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Season 4

21 Sep. 1999
A Divorce to Remember
As Dennis tries to hide his true passions from his new supermodel wife, Maya and Elliott seek to have their accidental marriage annulled.
28 Sep. 1999
When Nina Met Elliott
Nina discovers her role in a fifteen-year-old accident that changed Elliott's life forever; immigration authorities question the legitimacy of Dennis and Adrienne's marriage.
2 Nov. 1999
Blackmail Photographer
A photographer coerces Elliot into hiring him as his assistant. Elliot doesn't want to be under his thumb but doesn't know what to do. An astronaut comes to for an interview but Nina thinks the whole going into space is a hoax.
9 Nov. 1999
Finch Gets Dick
Finch is forced to protect Adrienne from a suitor who is a lot like him.
9 Nov. 1999
Jack Vents
As Nina eavesdrops on Jack's therapy session, a misunderstanding leaves Maya owing $5,000 to Finch's bookie.
16 Nov. 1999
Hello Goodbye
Finch's honesty magnifies his differences with Adrienne.
23 Nov. 1999
An Axe to Grind
Maya becomes a pawn in the ongoing competition between Elliott and his old college classmate.
25 Nov. 1999
First Date
Maya and Elliot are going out on a date. But Cindy, Maya's former secretary who's now a media buyer wants to get space in the magazine. So she goes out with Maya and Elliot and they all get drunk. Elliot wakes up to find himself in bed with Cindy. When Maya learns of this, she's shocked and wants nothing to do with Elliot. Finch trying to get over the end of his marriage to a model thinks he should hook up with another. While Jack tries to get him to take up a hobby.
30 Nov. 1999
Love Is in the Air
En route to an important meeting in Paris, Jack runs into an ex-wife.
14 Dec. 1999
Jack Gets Tough
A chance encounter with actor Robert Conrad leads Maya to unwittingly expose some lies in her dad's new autobiography.
11 Jan. 2000
Prescription for Love
When Elliot brings his new girlfriend to the office, Maya's expecting another dumb blonde. But when he reveals her to be a doctor, she's amazed. Eventually Maya lets it slip that Elliot lied to her about himself that she breaks up with him. Elliot is upset that Maya would do that to him that she tries to fix things. And when she goes on about Elliot, she wonders if she has feelings for him.
25 Jan. 2000
When Nina Met Elliott's Mother
Nina inspires Elliott's mom to start her life over again; Maya and Jack accidentally kill Finch's prized cat.
8 Feb. 2000
Dial 'N' for Murder
Nina's former agent whom she cast aside when she made it big calls her and she makes an unusual request. When Nina has to do something she passes her to Finch who hits it off with her. Maya thinks her new boyfriend has unusual fetish.
15 Feb. 2000
Paradise by the Dashboard Light
As Jack and Nina look for a date for Maya, Elliott balks at a girlfriend's interest.
15 Feb. 2000
Tea & Secrecy
After her sexual relationship with Elliott is revealed, Maya worries when Jack doesn't get upset.
22 Feb. 2000
The Pirate of Love
Dennis runs into Adrianne and upon learning that she thinks of him decides to try and get back together with her. Jack is selling cookies that his daughter is selling at her school and is "asking" his employees to buy. Elliot who likes the cookies wants to buy. But Maya who doesn't like what her father is doing; "tells" Elliot not to and if he does she'll reward him in the bedroom. When Jack hears of this he says Elliot is under Maya's thumb.
29 Feb. 2000
With Thee I Swing
Their effort to have some friends in common leads Maya and Elliott into trouble; Finch betrays a colleague in an effort to help Jack.
28 Mar. 2000
An imposter claims to be Jack's son.
4 Apr. 2000
Blinded by the Right
When the conservative Citizens for Morality demands that the magazine tone down their sexually explicit covers, Jack is sure that his charm can easily diffuse the situation.
18 Apr. 2000
Hot Nights in Paris
Maya and Elliott try living together; Jack and Nina celebrate their anniversary.
27 Apr. 2000
When Nina Met Her Parents
Nina nervously prepares to meet her birth parents. Elliott and Jack discover that Finch has a very special gift.
2 May 2000
Finch on Ice
The unexpected arrival of his old figure skating partner has Finch worried. Following an accident on the ice nearly twenty years ago that ended her skating career, Nicole stopped speaking to Finch. And while he was upset over losing a partner, the hurt.
9 May 2000
A&E Biography: Nina Van Horn
A&E Biography looks at the troubled history behind the career of Nina Van Horn.
16 May 2000
Fast Times at Finchmont High
Maya has a problem when a reporter scheduled to pose as a high school student calls in sick. Needing someone for the assignment, Jack turns to Finch.

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