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How surprising - I'm the first to comment...
GregJayC19 February 2001
Tori Spelling has absolutely no talent. It's a well known and little disputed fact. In fact, none of the Spelling family have any talent. So imagine my surprise when spoiled little rich girl Tori actually reached some half-decent acting standards in this movie.

Well - that's mostly true. Of the scenes with her presence (trust me - that means *every* scene), half of them involved trying to look serious, pouting, and trying too hard, while the other half were in reality not as cringeworthy as would be expected. It was kinda fun trying to guess how bad she would be in the following scene.

Unfortunately, the fun stops there. That was the only unpredictable element of the movie. Hmm... I don't know about you, but to me, the word "alibi" conjures up images of deception, cool plot twists and surprise endings. And yet, "The Alibi" contains NONE of these things. To avoid ruining what little element of surprise there is in the movie, all I will say is this: it's obvious. No, really. In fact, it's even beyond the "too obvious" stage. Even if it were just "too obvious", there would always be the possibility of it not being true. Following me? In short, either this movie is trying to be extra-intelligent (and failing), or it is just a crap movie (more likely).

All in all, though, it isn't such a bad way to spend nearly two hours. The story has a small amount of originality and ingenuity. There are much better "wrong number movies" out there. At least at the end of it you will be able to say, "I knew that all along!"
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Great stuff, pure entertainment
peter.kirby1 March 2002
Well when watching this film late one night I was simple amazed by it's greatness. Fantastic script, great acting, costumes and special effects, and the plot twists, wow!! In fact if you can see the ending coming you should become a writer yourself.

Great, I would recommend this film to anyone, especially if I don;t like them much.

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IrisBickles1 September 2004
Umm.. I was quite surprised that someone actually gave this film high marks.

Lets face it... Tori Spelling is not a great actress.. and this movie just proves the extent of her "talent". The movie's plot was weak... I bet the dork that came up with this concept was some perverted peeping tom. If there is a good thing about this movie, I would say it's that Tommy Chong's daughter, just for the fact that she's his daughter... and then there is that Soap-Opera-ish male lead who's decent good looks somewhat make him attractive, but ceases to help his dramatic abilities. *Why does IMDb require at least 10 lines? How many more ways can you simply say "This movie sucks"?
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"Throw your bikini in your purse. I'm taking you to paradise."
Warning: Spoilers
Was it foreshadowing when Tori complained that her first boyfriend was treating her like a robot, and then her new boyfriend (the murderer) turned out to be a designer of artificial intelligence? I think so. Scenes to make you squeal with delight: montages galore, a strip-tease in a kimono (what do you call it when you seductively put clothes on, instead of take them off?), and a climactic battle on skis! Definitely tune in for the beginning and end, but you can grab a sandwich during the second act when all the plot is happening. Is it better than CO-ED CALL GIRL? Nah. Does Tori ever make it to paradise, or out of the snow, even? Nope.
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In a word: Pointless
TBJCSKCNRRQTreviews9 October 2004
Do you know when you look at your collection of old, videotaped movies, and realize that there are some that you've only seen once or twice, and you can't remember if they're worth the time it takes to see them? The Alibi is/was one of those films; I found it, not long ago, and decided I might as well give it a chance. I'm not entirely sure if I'm happy with my decision... on one hand, the film is really, really bad, on the other, now I have another free tape... yeah, you get it. The plot is predictable and not in any way original. The pacing is bad. The acting is bad, but that's not really surprising, seeing as the two leads are former soap-opera stars... they're used to overact. The characters are poorly written clichés. The film even manages to screw up the easiest damn way to impress me(through film): court scenes. Even those don't elicit one single emotion for or against any of the cardboard-thin characters. The film just has no real redeeming qualities whatsoever... even the dialog is bad. The thing is, it's so full of clichés that it's laughable. And that's the one thing that lifts this above a rating of 1/10: the(albeit unintentionally so) comic relief of the many clichés and stereotypes. I didn't pay very much attention to the film, but just about every time I looked at the screen, there was something to laugh at. One final note: I considered using the line "Tori Spelling can't act" as a one line summary, but I guess everyone knows that, so I opted for the current one, seeing as it's more informative. All in all, a thoroughly bad film, but not the worst if you've got nothing else to do and if it's on TV. Good for a few laughs, if you can sit through it. 3/10
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Not the best, not the worst
1point218 May 2003
Use of the word TWIST!

When the word "twist" appears in any film guide you find yourself looking for clues - and that dreaded word appeared in one guide regarding this TVM. But in 'Alibi' it is obvious what the twist will be, just by looking at Jason Brooks' character's job... This also has all the usual traits of a TVM - dodgy fade to black, cheap titles, Tori Spelling... No way near the best film ever, but not the worst either. And it was just so, so lucky that Tori was a skier
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The Problem Is The Plot
Theo Robertson7 May 2003
Warning: Spoilers
A question for all you girls out there : If a man you`ve never met before accidentally phoned you up on purpose and continued to do so at the most indiscreet moments would you be intrigued by him or so freaked out you`d phone the police ? Yeah that`s what I thought so I couldn`t swallow the idea of Marti Gerrard putting up with the unwarrented attention of Connor Hill

***** MILD SPOILERS *****

This is a really dumb story . Connor Hill`s wife is murdered and the plot revolves around the question is Connor phoning Marti so he can have an alibi ? But there`s a massive gap in logic here , couldn`t Connor have employed a hit man ? something the prosecution seem to have ignored . And wasn`t there any forensics at the murder scene ? So why does the whole trial rest on Connor phoning Marti at the time of the murder ? Dumb . Dumb . Dumb . And it`s as predictable as it is brainless .

My abiding memory of this film is that for someone who made the winter Olympics Marti Gerrard is a really crap downhill skier
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Liked This Movie a Lot
diane-5524 November 2002
I thought Tori was very good in this movie. I am a BIG fan of Jason Brooks so I enjoyed the movie mainly because of HIM. The kissing scenes between he and Tori were pretty darn convincing if you ask me! There was some real chemistry going on there.

The plot was a little to easy to figure, but the movie overall was worth watching.
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