La Femme Nikita (TV Series 1997–2001) Poster



Beauty and danger collide at every turn. (Season 1)
Why go back to those who tried to kill her? (Season 3)
Find out what everybody's talking about. (Season 4)
I'm not who you think I am... (Season 4)
I'll play their game. My way. (Season 5)
A choice that will change everything. (Season 2)
Sometimes looks can kill.
Believe in passion.
One on one with La Femme.
One on one with Nikita.
January 4. What next? (Season 5)
She survived a season in hell. In January she'll be back for seconds. (Season 2)
Meet the future of criminal rehabilitation
The fatal femme you can't take your eyes from.
She's smart... she's sexy... she's dangerous...
You're one of us now... (Season 2)
Can she beat the Section at its own game? (Season 2)
The ultimate sacrifice. (Series finale)
Kill or be killed. (Season 1)
She's not just another pretty face. (Season 1)
Tough and sexy. (Season 1)
Cherchez la femme...
The femme remains fatale. (Season 3)
Espionage. Betrayal. Deception. In Section 1 nothing is what it seems. (Season 3)
Any agent who knows too much may live too briefly. (Season 3)
To obey is to stay alive. (Season 2)
No variance. No remorse. No mercy. (Season 2)
Hip. Young. Beautiful. Deadly. (Season 1)
She's dressed to kill. Trained to survive. A new fashion in action. (Season 1)
Mistakes are not an option. (Season 1)

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