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While no official release has been announced (it is unlikely that it ever will be released), it can easily be found at most major comic conventions. Also, the entire pilot is available to view on youtube.

The movie was primarily based on the 1980's Justice League International series. As such, many characters from that series play a major role in the film.

Guy Gardner/Green Lantern - In the comics, Guy is firey tempered and is basically the comic relief of the team. He is best known for his bowl-cut hair and his constant challenging of the team leader.

Fire - Instead of turning her whole body into a pire of flame (similar to the Human Torch), fire merely shoots fire from her hands and flies in the film.

Ice - Her Scandinavian heritage and her white hair were dropped in order to create a "point of view" character for the movie.

Other members of the JLI comic book were dropped for the movie to allow for more well recognized characters to be added in their place.

Martian Manhunter - Serving as team leader ( a role he has filled in the comics many times) he seems to be considerably less active that the source character.

Atom - While his power is maintained, the overall character is much different than the original.

Flash - The only thing that remains intact with this character is the name and the costume. All personality traits and background were made up entirely for the film.


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