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Season 1

3 Mar. 1997
Why Spy?
Lorne Cash, a retired espionage agent, is coaxed out of retirement to investigate the murder of a former mentor. He's teamed with a beautiful female spy, Maxine London, and the pair quickly discover that the supposedly dead agent is still among the living and trying to perfect a killing machine that destroys living creatures while living buildings intact. He demands that the President of the United States pay him billions of dollars, and when he's rebuffed decides to demonstrate his machine's power by killing the POTUS.
5 Jul. 1997
And That About Concludes Our Session
Dr. David Lynk, a psychotic former psychiatrist with a multiple personality disorder, breaks out of the lunatic asylum bent on murdering his former patients.
Go, Girl
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17 Mar. 1997
Nobody Ever Said Growing Up Was Easy
A down-on-his-luck arms dealer decides to reinvigorate his business by heating the Cold War. He develops a human-like android to assassinate the Russian President's daughter in such a way that the United States will be blamed for the murder.
10 Mar. 1997
With Friends Like These...
A former Russian spy is trying to enter the United States and retire anonymously. Since he captured and tortured Cash and killed his partner, he is understandably anxious not to meet the former agent. The spy kidnaps Shank's mother and blackmails him into order Cash's murder.
7 Jun. 1997
Dead and Gone, Honey
Lorne and Max investigate when two dead former agents are found with all their molars removed. They are assisted by retired agent Honey Trapp who teaches Max the art of being a sex kitten to extract information from distracted male targets.
28 Jun. 1997
What Family Doesn't Have Its Ups and Downs?
Lorne and Max escort half a billion dollars in relief funds to an earthquake disaster area. Lorne's traitorous brother, Jim, turns up with plans to steal the money.
21 Jun. 1997
What, Micah Worry?
When Micah is fired for leaking top-secret military technology to arm dealers, Lorne and Max can't believe the charges and investigate. They discover that Micah has gone undercover to learn the identity of the real traitor.
14 Jun. 1997
You Just Can't Trust Anybody These Days
When a four-star general hypnotizes Max, turning her into an assassin, Lorne and Micah must prevent the President's murder, capture Max and save her.

 Season 1 

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