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4 Mar. 1997
Bobby defends Rachel Reynolds, a young woman facing drug charges. She is not a drug dealer, but was trying to cover for her brother. Lindsay represents Emerson Ray, who is suing a tobacco company in a wrongful death suit. Lindsay's favorite law professor, Anderson Pearson, represents the defense. Eugene represents "Free Willy", a man who exposes himself in public.
11 Mar. 1997
Part I
Bobby represents a man facing armed robbery charges. His strategy is to plead out to lesser charges. Eugene's client fears for her and her 11 year old son's safety, at the hands of her ex-husband. Eugene makes several attempts to get a restraining order. The situation has deadly consequences. Bobby tries to secure a loan and pays a visit to Jimmy Berluti, his friend and banker.
18 Mar. 1997
Trial and Error
Bobby plans to represent Gerald Braun in a wrongful death suit against Ronald Martin. Eugene's "Free Willy" returns, after being arrested in a peculiar position with a hooker. Defense Lawyers in the Emerson Ray case make a motion to have the case dismissed. Bobby fears that the judge is biased. Jimmy, Bobby's friend the banker, is fired for approving a construction loan under false pretenses and Bobby decides to hire him.
25 Mar. 1997
Part IV
An extremely nervous Lindsey goes up against the tobacco industry and her old Law School Professor in her very first jury trial. Outraged by the release of his daughter's killer, Dr. Braun takes matters into his own hands.
1 Apr. 1997
Part V
Preparing for Dr. Braun's murder trial, Jimmy comes up with a controversial defense after the client refuses to argue temporary insanity. Meanwhile, Eugene bets both Lindsey and an ADA that he can win a hopeless case, and Ellenor finally comes face to face with the Podiatrist she met through the personal ads.
8 Apr. 1997
Part VI
Dr. Braun's emotional and outrageous murder trial finally begins, with Bobby going up against a known ADA who is also a famous Rabbi. Eugene represents a boy accused of statutory rape, after he impregnates a 13 year old girl.
20 Sep. 1997
Reasonable Doubts
The firm calls Bobby's judgment into question when he forms a romantic relationship with a new client who happens to be on trial for murder.
23 Sep. 1997
The firm represents an outrageously clever client, who is accused of stabbing his lover to death, but pulls a brilliant legal maneuver in an attempt to get away with it. A series of unfortunate misunderstandings causes Jimmy to be arrested for solicitation.
27 Sep. 1997
The Blessing
Tensions rise to extremely high levels in the courtroom and out of it, when Bobby and Helenn clash over an assisted suicide case, each carrying a traumatic personal memory regarding the controversial issue.
4 Oct. 1997
Dog Bite
Berluti represents a young girl who was bitten in the face by a dog. A juror communicates with Lindsay during a trial. Eugene defends a one-legged African American man accused of robbery.
11 Oct. 1997
First Degree
An adulterer is charged with the murder of her affluent husband as well as her lover are defended by Bobby and another office attorney. A cop just a few years shy of retirement quits his job and is seeking disability compensation claiming that being a cop caused him to become a racist. Lindsay is surprised to be told by Jimmy that she is is the subject of an erotic dream,
18 Oct. 1997
Sex, Lies and Monkeys
An unfaithful wife who was convicted and possibly because of Bobby's damning remarks in court he discovered to be innocent. Bobby vigilantly tries to get the judge to win her release at sentencing. Kelton, an on again-off-again lover of Lindsay drugs her wine with a date rape drug to enliven her sexual performance without her permission.
25 Oct. 1997
Search and Seizure
A husband seeks a court order that would force his pregnant wife to undergo a C-section. Lindsay represents a drug dealer caught red-handed with a large quantity of cocaine. Gamble asks Bobby out on a date.
8 Nov. 1997
The Means
The firm is defending a friend of Eugene's who killed someone during a riot. They're trying to prove him innocent. But when things look bleak they decide to try another approach which both the client and Eugene think is an insult.
15 Nov. 1997
Save the Mule
A drug dealer's operative is taken into custody after she attempted to smuggle cocaine into the U.S. by swallowing drug-filled prophylactics.
22 Nov. 1997
Spirit of America
A documentary crew records the attorneys as they fight to win a stay of execution for a man convicted of murdering a young girl.
29 Nov. 1997
Hide and Seek
James Whitmore as Raymond Oz, an elderly attorney (on a par with Denny Crane's antics) who asks Bobby to second chair as he is having memory issues. Oz is brash, witty and quite the showman in court. Eugene is defending a despicable client who murdered two young children. His revelation to his attorney, Eugene, in court and Eugene's reaction is a surprising moment. Balducci's actress client is a heartthrob of his youth their exchanges provide some sweet moments.
13 Dec. 1997
Race with the Devil
Bobby's priest becomes a client after a woman suffers a fatal heart attack during an exorcism.
20 Dec. 1997
The Civil Right
Berluti decides to advertise himself on TV "The Grunt" Attorney. Once the ad hits the airwaves, the hall is full of potential clients and the most surprising one is his Mom who decides to tell her son that she wants to marry again and her lover is a woman. A man wants to sue his female dentist who he says sexually molested him pushing against the "rape shield laws". Also, a rape victim's testimony is attacked by Eugene who represents the supposed perpetrator.

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