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27 Sep. 1997
4 Oct. 1997
Power Corrupts
Trout tells Sheppard that a former colleague of his, has gone mad. He was sent to Haiti to help train their police force but ended up running it. And is now obsessed with being in complete control to the point that he kills anyone who opposes him. Sheppard agrees to take the job on the condition that he'll not execute him but rather bring him out. And the whole team thinks he's being soft. When his first attempt fails, he sends Margo and even it fails. So the team has to try and come up with a new plan to get the guy and save Margo and Sheppard.
11 Oct. 1997
Over the Wire
The team is sent to Cuba to locate a Marine sniper who's a sleeper who's mission is to assassinate Castro. So while Matt and Margo look for the control officer who activated him. The others go to the base to see if he left anything that can tell them where he went. It seems Benny Ray knows him.
8 Nov. 1997
Collateral Damage
In Chile some rebels break into a function and hold some officials and American envoy hostage. Trout goes there and brings the team with him. It seems the American is his daughter. So Matt, Benny, and Chance pose as Marines accompanying him. Margo pretends to be his assistant. And C.J. poses as a reporter whom he rebels allow to enter. But the local military objects to Trout's presence.
22 Nov. 1997
Missing in Action
The team is sent to Africa to rescue some Americans who were sent to get some info on a General planning to take over his country. Only when they get the man out he insists that they have to stop the General.

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