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A wonderful show

Author: patricianolan999 from Los Angeles
23 October 2004

I loved this TV series. It was intelligent, inspirational and thought-provoking. I still remember every episode and I hope those episodes are eventually released on DVD. This was the best "spritual" TV series ever created--yet it was NOT conventional in the least. Kevin Anderson was brilliant as the priest who questioned his career and his life and he showed us that he was as vulnerable and "human" as those he helped. It was a wonderful show. A compelling and bold look at a modern priest trying his best to be a good person. And the co-stars were great, too.

I was disappointed when ABC cancelled this show without giving it a chance to survive and prove its worth. The traditionalists didn't like it and they were loud and vocal. Yet, the series was ahead of its time and it made us think and grow as human beings. I will always remember this show fondly, as it left an impression on me that will last a lifetime. The writing was high-quality. Kevin Anderson remains one of my favorite actors.

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One of the Best

Author: SunnyRose from usa
28 July 2000

Nothing Sacred was one of the series that ever aired. ABC was cruel to it and the people who loved it. They never showed us all the episodes. This is unfair. There are plenty of loyal fans of NS who would love to see it get resurrected. If the powers at be are working, PLEASE put NS back on the air. Or put it out on video tape.

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one of the best written shows that made it to television

Author: Jerry Sarnataro ( from Oceanside, California
22 October 2000

This show had excellent casting, unbelievable writing, superb acting, great visuals, and the condemnation of the Catholic Church. There are simply not enough Kudos to be given. It was not afraid to tackle some of the stickiest problems facing Catholics in America. The poignant looks at abortion, divorce, alcoholism, celibacy, the poor and homeless, were just short of perfect in every episode. The show received critical acclaim, and virtually no viewership. What gives? There is/was so much other virtual junk on TV at that and this time, that I would actually rent or buy the entire series again, just to review and ponder upon the emotions which are brought to the fore from this wonderful series. For some reason I see only two other user comments in the imdb about Nothing Sacred, and that seems to echo the low viewership. What is it that I saw in this series that ABC and the rest of the world did not? I called ABC months after I could not find it on the air, and they advised that it had the lowest viewership of their entire programming. What a sad comment on TV watchers! Do you know some of the other, pardon me, c**p that is/was on? I wonder if the owners of these episodes have tried to sell them to Lifetime, A&E, HBO, or any cable network which has the courage to air them. Is it true (from one of the other user's comments) that we did not see all the episodes? What a shame. Several shames, one on ABC, one on the general viewing public, and shame on the Catholic Church for condemning it.

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sigh - I miss it. :(

Author: jackacz from USA
4 January 2001

What a great show. I mean truly great. It had depth, drama, light-heartedness, wit and charm. Kevin Anderson as Father Ray will be one of my favorite television characters (it hurts to even see Kevin in a film, as it brings back the pain from knowing this show was cancelled). I also loved Scott Campbell as Father Eric.

The Christmas episode was one of my favorites -- though I looked forward to each one and enjoyed each immensely. I was lucky enough to have watched the pilot episode which totally got me hooked (I had not heard about it, just happened to be looking for something to watch that night). There has been so much, horrible junk on television, I was so taken by this show that was intelligent, creative and thoughtful -- how many shows can you say that about?? As dedicated a fan I became, I found it very difficult to keep up with the show, as ABC would change the showtime on almost a weekly basis, showing it on different days and at different times, with no warning to the viewer. I also recall that it was often put up against such audience-holding shows as 'Friends' and 'Seinfeld'. However, I managed to convince several people to give up these shows for Nothing Sacred!!

But then ABC pulled the plug. I was in complete shock!! I boycotted ABC for three years. I have been devastated ever since, and can't wait to get my hands on a taped set of the show -- of course, it's incomplete -- so much more could have been made and done with this show. What a complete shame -- I am positive that if it had been given more time (and a reliable schedule) it would have drawn in quite an audience. If you have seen, or are able to see Nothing Sacred, consider yourself lucky to have been witness to television's glimmer of hope.

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The series was underappreciated

Author: Lee Jamilkowski from River Forest, IL, USA
8 February 2000

"Nothing Sacred" was a truly unique show: combing good, old fashioned Catholicism with it's effects in the modern day USA. Not to mention it mixed drama and comedy just fine, while making you think about yourself. It was nowhere as controversial as some made it out to be and suffered a quick death. Tthough, it should still be on today. It's a shame no one has decided to air it.

If you get the chance, you need to watch it at least once. The series was truly under appreciated.

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Truthful, compelling stories about a priest who questions his church while still working within it!

12 April 2002

Boo and hiss to the cowards at ABC who still refuse to put this show back on the air, in spite of the lack of good shows to put on! "Sacred" featured totally believable performances by Kevin Anderson and Scott Campbell as the yin/yang of the Catholic Church, one questioning its actions, one only slowly looking at both sides. The Christmas episode with its parallels to Mary and Joseph is one of the most unforgettable shows I have ever seen. Especially in today's climate of protest and acknowledgement of the Catholic Church's cover-ups, this show should be brought back or at least shown so others can see what a shining light ABC had and how stupid they were to douse it!

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Exceptional quality!

Author: (Owlwise) from Ocean, NJ
20 February 2007

Every so often TV gives us a show of real depth, beauty, intelligence & feeling. And when it does, it seldom lasts very long. "Nothing Sacred" is one of those shows. Each episode had the richness of a small film & could easily have been expanded into one. The series as a whole offered a stunning, insightful look into the nature of faith, the struggle to reconcile suffering & belief, and reminded us of the epiphanies waiting all around us, those moments of grace that illuminate the soul & the world around us. Father Ray's doubts & questions only served to strengthen his chosen calling in the end; in fact, the series as it stands could easily be seen as a mini-series about one man's journey to acceptance of his life's true meaning. But how I would love to have seen several seasons of it! The series dealt with the pressing issues of the day, and didn't insult the viewer with pat, simplistic answers -- if anything, it challenged the viewer to think about those issues, consider all aspects of them, and come to his or her own conclusions. Simply a wonderful show in every way!

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It was the best series on television

Author: burnsb43 from United States
5 November 2005

The writing was wonderful -- and each episode had a 'moment of grace' that blew me away each time it happened. Most people didn't get to see the show because it was moved around constantly and then was pulled off the air. But those of us who have seen and loved it - would do ANYTHING to get a DVD release.

Churches across the country would use it for adult discussion groups.

I saw two of the unaired episodes at the St Francis Xavier - the church that the show was modeled after. The last episode took place on the Easter Vigil. In fact the writing of the series was designed to follow the liturgical year.

If it were for sale, I would consider purchasing it and trying to release it myself.

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Great Show -- Why is it only shown in other countries?

Author: prautes from St. Louis
6 November 2005

This show was amazing and I thought the conservative Catholics who opposed it were shooting themselves in the foot - at the time I believed the show was a great recruiting tool for winning back ex-Catholics with remembrances of the depth of our religion. I cried at least once with faith and joy or sadness during most episodes, especially meaningful were the show with the singing of the Panis Angelicus and the Christmas Show with the priests in prison sharing a meal while the parishioners in the church were sharing communion. Powerful imagery! Across the years I've learned that Nothing Sacred is aired in other countries, most recently Belgium in which all episodes were shown including the ones never shown in the U.S. Why, oh why, can not all shows be released on DVD in the U.S.???!!

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We'll see what happens

Author: laholly from United States
6 January 2006

As i am writing this, a new series, "The book of Daniel" is about to premiere on NBC. Seeing the previews immediately brought to mind the wonderful,ill fated "Nothing sacred". Lets hope the powers that be give "daniel a better chance" As a high church cradle Episcopalian i really enjoyed "Nothing sacred". Kevin Anderson was terrific as Father Ray(and as I understand,he is a semi lapsed Catholic. One episode that sticks out in my mind featured a beautiful rendition of Panis Angelicus featuring Anderson, an unidentified soloist and guest star John Cullum that was amazing. Its too bad that the powers that be decided that the show was not proper....

Should be interesting to see how the whole thing pans out, and i \ would be in favor of releasing Nothing sacred on DVD !!

Lee Ann

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