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When Part II of the episode in which Peggy jumps out of a plane and ends up in a body cast aired in syndication, the following was removed: The scene where Bobby cuts G.H.'s umbilical cord, and the scene where Peggy offers to teach Bobby how to change a diaper.
In the episode in which Randy Travis steals Peggy's song, syndication cuts Charlie Daniels' brief appearance, though he is still listed in the credits.
When shown on Cartoon Network/Adult Swim, there are humorous "sponsor spots" before/after the commercials, featuring businesses seen on the show (Arlen Library, Waffle Hut, Arlen Advocate newspaper, etc.), complete with comical slogans for said businesses.
The Mexican dub retitled the series "Los Reyes de la Colina" (King of the Hill in Spanish) and changed the names of several characters. For example, Hank Hill became Hector Reyes, Bobby became Beto, Luanne became Lola, Cotton became Carlos, Bill Dauterive was renamed to Blas Davalos, Boomhauer to Benavides Buenavista, and Dale Gribble to Diego López.
The Hungarian dub of the first six seasons included many profanities. While these were relatively rare and somewhat tamer in the original English version (most commonly "ass", "damn", and very few uses of "bitch"), the Hungarian dubbing made every character a foul-mouth who kept using the words "fuck", "fucking", "shit", "cunt", "dick", "whore", "fagot" etc. to make the dialogue sound more natural. For example, the famous "You're fired!" line from the pilot was translated as "A big horse-dick!", and Boomhauer would usually say one "fuck" per sentence. The profanities stopped when the dubbing studio hired another translator in season 7, who wrote the dubbing script as an almost word-for-word translation of the original dialogue (which sadly resulted in numerous lines and phrases not making sense in Hungarian).
When the show was shown during the week, some changes were made. Like the opening was altered. Now the title just appears over the heads of Hank, Bill, Dale and Boomhauer whereas in the original version, the title appeared on a seperate screen with Hank's head in the middle; In the original airing of the episode "Square Peg", during the credits, Hank drove up on his riding mower and apologized if the content of the episode was offending to anyone. This was probably cut because Hanks says "Coming up next is a show called X-Files" which he thought was a pornography show but it's about a man and woman who don't have sex.
When the Manger Babies episode aired in syndication, the part where Luanne and the Manger Babies get locked in a closet for trying to sneak into the movies and has no idea where to continue, Hank suggests they shimmy the lock with a coat hanger, the latter was removed and just featured him getting up and claiming he was the theater owner "who sells popcorn and popcorn accessories".
When the pilot episode aired in syndication, a whole plot of the episode was trying to fix Hank's truck, the part where Luanne claims she fixed it in a simple way was edited.
When the episode where Chris Rock plays a comedian driving school instructor aired in syndication, during the credits he and Hank apologized for the content of the show. This only aired once when it played on Sunday nights and showed that the show used to be on at 8:30, because Hank says "coming up next is the X-Files", even though The X-Files does not air in syndication after this show, the line remains intact.
When the episode "Lianne's Saga" aired in syndication, the ending was altered. Originally during the beginning of the closing credits, dialogue went like this: Bobby: "You kicked her ass, Mom". Peggy: "Yes". Bobby: "But she's a better dancer than you." Peggy: "You do not know that." That was cut and just featured Bill saying, "And if she does come back, well, then I'll call the police."
When the episode where Hank hires Leon the drug addict aired in syndication, it showed an extra scene during the credits where Hank wanted to get urine samples from everyone and from inside the men's room, Joe Jack said that if he didn't get another cup, a celebrity was gonna die.
When the episode where Hank wants to take Bobby deer hunting aired in syndication, some scenes were altered, like: the scene of Peggy describing milestones to Hank; and at the permit office, he asks for a permit but it edits the part where he also asks for a Don't Mess With Texas bumper sticker.
When the episode where Bill dresses up like Lenore aired in syndication, the following scene was edited: When Bill get's so upset he runs out of a restaurant, because he witnessed so many couples kissing and dancing, and was nearly hit by a truck. The scene was intact when it first aired in syndication, but all other airings had the scene deleted.
When the smoking episode aired in syndication, right after Hank tells Peggy he made Bobby smoke a whole carton of cigarettes, Peggy's line of "you've stunted his growth" is removed.
After Dale Earnhardt's death, his one line cameo on the racing episode was removed.
When "Hank's Cowboy Movie" aired in syndication, a scene of cameraman Dale constantly zooming in on his extermination truck was removed and cut right to Hank saying he was going to tape the zoom.
An episode entitled "Goodbye Normal Jeans" was scheduled to air as the second episode in Season 6, but was substituted by a rerun and so this episode has never aired; however it has been slated to air in season 7.

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