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4 Jan. 2004
Rich Hank, Poor Hank
When Bobby mistakenly believes that his parents are rich, he steals Hank's credit card and goes on a shopping spree.
25 Jan. 2004
Ceci N'est Pas Une King of the Hill
Hank commissions Peggy to create some artwork to satisfy the local zoning board after they approve a Strickland Propane expansion, but Peggy is humiliated when an art dealer promotes her as an illiterate hillbilly.
8 Feb. 2004
That's What She Said
A new Strickland Propane employee revels in making off-color jokes, driving Hank crazy.
15 Feb. 2004
My Hair Lady
Bill pretends to be a homosexual to get a job at a trendy beauty salon.
22 Feb. 2004
Phish and Wildlife
Hank and his friends take Bobby on an "eat only what you catch" camping trip, only to discover that the park has been overrun by hippies.
7 Mar. 2004
Cheer Factor
Peggy takes over as coach of the cheerleading squad, and switches the girls from elaborate dance routines to violent spectacle.
14 Mar. 2004
Dale Be Not Proud
When racecar driver John Force needs a kidney transplant, Dale turns out to be a perfect match; and Peggy helps Bobby win over his classmates when he reads announcements over the school's intercom system.
21 Feb. 2004
Après Hank, le Deluge
Arlen is hit with rains and flash floods. Bill finds himself put in charge of the shelter at Tom Landry Middle School, and instantly becomes mad with power and authority.
28 Mar. 2004
Cotton plays detective when someone begins drinking Hank's grapefruit juice; and Dale tries to launch his own home security company.
18 Apr. 2004
How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Alamo
Hank reacts with disbelief when he realizes Bobby's history textbook contains almost nothing on the Alamo; and Peggy photographs a Flat Stanley doll to help teach kids about geography and safety issues.
25 Apr. 2004
Girl, You'll Be a Giant Soon
Luanne joins forces with Hank to protest a propane ban at the Texas State Fairground grill-off; and Peggy goes to extreme lengths to gain access to a laundry room where an infamous murder took place.
2 May 2004
Stressed for Success
Bobby joins the school's academic team, where he specializes in pop culture, but the stress proves too much for him to handle.
9 May 2004
Hank's Back
Hank starts taking yoga classes after injuring his back at work; and Peggy bags groceries at a mom-and-pop store that's having a hard time competing against Megalomart.
16 May 2004
The Redneck on Rainey Street
After Connie becomes a victim of reverse discrimination, Kahn gives up his hopes and dreams and embraces the life of a hillbilly.
23 May 2004
Talking Shop
Bobby infuriates Hank by training as a student counsellor, then upsets Connie by breaking the rules and dating one of his own clients - only to be stalked by a girl he's just advised to break up with her boyfriend.
7 Nov. 2004
A Rover Runs Through It
The Hills travel to Montana where Peggy attempts to make amends with her estranged rancher mother; Meanwhile, Hank clashes with the locals and Henry Winkler.
19 Dec. 2004
Ms Wakefield
During the Christmas season, a dying, elderly woman wants to spend her final days in the Hills' house, which used to be hers.

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