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Broom-Hilda: Comic Strip Optioned for Feature Film

Broom Hilda has hit the big time, and we're not talking about her waistline. Deadline reports producers Gilbert Adler and Jason A. Rosenberg plan to adapt Russell Myers' witch of newspaper comics fame as a feature film and more. Broom Hilda was previously adapted for television. It first featured on Archie's TV Funnies, which aired on CBS for two seasons, before being cancelled in 1973.

In 1978, Broom Hilda was part of the Fabulous Funnies TV show, which aired for 13 episodes before being cancelled by NBC. Adler has produced TV series including Tales from the Crypt (1991-96), Freddy's Nightmares (1988-90), and Perversions of Science (1997). According the report, Broom Hilda could be returning to TV, too.

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Hannibal, Once Upon A Time: Writer/Producer Scott Nimfero Dies at 54

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Writer and producer Scott Nimerfro has died at the age of 54. A co-executive producer on ABC's Once Upon a Time TV series from 2014 to 2016, Nimerfro is credited for writing three episodes in the fourth season: "Breaking Glass" (with Kalinda Vazquez), "Shattered Sight," and "Heart of Gold" (both with Tze Chun). Mr. Nimerfro wrote and produced many cancelled or ended series, including Hannibal, Tron: Uprising, Ringer, The Gates, Pushing Daisies, Perversions of Science, 'Til Death Do Us Part, The Outer Limits, and the original Tales from the Crypt TV show, which is being revived by TNT.

Nimerfro's last TV credit is for the March 6, 2016 episode of Once, "Souls of the Departed." In a statement to TV Series Finale, Once Upon a Time creator Adam Horowitz said, "Scott was a dear friend and an amazingly talented
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Robert Zemeckis Finds No Place

Robert Zemeckis Finds No Place
Back in the 1990s, Robert Zemeckis used to produce TV shows, including the Back To The Future 'toon spin-off, Tales From The Crypt and Perversions Of Science. He’s looking to the small screen once again, teaming with Terminator 3/Salvation writers John Brancato and Michael Ferris for No Place.Adapted from a Top Cow comic book called The Test by Matt Hawkins and Joshua Hale, No Place will document what happens when a swanky, high tech gated community suddenly finds themselves cut off from the rest of reality via something called The Rift.Only one man knows what has really happened and is in touch with those responsible, so he’ll have to lead his fellow residents beyond the void to learn the truth.While it seems to be part of a trend at the moment – CBS is busy adapting Stephen King’s small-town-cut-off concept Under The Dome – this one
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Sex Robots Will Exist By 2050, Sooner If That Federal Sexbot Grant Goes Through

A new report from a university in New Zealand suggests that fully-functional “Sex Robots” may be commonplace by the year 2050, thus radically changing the sex-service industry and theoretically cutting down on Std transmissions and worldwide sex slavery. But can robots ever truly grasp the nuances of human ‘making noises that sound appropriate so we can both get this over with in a reasonable amount of time?’ I guess that’ll take 38 more years to perfect. Here’s Mashable’s report on the sexbots, including some compelling evidentiary footage from Austin Powers. I just don’t know why we have to wait 30 more years to invent something that the intro to HBO’s Perversions Of Science already perfected in the late 90s. Is this another shady “Electric Car” scenario? Don’T Let Innovation Be Crushed By Big Humansex!!!
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The Most Overlooked Film of 2010

It just dawned on me today that I completely forgot about Parasomnia when I was doing my favorite films of the year. It really is tough to keep up on the many pictures I watch, and William Malone’s sleeper spectacle is one that I saw some time back. It is a blessing in disguise that I was absent-minded because it allows me to put his sleeping beauty fable in the spotlight. The irony is Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland made some many critics worst list, whereas Parasomnia is Alice in Acidland and will make you forget than expensive blunder. Here is the interview I did with William Malone prior to the Blu-ray/DVD release of the flick.

Jason Bene: You are a huge devotee of the 1920 silent film The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. How much of that style and vision can be seen in Parasomnia?

William Malone:
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'Global Frequency' back to TV?

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Global Frequency, the DC/Wildstorm comic, might be back in play as a TV series.

You may remember that in 2005, Mark Burnett (producer of Survivor) and John Rogers (who would go on to write the comic Blue Beetle and create the show Leverage) created a pilot for the WB. The pilot wasn't picked up; however, it got leaked to the Interwebs and became the most watched pilot that never got picked up.

Now the industry magazine Production Weekly has just posted the following on Twitter: The CW will again try to adapt Warren Ellis' comic book "Global Frequency," this time Scott Nimerfro will script the pilot. Scott Nimerfro has written for Star Trek: Voyager, Tales From The Crypt, Perversions Of Science, The Outer Limits, Stargate: Atlantis, and Pushing Daisies, and was an associate producer on the X-Men movie.

Warren Ellis, creator of Global Frequency, sent out an email with
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Danielle Harris ('Halloween' 4 & 5, 'Rob Zombie's Halloween' 1 & 2)

Danielle Harris stars in the new Halloween sequel by Rob Zombie. It’s a crap movie, but Danielle Harris, who was brought back into the franchise last year by Zombie for his remake, actually starred in the original Halloween 4 and 5, in which she played Jamie Lloyd, the target of Michael Myer’s wrath. In Zombie’s Halloween II, she reprises her role as Annie Brackett, the ill-fated friend of Lori Strode who bravely takes on nudity in an un-Jamie Lloyd way.

But Danielle Harris is much more than funny anecdotes about how much Donald Pleasance scared her when she was a kid because he was always drunk on the set and wearing a gross fake scar; she’s a clever woman with filmmaking aspirations of her own. She tells Pretty/Scary about how the Halloween franchise is now a part of her life...

Despite what you may think, Harris
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