2 tries to bribe Austin with a billion dollars in a Fendi briefcase

  • No. 2 talks about the Franklin Mint Cheeses of the World Series Commemorative Plates.

  • Stewardess scenes on Austin's plane;

Non-USA versions include two "dead henchmen" scenes and two additional scenes featuring Christian Slater as a security guard who's hypnotized by Austin Powers and ordered to go buy him some orange sherbet. He then makes one very brief appearance at the end during the collapse of Dr Evil's hideout.
The European version is longer than the American version. Here are some other minor differences:
When Austin and Vanessa are taking photos of Random Task holding Mr. Bigglesworth, Austin says "I never forget a pussy... cat". The pause between "pussy" and "cat" is much longer in the European version. In American version the pause had to be shorter to ensure PG-13 rating. In fact this scene is not only edited differently, it's two different takes.
The scene where Basil introduces Vanessa to Austin is little bit longer in the European version. In the end of this scene Basil says to Austin "Be careful" and Austin replies "Thanks!"
Also the fight scene between Austin and Random Task is longer in the European version. We see Austin reaching for a knife, a candlestick and a coal rake. And after Vanessa hits Random Task with a champagne bottle, Austin says: "Smashing!".
In the European version, Evel Knievel can be seen frozen in one of the transparent containers during the de-freezing scene. But in the US version, he is nowhere to be found.
The UK version is the European version and the Diana joke was only removed in the cinemas. It was restored for the UK video.
Making things even more complicated, there now appears to have been two different versions broadcast on TBS - one with the differences noted above, using the character name "Alotta Cleavaga", and other televised version with the above differences, but with the "Alotta Fagina" name intact.
In the TBS "edited for content" version, when Austin asks Vanessa if he turns her on while on his jet, both instances of the word 'horny' have been replaced with the word 'randy' (making it appear as though he said 'randy' in each question).
The TV version also crops the scene where Alotta Fagina serves sake to Austin in the hot tub because of a brief nipple shot that can be noticed in the uncropped/video version
When aired on ITV in the UK the song "BBC" is missing from the end credits and the photo shoot is much shorter.
The TBS broadcast contains some notable differences from the theatrical release:
  • The scene where Austin retrieves his Swedish-Made Penis Enlarger after being unfrozen appears to be an alternate take. The attendant says "Swedish Made Enlarger" instead, and he has not been overdubbed.

  • In the Group Therapy scene, after Dr. Evil talks about having his testicles shaved, he goes on to talk about wanting to be an actor - dialogue not in the original release.

  • An alternate take of a scene in Dr. Evil's lair. In the theatrical version, Scott describes his planned evening as "a titty movie on Skinemax." On TBS, he says "a porno movie on cable." Later, Dr. Evil asks Scott if he wants to see what Daddy does for a living. Scott's response is "Blow me," which he follows up with "Show me" when Dr. Evil asks him to repeat that. In the TBS version, Scott says "Bite me," which he follows up with "Might be fun."

  • The line "I never forget a pussy ... cat" has been redubbed "I never forget a kitty ... cat", which ruins the joke.

  • Two versions of the "lifeboat" alternate ending were broadcast on TBS. In one, Basil arrives hanging from a helicopter. He gives Vanessa her full accreditation as a field agent, and gives Austin the card of a dental specialist. In the second ending, after Austin and Vanessa kiss we are treated to a roll-call of the major characters and what happened to them, as the "Great Escape March" plays in the background.

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