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3 Jan. 1999
Split Decisions
Eugene is stunned when he is called to defend an old friend of his, arrested for prostitution charges, while dressed in women's clothes. Things get even more complicated when it is discovered that the man who hired him was a prominent politician, in the race for the position of DA - and Hellen is forced by her boss to humiliate him in public for political gain. Meanwhile, Ellenor tries to bring in a big client to the firm, and is enraged when she is voted down by Bobby and Lindsay.
10 Jan. 1999
A Day in the Life
Hellen plans a relaxing day at the spa for her and Lindsay, but Lindsay foils her plans when she turns what was supposed to be a short hearing into a full day in court. Bobby and Eugene are called to the house of Bobby's old friend, where his teenage daughter gave birth to a baby, and suffocated it to death.
17 Jan. 1999
Judge and Jury
While presiding over a case Bobby is handling, Judge Kittleson call him into her chambers and informs him she had an extremely erotic dream about him. After he makes it clear his not interested in her, Bobby begins to feel her rulings are biased against him. Meanwhile, Hellen prosecutes a TV news producer as an accessory to murder, when he gives a live broadcast to a doctor assisting a suicide.
14 Feb. 1999
Of Human Bondage
A colleague of Bobby's asks him to take on a case of a prostitute accused of murder, until he discovers he is much more involved than he led on. Ellenor defends one of her first clients for possession charges, and Jimmy teaches Rebecca a valuable lesson in dealing with unreasonable clients.
21 Feb. 1999
Lawyers, Reporters and Cockroaches
Hellen's plans for a relaxing day at the spa are ruined when a human face is put on a cat-killing case she is prosecuting, and she decides to push for jail time. Bobby and Lindsay represent a restaurant owner, suing a TV reported who promised him a positive cover, but then aired a feature about cockroaches in his kitchen. Meanwhile, tensions at the firm are at an all-time high, when Ellenor finds out Lindsay makes twice as much as she does.
28 Feb. 1999
End Games
A series of chaotic events reopens the Susan Robin murder case, which results in Ellenor's arrest for concealing evidence during George's trial. The entire firm stands ready to go to war for Ellenor, but no one is ready for the shocking truth behind this turn of events.
7 Mar. 1999
Target Practice
Jimmy and Lindsay represent a couple suing a gun manufacturer, when one of their guns is used to kill their daughter. Eugene is stunned when his son is arrested for drug dealing, and is mortified to learn where he got the idea to do so. Bobby, Ellenor and Rebecca manage to make a deal with the DA, but Eugene's ex-wife announces she is suing for full custody of Kendall, claiming Eugene is a bad influence on him.
14 Mar. 1999
Eugene and his ex-wife battle for custody of their son, when Sharon claims Eugene's job is having a bad influence on Kendall. Hellen prosecutes a man for stealing a car, but slowly becomes suspicious that the alleged victim is lying. Rebecca represents a psychologist who was fired from his job after he became cross-eyed, due to a head injury.
28 Mar. 1999
Closet Justice
The firm is assigned a horrific case of a man accused of murder, when the dismembered body of a nun was found in his closet. However, when fourth amendment issues arise regarding the validity of the search, the prospect of freeing such a violent criminal on a technicality sends everyone into an emotional turmoil.
18 Apr. 1999
Home Invasions
Helen prosecutes a man for killing his wife, with his son as the only eye witness to the crime. However, her case begins to go south when the son changes his story and claims it was a accident, and Helen turns to Ellinor for assistance. Meanwhile, Lucy discovers hidden cameras planted throughout her apartment, and Judge Kittelson learns her personal life are also splattered all over the Internet.
25 Apr. 1999
Still devastated from losing the Armbrust murder trial, an enraged Helen seeks vengeance over Gary Armbrust who lied on the stand, by charging him with murder. But a passionate and erratic closing exposes the true nature of her rage. Bobby and Eugene represent a man whose wife died shortly after a cosmetic surgery, and Rebecca clashes with Judge Swackheim, when his capricious decisions during a trial make it impossible for her to defend her client.
2 May 1999
Do Unto Others
Eugene represents a popular Rabbi, accused of raping a young woman. While the Rabbi claims the sex was consensual, and part of a game they used to play, Eugene is horrified to discover she wasn't the only woman ever to accuse him of rape.
9 May 1999
Happily Ever After
Working late at the office, Lindsey is attacked and stabbed, identifying her attacker as a nun before passing out. An angry Helen goes into a nun-arresting spree, while a mysterious tape reopens the question of who killed Susan Robin, until the real killer is finally revealed.
27 Sep. 1999
Free Dental
With Lindsay and Bobby's help, Jimmy defends his personal friend, dentist Henry Olson, when he is tried for murdering a woman who was found dead in his chair. Hostile ADA Richard Bay tries to prove the two were having an affair, when in fact their relationship was a lot more complicated than he could possibly imagine. Meanwhile, decapitator George Vogelman returns, asking for Ellenor's help when his co-op serves him with a eviction notice.
3 Oct. 1999
Boston Confidential
When a woman's body is found in her husband's trunk, Hellen immediately arrests him and he confesses. When the search of his car is ruled invalid and he walks free, Bobby makes a shocking discovery about the man's relationship with the arresting officer - but the real shock is in what he does with that information. Meanwhile, Jimmy tries to deal with his discoveries over the Olson trial, but his actions have catastrophic results.
10 Oct. 1999
Loser's Keepers
Lindsay is in complete terror when the man who stabbed her begins leaving presents at the office, as she starts to unravel. Rebecca once again clashes with Judge Swackheim over a complicated case of a man who confesses to running over a woman, while Rebecca believes he is being paid to do so by the real driver. After moving in with Hellen, a horrified Ellenor's life is in danger when George finally shows his true colors.
17 Oct. 1999
A betrayed Ellenor tries to deal with the truth about George Vogleman, as well as her guilt over the role she played in freeing him. Eugene is forced to help the world's worst attorney, Harland Bassett, in a trial that involves more than just a hung jury. Bobby's old friend and mentor, legendary attorney Raymond Oz, returns asking for his help, when his wife tries to declare him incompetent - a trial that ends with tragic results.
24 Oct. 1999
On trial for murdering his wife, an increasingly erratic Raymond Oz insists on representing himself, and Hellen is forced to go to extreme measures in order to try and convict this legendary attorney.
7 Nov. 1999
Rebecca and Eugene defend a woman charged with killing her mother, trying to convince the jury she did so during a flashback of a horrifying childhood memory. Meanwhile, Lindsay finds the perfect wedding dress, and is mortified to learn that Bobby insists that she wears his dead mother's hideous dress.
14 Nov. 1999
Victimless Crimes
Jimmy defends a woman who shot her rapist to death, a job she makes very hard on him by not cooperating with his attempts to save her, refusing to show regret and helplessness on the stand. Meanwhile, Lucy is horrified to discover her dentist, who also happens to be Bobby's cousin, bit her breast while she was unconscious on his chair. She feels even further betrayed when Bobby agrees to represent him, and tries to convince her to settle for money.
21 Nov. 1999
Lindsay is assigned to represent a psychotic serial killer, now on medication, in a parole hearing, and is forced to deal with her pain and fear over her attack by psychotic client George Vogleman. Eugene is horrified when the body of a man is found in his ex-wife's apartment, and his son is the prime suspect.
28 Nov. 1999
Bay of Pigs
Richard and Ellenor go head to head in a trial of a woman who tried to kill her husband, but their anger and antagonism towards each other gets them into a lot of trouble. Jimmy agrees to represent an old girlfriend who sold her eggs on the Internet and is suing a man who now refuses to pay. His old feelings for her are awaken, which forces him to reexamine his his relationship with Judge Kittleson.
12 Dec. 1999
Day in Court
In a chaotic and bizarre trial, Bobby represents an old drug dealing client, who is charged with murder after stabbing a man to death seven times. With wacky Judge Swackheim presiding, the trial quickly spins out of control, landing Helen in the hospital, and later, along with Bobby, in a jail cell.

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