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8 Feb. 2009
Lucky See, Monkey Do
As LuAnn prepares to have her baby, Peggy and Lucky's sister fight over how the baby should be delivered and raised. Meanwhile, Bill falls for the woman who greets him at the fast food drive-thru window.
15 Feb. 2009
What Happens at the National Propane Gas Convention in Memphis Stays at the National Propane Gas Convention in Memphis
Hank goes to the National Propane Gas Convention in Memphis to introduce Buck for an award, but he makes an ass of himself after Buck finds out that he has a illegitimate son in the propane business.
1 Mar. 2009
Master of Puppets
Bobby plays his guilt-ridden parents against each other after they forget to pick him up at the mall, but the move backfires when Hank and Peggy adopt a new strategy. Meanwhile, Dale tries to prove he can survive in the "wilderness."
8 Mar. 2009
Bwah My Nose
Hank breaks his nose practicing for a state championship flag football rematch. But when he gets it fixed by a plastic surgeon, it's so perfect that he doesn't want to play in the game and risk ruining it.
15 Mar. 2009
Uncool Customer
Peggy and Bobby try to impress a trendy mother and daughter that they meet in Bobby's cotillion class, while Hank finds a good new restaurant but hates the seating arrangements.
22 Mar. 2009
Nancy Does Dallas
Nancy gets a job as an anchor at a Dallas television station, but will Dale be able to survive in Arlen without her?
19 Apr. 2009
Born Again on the Fourth of July
While Hank and the guys take their 4th of July rivalry with Milton Street to dangerous levels, Bobby finds religion at Lucky's church.
26 Apr. 2009
Serves Me Right for Giving General George S. Patton the Bathroom Key
Hank finds out that he is executor of Cotton's will, which includes flushing his ashes down general Patton's toilet. Meanwhile, Dale and Bill go through a nasty "dudevorce"
3 May 2009
Bad News Bill
Hank is ostracized for his lack of positive support for Bobby in the South Arlen youth baseball league.
10 May 2009
Manger Baby Einstein
John Redcorn helps LuAnn produce a series of Manger Babies DVDs, but she learns the hard way that success in the children's entertainment industry is fleeting.
17 May 2009
Uh-Oh Canada
Everybody on Rainey Street is put off by the Canadian family that moves into Boomhauer's house for the summer.
13 Sep. 2009
The Boy Can't Help It
When Bobby is befriended by a trio of older girls, Hank worries his son is being emasculated; and Hank and the guys build the ultimate homeless cart for a local bum.
13 Sep. 2009
To Sirloin with Love
Bobby becomes a steak critic.

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