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Season 5

12 Oct. 2000
Hit the Road, Jack
Elliot hears Alley break up with Jack on the answering machine. He accidentally erases the message. Finch shares a passionate kiss with Nina and then insults her by telling her she's not his type. Seduction and revenge put Nina on top.
26 Oct. 2000
Mum's the Word
Maya learns of Elliot's criminal past. Nina dates a famous television actor, whose rough-n-tough nomad character melts away once she discovers he lives with his mother. Mamma's not about to share her boy with another woman.
2 Nov. 2000
Donnie Returns
Elliot's brother Donnie who once feigned being mentally challenged so that he could be waited on by his mother returns. He claims to have found a job but is in trouble with some loan sharks but Maya is completely skeptical. When he is supposedly beaten up and winds up in a hospital, she thinks it's a con because all of the hospital staff were at the bistro that she and Elliot met Donnie, thinking they were there to make it appear that they were in bistro. So Maya attacks Donnie.
9 Nov. 2000
Choosing to Be Super
Maya's high school friend tells her he is responsible for a bad rumor that caused her unpopularity. He's come back to make it up to her. Jack dreams about Kevin killing him. His nightmares continue until he confronts Kevin in an elevator.
16 Nov. 2000
Brandi, You're a Fine Girl
Finch meets up with an old friend and is ashamed of his feelings; whilst Elliot gets back at Nina for treating her assistant badly.
7 Dec. 2000
Slamming Jack
When Jack makes Dennis do frivolous errands, Dennis has a meltdown. Jack then sends him to another department where he learns is where Jack sends anyone he gets ticked off with. And Elliot is uncomfortable when he meets Maya's gynecologist who is a good looking guy. He asks her to get another one but she refuses. He later catches the man in a strip club and when he tells Maya she doesn't believe him.
11 Jan. 2001
The Gift Piggy
Maya and Nina have a quarrel over the intentions of giving out invitations to the bridal shower.
22 Feb. 2001
Sid & Nina
Finch DJs a bar mitzvah for a kid who has a crush on Nina. Jack and Elliot set their sights on the same woman.
19 Apr. 2001
Fanny Finch
When Finch's newly single mom shows up, he tries to fix her up with Jack so that he can be part of Jack's family. He sabotages Jack's current relationship for the plan to take effect. Elliot learns that a once great photographer has been slumming at Nina's, he's now a 'down and out'. So Elliot tries to help him.
3 May 2001
Maya Stops Thinking
Nina convinces Maya to stop over thinking her dating life and just go for it. Eliot tries to get Finch to do something good.
10 May 2001
At Long Last Allie
Nina pesters Eliot to set up a therapy session with his new girlfriend. Alie wants Jack back.

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