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The Return Of The Rolling Stones

The Return Of The Rolling Stones
London — The Rolling Stones returned to London's Hyde Park after 44 years with a concert that saluted both the band's past and the fleetingly idyllic English summer. Mick Jagger even donned a frock for the occasion.

The band played an outdoor gig for 65,000 people Saturday in the same venue as a landmark 1969 show performed two days after the death of founding member Brian Jones.

It's most often remembered for the vast crowd of more than 200,000, for Jagger quoting Percy Bysshe Shelley as eulogy to Jones – and for the white dress Jagger wore onstage.

Jagger took the stage in a similar white smock Saturday for a rendition of "Honky Tonk Women," a song the band also played in 1969.

"Just something I found in the back," he said.

Much else has changed since 1969. Then, the concert was free. On Saturday, some fans had paid 200 pounds ($300) a ticket. Jagger turns 70 this month, drummer Charlie Watts
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Helen Mirren Talks 'The Audience'

Helen Mirren Talks 'The Audience'
London — Helen Mirren is a star of stage and screen – and now stage on-screen.

Mirren's award-winning performance as Queen Elizabeth II in "The Audience" will be beamed this week from London's Gielgud Theatre to hundreds of movie theaters around the world in a live broadcast.

It's the latest step in Mirren's glittering regal procession as the monarch. She won an Academy Award for playing Elizabeth in the 2006 movie "The Queen," and gained an Olivier stage trophy in April for her reprise in box-office hit "The Audience."

But the actress, who has made a career of not being typecast, had to be persuaded to wear the crown a second time.

"I really didn't want to play the role again," Mirren said in an interview before another evening donning tiara and pearls. "I was very resistant."

Mirren was won over by the quality of the creative team, which includes director Stephen Daldry,
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The Seven Scripted Network Shows Cancelled Faster than "The Paul Reiser Show"

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Word came down over the weekend that "The Paul Reiser Show," had been cancelled after only two episodes, due to poor reviews and dreadful ratings. It wasn't a huge surprise: It wasn't a very good show; NBC had very little faith in it (the network pushed back its premiere nearly a full television year); Paul Reiser is not exactly popular, having disappeared from television and film after the end of "Mad About You"; and the debut episode was the lowest-rated in-season comedy debut ever on NBC, scoring only 3.4 million viewers. (The time slot will be occupied by "The Office" reruns for the rest of the season).

Given the time and money put into a scripted series, it takes a particularly nasty brand of heinous to get yanked that quickly. But, two episodes is not the quickest a scripted television series has been pulled off the air. There are quite a few reality ("The Hasselhoffs,
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'Lone Star' faces cancellation after one episode

'Lone Star' faces cancellation after one episode
Now 20th Century Fox can claim to have produced both a Death Star and a dead "Star."

That the Fox drama "Lone Star" is on death watch is no surprise after its disastrous debut Monday, the first night of the fall TV season.

But unlike most series that experience television's ultimate indignity -- cancellation after one episode -- "Star" isn't being ushered out of existence to schadenfreude-fueled peals of laughter in the industry.

That's because unlike most shows consigned to the one-and-done club, the "Star" pilot drew critical acclaim and stood out from the pack of new pilots for being different than the increasing glut of procedural hours.

"No one in TV should be happy about this," said one agent who reps a writer on "Star." "This is going to have a chilling effect on networks taking chances on anything but cookie-cutter shows."

Flameouts are a ho-hum occurrence in the TV world,
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