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A quiet masterpiece
DOMENICO SOLDANI15 November 2007
In my opinion this is a typical European first quality movie. And so, I expect controversial evaluation from USA audience. It is about the discovering of a different way of life, from two adult women. Elena is middle-class, graduated in chemistry, a manager in a cosmetics factory in northern Italy. Maria (Valeria Golino) is a lower class sales clerk, with a young daughter, living in the south. So they are very far apart. Both of them have a not completely satisfactory love affair with their men. An accident put them in contact, and, by the way, they discover a quiet needs to grow up a new friendship, with a journey to the mountain. Their reciprocal knowledge not only irradiate benefice to them, but this, thanks to a quiet direction of the movie, permits also to the audience to feel good. Nothing very special take place, other than discovering the limits of our way of life, that doesn't permits real personal interactions.
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