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good series
Mark Marcon8 February 2006
I totally disagree with the reviewer who called this show garbage. I can find 100 other garbage shows out there. A good sci-fi anthology that should get a DVD release. I have several episodes on tape and the production values and the sexy droid are very innovative. Actually the show was ground breaking and deserves better. The animation and the subject content of sex and violence was taken from the New Outer Limits format and style. It is surprising that the show was canceled and along with Spicy City needs a DVD release. So much garbage and little quality is out there. I would like to see more in this style and it is certainly superior to others in the genre.
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One of the best shows on HBO!
Ivan Ravenous7 December 2001
"Perversions of Science" was one of the most interesting shows I've ever seen. The episodes were very diverse and always refreshingly strange. My favorite (called "Dream of Doom") concerned a man who couldn't wake up, because every time he woke up he'd be in another dream. I wish it were still on to spice up TV.
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A Mixed Bag
GavinHebert31 December 2017
Perversions of Science (1997) is a spin-off series of one of my favorite shows, Tales from the Crypt (1989-96). Tales from the Crypt had interesting characters, stories, and a good sense of humor mixed into the horrific elements. Perversions of Science, however, is a slightly different story.

There are some very good episodes, in particular Planely Possible, but the majority are bland and unimaginative. Most of the episodes come off as basic and cliché science fiction stories with nothing new to offer. Lots of the comedy falls flat due to poor writing and comedic timing and certain episodes don't make a lick of sense. I would say that Boxed In is the worst episode of the series because of its cringe worthy attempts at comedy and an overall underwhelming story.

I would recommend giving the series a shot and I would love if it were released on DVD, but I can't give it more than a 5.
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The worst show ever on HBO!
dootuss9 October 2001
HBO desperately wanted a scientific anthology series which had some twists similar to the twilight zone. What they got was a horrible 30 minute show that makes science sexual, and violent at times. The was hosted by a sexy android whom i can't remember her name, but was probably the best part of the show. The creators of "Perversions of Science" tried their best, but failed miserably in giving HBO another sucess story to write about. Perhaps that's why HBO canceled this piece of garbage after it's only season, as well as an angry response from viewers. Hopefully, this pile of puke will never see the light of day AGAIN!!!!
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