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Season 2

23 Sep. 1997
The Experiment
After seeing how easily her father responded to a bumbling but beautiful delivery girl, Maya complains that good looking people get all the breaks. To prove her point, she suggests sending two men, one handsome but stupid and the other well qualified but homely, to apply for the same job. Meanwhile, as Jack struggles to assemble a toy for his baby daughter, Elliott enlists Nina in a practical joke on Finch. After meeting the handsome Derek and the well qualified Neil, Maya sends them out to interview for a job. But Maya's thesis quickly runs into trouble. When Neil ...
30 Sep. 1997
The Assistant
Maya struggles with her incompetent assistant, Cindy. Jack and Maya clash over whether to fire Cindy; Maya likens Jack's intolerance of Cindy to his intolerance of an unruly dog Maya had when she a child. Nina is invited to appear on NPR to debate against a feminist leader about whether the fashion industry creates false and harmful images for women. Elliot and Dennis conspire to sabotage Nina's preparatory study of erudite vocabulary.
28 Oct. 1997
Old Boyfriends
Maya's dating a man who is almost as old as Jack and when he learns of this, he finds it hard to keep his disapproval in check because he married a girl who is as old as Maya. Nina flirts with a window washer who falls.
4 Nov. 1997
La Cage
Finch hooks up with a model who was once with Elliot. Elliot warns him to keep away from her. Finch thinks he's jealous. But he later learns that she's deranged. But despite knowing that he continues to see her and she continues to torment him.
11 Nov. 1997
King Lear Jet
Jack has two tickets to the play King Lear in London and is even arranging for a private jet to bring who wants to go. And adhering to Maya's wish that he not show her special treatment because she's his daughter, doesn't give it to her. But she really wanted to watch it because she likes Shakespeare. He gives the tickets to Nina and Elliot who wants the other's ticket so that they could bring someone along. Also Carmen Electra shows up and Elliot hits despite her constant rebuffing.
18 Nov. 1997
My Dinner with Woody
After writing a fictional article about a dinner with director Woody Allen, Maya must endure the criticism of her father and her coworkers. But she's delighted when someone claiming to be Allen calls to compliment her about the piece. However, when he drops by the office, Maya finds that the man who called is nothing more than an obsessed impostor trying to pass himself off as the famous director. Meanwhile, a mix-up has Nina giving Jack breath-freshener instead of eye drops. After getting to know the phony Woody Allen, Maya begins to enjoy his flattery and company. Taking his ...
25 Nov. 1997
Twice Burned
Jack wants to get his daughter into the school that Maya went to. But is told that they reject her. He later learns that it's due to an incident cause by his neglect of Maya. So he tries to make peace with her hoping to convince the school to change their mind.
9 Dec. 1997
Sweet Charity
Maya asks everyone if they would help out at a charity she volunteers at. All of them have different views of what volunteering is. And Jack completely flakes out. He tries to make it up by making a big donation. Later the head of the organization shows up at the magazine and praises Jack for his generosity and tells they named him the organization's humanitarian of the year. Maya's upset that Jack is getting all the attention.
16 Dec. 1997
Jesus, It's Christmas
With greed running rampant at the office, Maya suggests that everyone pool their Christmas present money and give it to someone in need. Dismissing Nina's suggestion that they donate it to her favorite male stripper, Maya decides to give the money to Jesus Santos, the building's night janitor. Although led to believe that he's going to use the gift to open his own business, Maya is stunned when Jesus falls in love with her and uses the money to buy her a series of lavish gifts to prove it. Meanwhile, Finch begs to be invited along for a Caribbean swimsuit shoot with ...
6 Jan. 1998
Elliott the Geek
Elliott is made to realize that he was a nerd in high-school. Now he feels even more unsure about himself 20 years later.
13 Jan. 1998
Maya tries proving herself to a successful college roommate; Jack's birthday sets Finch and Nina to fighting over who can find the best present.
20 Jan. 1998
In the Company of Maya
When Maya finds herself attracted to one of the magazine's new researchers. Nina tells her to go after him. Even telling her to use whatever attributes she has. Later the guy files a complaint against her for sexual harassment. Jack tries to handle it and gives the staff a course on how to act appropriately. Maya later tries to apologize to the guy but because Jack told her to wear a wire without giving her the insulator, she's constantly getting shocked which makes it seems she's coming on to him.
29 Jan. 1998
Pass the Salt
With his dad in town for a fireman's convention, Finch is nervous about him dropping by the office. But when he does, Finch is surprised when Red invites him out for dinner and a Broadway show. And as Maya and Finch both agree that it's awkward having their parents at work, Red joins Jack in his office for a drink and recognizes Nina as a calendar model from many years ago. Meanwhile, unsure about the safety of her neighborhood, Jack nervously accepts an invitation for dinner at Maya's apartment. Following his night out with Red, Finch discovers that his dad thinks ...
3 Feb. 1998
The Walk
After arriving at work to propose a story about plastic surgery, Jack's mood turns unexpectedly ugly. Ordered to leave her father alone, Maya and her colleagues look for what could have suddenly caused his mood to sour. And after ruling out a possible health problem, Maya begins to suspect her dad is having an affair. Meanwhile, Finch is surprised when a fellow employee suddenly responds to his suggestion that they go out on a date. While Nina uncovers a problem with some alterations Jack wanted made to an old school jacket, a look at a photograph on his desk ...
24 Feb. 1998
Nina in the Cantina
A legendary rocker comes to the magazine for an interview. Nina claims to be the inspiration for one of his songs, "Nina in the Cantina", because they had a moment years ago. But when Maya talks to him, he claims that someone else is the inspiration. He only used the name 'Nina' caused it rhymed with 'Cantina' doesn't remember Nina. Maya asks him to pretend to remember Nina when he meets her.
26 Feb. 1998
College or Collagen
When the student she's been mentoring for several years comes to visit, Maya takes care to warn her dad and the staff to be on their best behavior. Despite getting good grades and having lots of friends at school, Karey senses that something still isn't quite right with her life. Recalling how she once turned down an opportunity to study in Paris during her own college years, Maya encourages Karey to pursue something she's passionate about. Meanwhile, Finch agrees to fill in for Jack's wife at the Gallo's regular bridge game. After encouraging Karey, Maya is stunned ...
3 Mar. 1998
Nina's Bikini
Nina donates her bikini to a model theme restaurant. But she discovers that it's not being displayed where people can see it. Dennis and Maya decide to steak it so Maya can give it to someone who appreciates it.
19 Mar. 1998
The Kiss
In order to keep him from renting something he may not even want, Elliott asks Maya to help him look at a new apartment. When Elliott sees the fabulous place and learns of its outrageously low rent, he's ready to move, regardless of what Maya has to say. But the elderly landlady prefers a young married couple, so Elliott quickly introduces Maya as his wife. And once the opportunity to put on a good show presents itself, he gives Maya a passionate kiss. Meanwhile, Jack's trust is destroyed upon discovering that Finch has been renting out his office parking space. ...
26 Mar. 1998
Finch is threatened by Jack's new assistant.
9 Apr. 1998
Jack's Old Partner
As Nina faces the grim prospect of an income tax audit, Jack is suffering from a case of writer's block that's keeping him from completing his memoirs. Pressed by Maya, Jack reveals that he's stuck at the point where he and the magazine's founding partner parted ways. And that's when Maya discovers that her dad is guilty of pushing Herb aside after they launched the first issue of Blush. Meanwhile, Nina asks Elliott for help by taking IRS auditor Janet Hansen on a date. Realizing that Maya is right, Jack tracks down Herb at the Connecticut toy shop he opened after ...
16 Apr. 1998
Jack sends Maya to an N.Y.U. seminar as a guest speaker for the magazine, but she gets ambushed, instead. She finds it hard to refute their claims of Blush's objectification of women. Nina's gold, but she can't wash off Elliot's paint.
23 Apr. 1998
The Emperor
When she decides to attend another celebrity event, Nina throws out her invitation to designer Oskar Milos' fashion show. Retrieving it from the trash, Finch persuades Maya to join him while masquerading as Nina. As Finch ingratiates himself with the fashion world celebrities, Maya is less than guarded about her opinions of Milos's new work. But she's stunned when her candid criticism appears in the next day's newspaper attributed to Nina. Meanwhile, Jack decides to help a reluctant Elliott get a date. When Nina insists she wasn't at the party, Maya steps forward to ...
30 Apr. 1998
Rescue Me
After arranging a blood drive at work, Maya fills the nurse, Tisha, in on her history with the magazine. When complaining about her father hiring a beautiful but inept young writer, Maya gets overly excited and faints. Hoping to take advantage of Maya's condition, Finch tries playing a practical joke. Maya awakes in time to stop him, leaving Finch to use his turn with Tisha to recall how he was hired by Jack after losing his job as a movie theater usher. When Elliott arrives, Tisha claims to be a big fan of his work. In response, he fills her in on how Jack hired him ...
5 May 1998
Eve of Destruction
When Jack?s ex-wife Eve drops in unannounced, her long-standing hostilities with him are renewed. Tired of always having her parents fighting, Maya threatens to stop talking to either of them if they can't behave. And hoping it will make things better, she suggests that her mom and dad join her for dinner. Meanwhile, on Jack's invitation, Bill Slatton arrives at the office determined to make the staff work harder. After agreeing to the dinner date, Jack begins to suspect that Eve has come to take back a favorite painting he's supposed to give up as part of their ...
12 May 1998
War & Sleaze
When Nina suggests a double date with her and her boyfriend, Maya isn't interested. But when Nina and Roger arrive at her apartment anyway, Maya agrees to have them and their friend Michael in for dinner. Then, while Maya is out of the room, Nina and Roger take off. And after he takes advantage of the moment with a kiss, his back goes out, leaving him stranded. Meanwhile, after insisting that Finch participate in an inter-office paint ball match, an accidental shot takes Jack out of the contest just as it's getting started. Only after realizing he can't move does ...

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