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Not all the plot developments ring true, but moments carry a real chill - even in a coma, McKellen can terrify a fellow patient almost to death - and it has more than enough thought-provoking material to command your interest.
Entertainment Weekly
It's scariest as a parable about the evil that exists in the hearts of adolescent boys.
Brought off with such skill and commitment that there isn't any time to snicker at its obviousness.
It's not perfect King, but it is jarringly close, which these days remains pretty much all one could hope for.
Do director Bryan Singer and screenwriter Brandon Boyce really mean to suggest that the roots of genocide lie in homosexual desire?
Chicago Sun-Times
When bodies are buried in cellars and cats are thrown into lighted ovens, the film reveals itself as unworthy of its subject matter.
Christian Science Monitor
This sensationalistic tale doesn't delve very far into the issues it raises.
Perhaps the most disappointing thing about Apt Pupil is the lack of sustained tension generated by director Bryan Singer.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
No matter how you judge it -- as a strict morality play or simply a psychological thriller -- Apt Pupil just doesn't make the grade.
A creepy, if disjointed exploration of the nature of evil. But compared to its predecessor, it's also a bit of a disappointment.

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