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27 Jan. 2003
Down the Hatch
Eugene represents a family who is suing a liquor company for being responsible for the death of their son who died of alcoholism. Ellenor takes a pro bono case when she tries to convert the death sentence of a woman about to be executed in New Hampshire.
3 Feb. 2003
Final Judgment
Ellenor's attempt to stay Denise Freeman's execution backfires, and she has to fight against time to keep Denise alive. Eugene and Bobby have a dispute over the Berrys refusal to settle with the liquor company.
10 Feb. 2003
Character Evidence
Jimmy's client supposedly ran down a man with her car, but when it turns out the guy had a bullet in his back, the case becomes a little more complicated. Eugene's client is being sued for sexual harassment, while Lindsay helps out a young lawyer who is suing a town.
3 Mar. 2003
The Making of a Trial Attorney
Bobby's client is seeking restitution for having wrongfully spent 15 years in prison, and Bobby blames himself for his role in the initial trial. Meanwhile, Lindsay helps Claire with her lawsuit.
10 Mar. 2003
Lesley Ann Warren plays the protective mother of her only son, an accused killer for whom she provides an alibi. Also, a disturbed former client of Lindsey's makes a kind of confession.
24 Mar. 2003
Special Deliveries
Lindsay and Claire are still in jail on contempt charges for not disclosing the whereabouts of Cindy Burns' body. Helen is being sued for defamation by Russell Bakey's mother.
24 Mar. 2003
Ellenor and Jimmy defend a woman accused of killing her brother-in-law. Jamie represents a woman suing a prospective employer, because she wasn't hired. Bobby and Lindsay's marriage is in trouble.
31 Mar. 2003
Capitol Crimes
Jimmy, Eugene, and Sarah Barker go to a death penalty hearing held by a committee of prosecutors who have decided to ask for the death penalty for one of the firm's clients. The committee recommends life in prison without parole to the client, but the Attorney General still attempts to go for the death penalty. Bobby has dinner with Sarah, and Sarah claims he is starting an affair. Bobby and Lindsay's marriage takes a turn for the worse when Lindsay tells him that she doesn't love him. Lindsay says that she still wants their marriage to work out. Bobby kisses Sarah, ...
7 Apr. 2003
Les Is More
Jimmy goes to meet a mentally unstable old client of his, and is shocked to find himself being held by her at gunpoint. The event takes an even more bizarre turn when he discovers she has kidnapped CBS CEO Les Moonves, and is planning to play Russian Roulette with him on live television - while asking Jimmy to find a TV network willing to carry the broadcast. Meanwhile, Lindsay confronts Bobby about his affair, and even goes to Sarah for answers.
21 Apr. 2003
Heroes and Villains
Jamie has to deal with her past, when she is persuaded by the D.A to testify against the guy who raped her four years ago. Things get more complicated by the fact that Eugene is the defendant's lawyer. Lindsay is revisited by Stanley Deeks, who seems to have turned his life around.
5 May 2003
Baby Love
Eugene and Jamie represent a very pregnant woman who claims she killed her husband in defense of her unborn child. Jimmy helps Claire on a case where a 10-year old girl has been disabled after a fall from a balcony. Lindsay makes a final decision about her marriage.
5 May 2003
Rebecca and Jimmy represent a man accused of a 10-year old murder, even though the body of the victim has never been found. Bobby makes a decision about his future.
28 Sep. 2003
We the People
Ellenor defends a man accused of killing his pregnant wife. Eugene and Jimmy defend a female vigilante who killed a drug dealer. Tara hates the firm's new partner Alan. Alan defends a homeless man who planted an unwanted kiss on a woman.
5 Oct. 2003
The Chosen
Alan takes the case of a lawyer (Sharon Stone) fired for claiming that she can talk to God. Ellenor's client Stanfield (Chris O'Donnell) takes the stand but doesn't come off well. His daughter exposes a shocking secret.
12 Oct. 2003
Cause of Action
Alan invites Shelia (Sharon Stone) to join the practice. She takes the case of a cuckolded husband. Brad Stanfield shocks Ellen with the truth. She conveys it to Alan, who takes it to the D.A., thereby risking disbarment.
19 Oct. 2003
Blessed Are They
Alan defends a John Doe arrested for his attraction to public toilets. Brad Stanfield's new attorney moves to suppress the truth about his client. Still traumatized over recent events, Sheila defends a taxidermist who has stuffed his mother's head, and believes the head is Saint Katherine. Tara promises Roland Huff that she and Eugene will get him out of jail. Realizing that she has become unstable, Alan asks Sheila to leave the firm. Jimmy deals with a pregnant nun who's suing her superiors for throwing her out.
26 Oct. 2003
The Heat of Passion
Eugene is forced to defend a white supremacist. Jamie represents a woman who was refused by an airline because of her size. Meanwhile, Alan and Tara try to piece together a defense for Roland Huff.
2 Nov. 2003
The Lonely People
Eugene and Jimmy continue their defense of white supremacist Jonathan Macklin, when the case takes a surprising turn. Alan and Tara try to help Roland Huff, who is fast unraveling. Jamie questions her relationship with Eugene.
9 Nov. 2003
Rape Shield
Jimmy defends a man accused of aggravated rape, who faces 25 years in prison. Alan and Jamie get in trouble when Ellenor and Eugene discover the truth about Melissa Kenner's settlement with the airline.
23 Nov. 2003
Concealing Evidence
Alan Shore hacks into opposing counsel's computer to win a settlement for a client suing a drug manufacturer for causing her husband's suicide; Shore hides a murder weapon to protect a mentally unbalanced client accused of murder.
30 Nov. 2003
Victims' Rights
Alan Shore defends a twelve-year-old girl who is trying to escape an arranged marriage in her home country. Meanwhile, Eugene tries to help a man who is seeking justice for the brutal murder of his wife.
7 Dec. 2003
Equal Justice
Alan Shore uses unorthodox tactics when he's appointed by the court to defend a young man accused of murder. Meanwhile, Tara must try her first case when she's thrown into covering Shore's previously scheduled client.

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