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Season 4

26 Sep. 1999
Peggy Hill: The Decline and Fall
Peggy survives the fall with several broken bones and paralysis, while Cotton names his newborn son G.H., which stands for "Good Hank."
3 Oct. 1999
Cotton's Plot
Cotton helps Peggy rehabilitate, while Peggy uncovers the truth behind Cotton's war stories.
24 Oct. 1999
Bills Are Made to Be Broken
When Bill's high school football record is broken unfairly, Hank convinces him to return to the field and re-claim his record.
31 Oct. 1999
Little Horrors of Shop
Hank becomes the new temporary shop teacher at Bobby's school where he gives the students a whole new outlook on tools and woodworking.
7 Nov. 1999
Aisle 8A
Hank has the misfortune of being left all alone with Connie right when she gets her first period. He tries to handle the situation the best way he knows how, and unfortunately, he doesn't.
14 Nov. 1999
A Beer Can Named Desire
Hank is given the chance to win a million dollars after winning an Alamo Beer contest. All he must do is throw a football through a one-foot hole into a Giant Alamo beer can. Or he can let former Cowboy "Dandy" Don Meredith make the throw for $100,000; Bill visits his family in Louisiana.
21 Nov. 1999
Happy Hank's Giving
The Hills and their friends are all stranded at the Dallas-Fort Worth airport the night before Thanksgiving.
28 Nov. 1999
Not in My Back Hoe
Hank strikes up a friendship with a man just like himself, straining his relationship with Dale, Bill and Boomhauer; Cotton puts up his own child as collateral so he can test drive a new car.
12 Dec. 1999
To Kill a Ladybird
Bobby befriends a wild raccoon that may or may not have infected Ladybird and Dale with rabies.
19 Dec. 1999
As Y2K approaches, everybody fears the approaching millennium, even Dale, who hoards food, Mountain Dew and hamsters in his basement. Only Hank is unaffected by the growing concerns...until there's a propane shortage.
9 Jan. 2000
Old Glory
Peggy authors one of Bobby's English papers, only to have a rival substitute teacher uncover the deception; Bill displays an enormous American flag on his property.
16 Jan. 2000
Rodeo Days
Bobby secretly becomes a rodeo clown.
6 Feb. 2000
Hanky Panky: Part 1
Buck Strickland is getting a divorce. Since Texas is a community property state, he sells Sugarfoot's Barbecue to Hank until the divorce is final.
13 Feb. 2000
High Anxiety: Part 2
When Debbie, Buck's former girl Friday and lover, turns up dead in a dumpster, a city detective suspects Hank of murdering her.
20 Feb. 2000
Naked Ambition
During a picnic, Bobby accidentally sees Luanne naked, and Joseph is jealous of him.
27 Feb. 2000
Movin' on Up
Luanne is sick of Hank's rules and regulations, so she rents the house next door with three other people. When she gets angry at them for being irresponsible, she gets upset because she's acting just like Hank would.
12 Mar. 2000
Bill of Sales
Peggy starts selling health bars, but when her business is slow, she uses Bill to do all the work and takes most of the money.
19 Mar. 2000
Won't You Pimai Neighbor?
Buddhist monks believe Bobby is a lama.
9 Apr. 2000
Hank's Bad Hair Day
After Hank's usual barber loses his mind he dyes Hank's hair blonde, so Bill convinces Hank to let him cut his hair and re-dye his hair it's natural color. Not long after that Hank receives a letter from the government stating that the haircut will cost him $900.00.
16 Apr. 2000
Meet the Propaniacs
Bobby forms a comedy group called The Propaniacs, who goes around to several Strickland Propane locations with their propane-centered skits.
30 Apr. 2000
Nancy Boys
Nancy ends her 14-year-long affair with John Redcorn.
7 May 2000
Flush with Power
Hank joins the town council to uncover the truth behind the recent requirement of ineffectual low-flow toilets.
14 May 2000
Transnational Amusements Presents: Peggy's Magic Sex Feet
Peggy is ashamed of her size 16 feet, but her shame turns to pride when an alleged doctor takes an interest in filming them. She does not know, however, that the man is really photographing them for a sex fetish website.
21 May 2000
Peggy's Fan Fair
The Hills go to a country music festival in Nashville, where no one believes Peggy when she says that Randy Travis plagiarized a song she submitted to him.

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