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Marti Gerrard (Tori Spelling) is a ski champion. In a championship with the dorsal 14, she breaks one of her legs, so she will have to stay home for some time. One evening, a male voice phones her and tells her to "take your bikini and go out with me. I'm going to take you to paradise". She tells him that it's the wrong number, but they start talking about several things. That man phones her again soon enough.

Marti tells his boyfriend Cliff (Kavan Smith) to stop pestering about her. He is over-jealous. The young male (whose name Marti doesn't know) is Connor Hill (Jason Brookes)-'s voice keeps on calling her, specially when he has arguments with his wife, Laura Hill (Charlene Fernetz), who also has a lover. Laura lends her sports car to Tony Travis (Garwin Sanford), her lover. First, they have an argument about him arriving late to pick her up; on a second occasion, she demands of him to give her her car keys back.

Marti finds a hidden camera and blames it on Connor. A saleswoman (Linda Ko) tells her who bought the camera, because Marti threatens her to go to the police, as she had to break in to hide the camera. He put it there to know her looks: Connor admits that he put the camera there. She realises that he's married at this point. Marti wants to put an end to their story. Kirk tries to get romantic with Marti, but she rejects her. Cliff also tries to shorten her dry time on the dockyard, but Marti rejects his worries and his advances. Although unmarried, they are living together, but her new love interest seems to keep them even more apart than before.

Connor phones Marti. He starts telling her that Laura has a lover, Tony Travis, but he can't divorce her because they share the business. He is telling Marti his story while Laura is walking on the parking lot. She is attacked and strangled. Luis Valdivia (Dave 'Swautch' Ward), the truck lorry, finds out the body. He honks and Connor ends their conversation and hangs up to call the police. Marti overhears the different noises on the phone: the honking, the police car bells...

Lt. Jim Mahaffey (Michael Tucker) interrogates Connor. He blames it on Tony, as he was separated de facto from Laura, and he knew she had a lover. The next day, a very calm-down Connor calls on Marti to invite her over. At first, they talk about the murder: he tells her that it's better if she says nothing. They bade goodbye, but on second thoughts, Marti wants to go out with him. They go to one of his chalets and they make love there.

Marti can't avoid but see the photograph of Rachel, an ex-girlfriend whose phtograph Connor has kept. He tells her that Rachel died drown in the sea. She also discovers the photographs which a private detective has made of Laura and Tony Travis. He tells Marti that Tony jogs every morning, but not that particular day.

Some day later, Mahaffey calls on Marti, saying that it is impossible to prove that it was actually Connor who was speaking to Marti on the phone, although a call was actually made from the home line of the mansion of the Hills. The cop wonders how fitting was for Connor to get the wrong telephone number of a renown sportswoman in the USA as her. He also says that Laura wanted no more of that uncomfortable situation, and she was suing him for divorce.

At court, a man says that he saw Connor, but he is not shown as a reliable witness. He insists that it won't be necessary for Marti to testify. She is better, and not paying attention to Mahaffey's advice, she goes to ski with him.

Once there, at the room, she needs some scissors. She finds two further names, Kathy Hewitt (Suzy Joachim) and Ramona Scott (Gaetana Korbin). She phones Kathy, but she is not in, so Marti leaves a recorded message on her answering machine.

At court, things look terribly bad for Tony Travis. Attorney Hendricks (Kevin McNulty) says that jogging is practiced alone, so nobody saw him at the same time of the murder. He says that he helped a woman with her broken-down car. Hendricks is putting all the blame on Tony Travis. Connor says that everybody thinks that Tony is guilty to a reporter, (Norma Jean Wick).

Marti interviews Ramona, a dyed-blonde, quite attractive and lively but a bit vulgar who lives on the poor quarters of the city. Ramona says she has never set eyes on the millionaire Connor Hill. She finds it strange, because Connor had her phone number written down and scratched off, but Ramona says that she can't figure it out either.

D. A. Linda Garcia (Rae Dawn Chong) presents a surprise witness: it's Nancy Swofford (Katya Gardner), who appears at court, saying that she saw on TV the judgement, and she realised that she was the woman who Tony helped.

So Connor has to eventually ask Marti to testify on his behalf. Garcia questions Marti on court. A woman stares at the TV when Marti admits the first words she heard Connor say: "just pick up your bikini and come with me." Garcia questions Marti's credibility, as she is obviously in love with Connor, but she says that their conversation was recorded, and that she can produce that recording. Garcia tries to step back, as the interrogation goes for an unexpected path, but Hendricks insists on presenting the recorded conversation, as it was Garcia herself who questioned the witness about it.

On the recording, everything can be heard: their intimate conversation, the honking car, the police car noises...

Kathy Hewitt phones Marti: she has never set eyes on software tycoon Connor Hill, but she had a strange phonecall who told her exactly the same thing that Marti was told the first time by Connor. At that moment, we see how the jury declares Connor non-guilty.

Mahaffey tells her to be very careful, as Connor doesn't need her anymore.

Marti visits Nancy Swofford, wanting her to admit that she lied. Nancy says that she didn't lie. Marti thinks Nancy was paid. Nancy says that that's not true, that Marti is the girlfriend who Connor is using as a toy. But Tony appears at that moment, Marti realises that Nancy is Tony's friend. Tony runs after her: he shouts that the accusation led him no other option than to ask her to lie for him. Connor appears at that moment and knocks Tony down. He was following Marti because he was worried about her: according to him, Tony was the murderer and he could hurt Marti.

Marti knows the videogame geek genius Stuart Ridgeway (Benjamin Ratner), who works with Connor. They are working on a game based on the USA army pilots. Part of the game consists on a male voice guiding the player.

Connor invites Marti over to his ski getaway again. There, they are about to ski. Just before leaving the cottage, she listens to Kathy's weird voicemail, telling about the weird phonecall. Connor also gets a call from Stuart about the voice of the videogame, but he takes the diverse call. That gives Marti the final clue: he used a diverse call to talk to her while he was strangling Laura.

Marti runs wildly around the home looking for his car keys. He wakes up and she runs away. She takes her skis and skis away. Her leg hurts, but she has to go on or he will kill her. He can ski quite well too, so he gets close to her. She tricks him onto jumping from a cliff. He falls down and dies. She caresses his dead body, as she was really in love with him.

Marti talks to Mahaffey. He tells her that she can claim the 100,000 prize cash. Marti says that she intends to travel on her own, and that she will go to somewhere "she can call paradise".


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