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27 Nov. 1999
The Curious Tale of Mr Spearfish
Surviving two bullets to the chest, finding priceless treasures in the garden and a murderer falling at his feet could this be the work of the devil or something to do with his brown eyed girl?
4 Dec. 1999
The Eyes of Tiresias
When an old woman experiences dreams of the future, Jonathan must find out what is happening before her dreams of being attacked by a one-eyed man with a sword come to pass.
11 Dec. 1999
The Omega Man
Maddy is contacted by a man who makes a living investigating the existence of aliens and who claims to have found a real alien skeleton.
18 Dec. 1999
Ghost's Forge
Ghosts Forge or Ghost's Forge, does the apostrophe really make a difference. This plus five copies of the same book lead Jonathan to discover who "Killed" Esra Carr.
28 Dec. 1999
Miracle in Crooked Lane
A former glamour model is seriously injured when her garden shed explodes, leaving her badly burned. However, a witness insists she spoke to the unharmed woman several hours later as she went to church.

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