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Oh, mama!
guy_geoffroychateau7 February 2003
Yeah, Johnny Bravo rules!!! It's one of the coolest cartoons Cartoon Network ever showed. The stories had no serious subjects, and most of the things weren't very logical. Actually, nothing was logical. But that is the power of Johnny Bravo. But when the restaurant-owner Pops and the nerd Carl showed up, this cartoon went over the top. There came too much nonsense and wasn't very funny anymore. Besides, the music and drawing style changed, but it didn't get better, it got worse. Too bad, because in it's early days Johnny Bravo was the best!!!
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It was so good!
newkidontheblock28 August 2004
You know, I was a HUGE Johnny Bravo fan. It was an extremely witty animated program that (like Garfield and Friends, Anamainiacs, and Tiny Toons) was kind of a "satire 101" for my generation. I remember when I would look forward to every Friday night at 9 (?) because Johnny Bravo would come on. This blonde Elvis wanna be charmed the country with his hilarious attempt at love, then getting something shoved down his paints or a hard object over his head.

Then 2000 rolled around and with a new century came new characters, thus the demise of the Johnny Bravo I know and love. It was almost reincarnated as this awful mindless program that made Johnny look almost retarded. Of course they would put old Johnny Bravo in re-runs, for a while, but then they stopped. About a year ago I entirely gave up on The Cartoon Network (with the exception to Family Guy, Futurama, Aqua Teen Hungerforce, Sealab 2021, and Harvey Birdman: A.A.L). The station that once brought classic and sometimes kind of edgy original cartoons, is now a mindless output system of mostly substandard anamie cartoons.

So in conclusion, please bring Johnny Bravo to its former, FUNNY self.
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filmbuff-369 July 1999
"Woa! Mama!"

Johnny Bravo is one of the funniest cartoon shows in recent years. Spoof episodes (Like making fun of "School House Rock" and even the "Terror at 20,000 Feet" episode of the Twilight Zone) are by far the funniest.

My favorite is the one where Johnny gets a blind date over the internet and it turns out to be an antelope (like all animals on the show, the antelope can talk and is very anthropomorphic). I recommend this show to any "happening hipster" want to be's. A true accomplishment in its field.

"Your name must be Micky, cause you're so fine!"
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It was great at first, but these new ones are a little lacking
plok2534 October 2000
I used to love Johnny Bravo on his first season. It was witty, sharp, and the usage of Bravo's Michael Jackson moves was awesome. The new seasons are still pretty good, but a lot of the things that made the old season so great is gone. Now instead of acting like Elvis or Jackson, Bravo acts a LOT like Homer Simpson, and does a worse job as well. In fact, he uses Homer's catch phrases, like "mmmmmmm," the girlie scream, and I could've sworn I heard him say "D'oh!" That's not to say that all of the creativity of the show is gone, but they should've stuck to its roots. The addition of Carl and Pops is great, and there are many good cartoons on these new series, but the creators of the first series did a better job. I still find it an enjoyable show, but the new episodes are getting less and less creative by the minute it seems.
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a wonderful show--but what's with the recent lousy episodes?!
MartinHafer3 March 2006
I love Johnny Bravo and try to pattern my life after him. I love to ask myself "what would Johnny do" and act accordingly. These cartoons are among my favorites on the Cartoon Network and almost always make me laugh. In particular, I loved the Scooby Doo and Johnny Bravo pairing as well as the takeoff on Schoolhouse Rock--what classics. However, after several years of wonderful episodes something happened. The art style changed, the stories got a lot weaker and Carl was gone!!! You can't have Johnny Bravo without nice and nerdy Carl to abuse--it's sort of like the 3 Stooges with only Larry--the chemistry is all wrong. My advice is watch all the older episodes and learn from the master--and ignore all those new so-called Johnny Bravo episodes.
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A very funny cartoon.
Karthik Abhiram30 June 1999
This is a hilarious cartoon from the Cartoon Network. If you like "Dexter's Laboratory", you'll also like this. It has very good animation, and excellent voice work. The episode "Hip Hop Flop" has a very good song- performed by the "Round Pound" and Johnny Bravo!
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"Will you go out with me?" POW!! "She digs me."
Hockey Puck27 July 2001
Johnny Bravo is cool because the show is simply hilarious! It is so funny when Johnny Bravo tries to get a date and always gets popped. Obviously Johnny is a very overconfident person who needs to chill out but he sure makes you laugh. I have so many favorite J.B. episodes but it would be hard to "remember" all of them. Here are just a few: The episode where Johnny is at the beach and is trying to impress a "BABE" by competing in swimming activities. This is the episode where a Shark puts on various costumes and tries to eat people. I also like the episodes with Carl (the nerd). He always gets on Johnny's nerves and sometimes Johnny lets Carl have it! HILARIOUS DUDE! If you have never seen Johnny Bravo, it comes on the Cartoon Network. You WON'T stop laughing!!
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Great at first, and then disappointing
James Seaman10 May 2007
The beginning of Johnny Bravo was excellent, as many reviewers have already stated. Johnny knew kung-fu, had an awesome car and was truly the epitome of cool.

Somewhere along the way, however, things began to change. Now Johnny Bravo had to ride a tricycle because he couldn't drive, his taking kung-fu was just a gag for being beat up by children and no one truly liked Johnny anymore; instead he was just a whipping post for the town.

This seems to happen to a lot of good shows, particularly cartoons. Someone interprets the silliness and charisma that make a character click as "stupidity," and the series goes downhill.

What makes this more disappointing is that Johnny Bravo, in its original incarnation, was a true comedic treasure.
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Ok, then pretty good, and now... ouch.
Alexis (griffin84)8 August 2004
I started watching Johnny Bravo when it first came on Cartoon Network, and

even though it wasn't my favorite cartoon by far, I did enjoy it. Parts of it were pretty funny, while the rest was just a bit to cutesy for my taste.

That's when the series changed, and Kirk Tingblad started to take over. I really started to enjoy the series now: not only were new characters added (Carl and Pops, also Suzy's classmates), but more depth was given to Johnny's world and the other people in his lives. Also, the animation was sharper and much

brighter, giving it a much better appeal.

Unfortunately, Van Particle took back over soon, and the show has sped

downhill so fast it made my head spin. Not only has it lost its sharper look and many of the other characters are downplayed to almost being non-existent, but the writing was horrible, the jokes made no sense (I have a feeling only one or two people were laughing at the storyboard meetings), and the show is almost

too painful to watch now.

Tingblad, if you read this, please come back! You did Johnny better than

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really really funny
asim34522-125 March 2008
this is one of the most funniest cartoons I have seen in my life. Every time I put this on and watch i laugh so hard I gasp for air. I love Johnny, the way he is always getting hurt by women. It is also very funny because Johnny is an idiot I mean in one of the series he's having an argument with Susan and says "next thing you know you'll say pigs fly" and in the top right corner you see three pigs flying across in the sky. Also in Johnny Bravo Chrsitmas movie where he tries to get to the north pole to give letters to santa, Susan says "I'll help you under one condition" Johnny answered "one"? Susan replies "one" then Johnny is silence for five seconds then says "that's less than five right"? and I laughed so hard I cried.
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One Of The Best Shows On Cartoon Network
famelovingboy6812 June 2003
Shows on Cartoon Network (To Me) are annoying, and brainless. They just have 70's slapstick shows, and brainless, juvenille shows like Dexter's Laboratory. Not to say they don't have some good stuff like The Flinstones or Alvin & The Chipmunks. This is my favorite show they show on the station. I haven't seen Alvin & The Chipmunks on it for a while. Johnny Bravo, is a surprisingly "Mature" cartoon, that actually appeals to adolescents, as well as some kids. Johnny Bravo's physique and personality is based on Elvis Presley. He's a buff, hunky young guy with sunglasses. Who is obsessed with his prettiness, but always gets rejected and slapped, often out of town, by the girls he flirts with, which makes some of the sexual content more mature. You have to watch it on tv, if you haven't already.
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I love it
Gryffhart1 June 2006
I'd never have expected myself to do so but I fell in love with Johnny Bravo. At first I thought it boring but the show evolved to be my new best friend as the new seasons came on and had me rolling in my seat. Its rather enjoyable with Johnny's daftness and his falling for every woman that I can't see why no one wouldn't like it if you can get the jokes. I really love that show and its humour, its worth anyone's twenty minutes in my opinion. And if Johnny doesn't have you laughing you can always rely on Carl and Pops, for their humour. And his mother is rather funny although you'll like her even more when she has scenes with Johnny. He's really captured my hear for a cartoon, I really pray they can keep it going.
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'Do The Monkey With Me!'
waiching liu2 January 2008
Warning: Spoilers
After it's initial pilot episode on Hanna Barbera's 'What A Cartoon' Cartoon Network show, Johnny Bravo eventually became a fully fledged animated series, which chronicles the adventures of the Elvis sounding, big biceped, over-confident buffoon, his mother and Suzy and his appetite for the opposite sex. With guest appearances from the original 60s version of the TV series, Batman Adam West and the Scooby Doo gang to name, this show was a riot with each episode.

Witty, humorous and enjoyable fun, it was Hanna Barbera doing what they do best- and that is in creating and churning out hit after hit, creation after creation. Especially in the 90s. They did it with Cow and Chicken, Dexter's Lab, The Powerpuff Girls, and adding to that list, Johnny Bravo. The latter episodes weren't as good as the earlier ones, as the voice casting changed and thus, the show went downhill, afterwards.

You'll laugh at Johnny but on occasions, you will also laugh with him and his antics.

Such a shame that the cartoons we have nowadays are no where near as good as this 90s effort for example during the 60s, all the way to the late 90s.

But Johnny Bravo is definitely worth watching, so catch it if you can.
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Fallen from MY graces
sngbrd3914 September 2001
OK, this one started off really good. The very first cartoon (aptly titled "Johnny Bravo") was hilarious with the singing gorilla and Johnny's mouth only being visible when he spoke. The first episodes were very funny, often using a twist to make Johnny's world bizarre in some way (the rhyming episode, the "Schoolhouse Rock" episode, dating a deer, and my personal favorite: Johnny meets Scooby-Doo!). All they needed was to take Johnny and put him in a really odd situation. Except for the extremely annoying Susie, it was great.

Then, enter Carl, the most annoying geek this side of Steve Urkel! Now, Johnny had two annoying foils instead of just one. And hilarity ensued, right? Wrong! As Carl became a bigger part of the show, Johnny ceased to be a pitiful loser who we could actually feel sorry for and became, as another reviewer pointed out, Homer Simpson. Suddenly, it seemed that those two brain cells in his head were finding it harder and harder to find each other. When Johnny became one-dimensional, and when Carl became a major(ly annoying) character, the show ceased to be funny, and I ceased to be a regular viewer.
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This is a true classic if you have watched Cartoon Network in a long time.
Cyclonians15 July 2017
Johnny bravo is one de funniest cartoons next to cow and chicken/i am weasel, ed edd n eddy,

*advice* there will be no spoilers, spoilers don't fit in my reviews.

In my opinion i mostly recommend watching 1 & 2 season, because if you watched the third season things will start change, there will be more music, it will still wacky but not as much season 1,2, and also Carl doesn't really appear that much in season 2 and 3.

Johnny Bravo still gets aired on Cartoon Network but sadly its only from 12 clock at night to sometimes 12.30 at night, in my area.
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Bravo Cartoon Network! Bravo!!
While Johnny Bravo is not above Dexter's Lab and Powerpuff Girls, I would say it's pretty darn close!! As little boys, we all wanted to be an mini Johnny Bravo because most of us believe that's what women like. But in the show, Johnny Bravo fails in every attempt to try to win a girl over. Giving us the belief of what NOT to do when trying to get a date. Even if you are a macho man with muscles of a god, or handsome features of a Bachelor. Adults will love this cartoon for it's inner adult humor as much as children who will love this cartoon for Johnny's personality and slapstick humor! One of Cartoon Network's best shows until today! India even praises this show!
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Very Funny Cartoon Cartoon
GravityLoudHouseLover231 December 2015
Hello Everybody today I'm going to talk about Johnny Bravo which was a Show that ran on Cartoon Network From July 14,1997-August 27,2004 with four seasons and 178 episodes. Anyway this show is about dim-witted man named Johnny Bravo who tries to pick up girls or Chicks. The Show in Season 1 was great. Seasons 2 and part of 3 were OK but the Christmas was very funny. I love Johnny Bravo and you know Seth Macfarlane worked as a writer on this show before making Family Guy. Anyway my favorite episode "Bravo Dooby Doo". Bottom Line: Johnny Bravo is a great and gets a 10 out 10 stars. Anyway Happy New Years guy this is my last review of 2015. See You in 2016. BYE.
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Johnny Bravo
hgwqhge0318 August 2013
this is the second cartoon cartoon and as a kid i hated it but this has changed, i really like this show, it has a very classic formula and it can be enjoyed by kids and adults as well my favorite episode of this show is when johnny bravo meets the SCOOBY DOO gang this show is funny original, the characters are funny and like able but you cant watch this show too much as it ALMOST ALWAYS has the same setup, johnny bravo is also kind of a pedophile because all he does is hang out with a girl scout but that is the magic of cartoons, you can make the weirdest things seem normal, i recommend watching this show highly,

Lessons for life, men don't act like him, women if u see a man acting like this RUN!
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A pretty cool old cartoon network show.
Marcus Geebs6 September 2012
Cartoon Network was my favorite cartoon channel when i was a kid, although this was back in the 90's and early 2000's. Today this channel isn't even worth looking at.

I'm gonna talk about Johnny Bravo, I haven't watched this cartoon in about 9 years but I still remember it like it was yesterday. Johnny Bravo is a 20 something,unemployed,muscular,blond haired,womanizing,momma's boy. I've always liked this show very much, because I found it somewhat different from all the other cartoon network shows. I heard there was a rumor going around that woman found this cartoon offensive, but hello it's a cartoon duh. The plot and characters are very original, it had some of the best jokes,the episodes were great, except for a few, but nothing's perfect. I felt bad for Johnny though he's a handsome guy, I never really understood why woman were always rejecting him. Most of the situations he gets into are Bizarre: beating up Santa Claus, forming a partnership with Adam West, going out with a vampire woman, going out with a female deer,going out with a werewolf-woman, and having Donny Osmond baby sit him. I'm happy that this show lasted 7 years. I miss this show very much :(
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I miss the show
langsts2131 December 2010
Johnny Bravo is one of my favorite shows, but Cartoon Network canceled the show despite how many fans there are. Cartoon Network only airs one episode now and that is the Christmas episode. In the Christmas episode, Johnny tries to deliver his letter and his mom's letter to Santa Claus. That is a good episode, but it sucks that it is the only episode that airs now, just around Christmas. I think that Cartoon Network should make new episodes or at least air the re-runs. The show is the best that Cartoon Network has ever aired. Ah, the old days of Cartoon Network mainly this show is what I miss. Johnny Bravo is funny, original, and has great animation.
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"Man I'm Pretty"- Johnny Bravo. Man this show is awesome!
Jonathan Young24 September 2010
When I think of that one line he would always say at the beginning of the show, I would immediately think about how great this show was. The show was hilarious, with Johnny Bravo being rejected by so many women and trying to be the hottest guy in the world. In case you don't know this show or the history of Cartoon Network, this is one of the "original cartoon cartoons" that first appeared in the 1990's. But I just sometimes wonder what the people at Cartoon Network are thinking these days about their line of shows. A lot of people say that it is now the worst channel on TV now, because they got rid off most of their original and good shows. I usually don't talk like this, but wake up Cartoon Network and take a good look at your rates! I am 80 to 100% sure that their popularity rates went down hill to the D- and E range. Bottom line, when Cartoon Network gets smart again and gets the original cartoon cartoons on, I predict the popularity rate will go up to the B+ and A range and I will watch Johnny Bravo on TV again.
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I didn't watch it as much as other Cartoon Network shows, but watching it again it is easy to say that this one of the best
wwe796113 August 2010
Johnny Bravo is a hilarious show about a guy who is on a non-ending hunt to get a girl. Every time he sees a chick he flirts with them though he does it so unsubtly that the girls punch him in the face. The jokes are hilarious, and Johnny Bravo is one of my favorite characters from Cartoon Network for sure. This pretty much the cult classic of Cartoon Network. It can be enjoyed just as much by adults as kids. This is mainly due to the writer Seth Macfarlane knowing how to reach many adults funny bones. After the first season of Bravo Seth made Family Guy which is a very popular show amongst adult audiences. Seth wrote it in a way that made enjoyable for anyone. Many people will disagree with this statement, but I find this much better than Family Guy. Yes I said it. Overall Johnny Bravo is a really funny show.
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Johnny... ugh... Johnny Bravo
policy13412 February 2005
What happened to Johnny Bravo during its run? Well, the first two seasons created by Van Partible were more pointed satire of the 50's ala teen beach movies where a dimwitted pretty boy was constantly trying to score but failed miserably. The only real date he ever got was with an antelope or a reindeer as I recall. Like all of the other animals on the show she could talk and Johnny was most at ease because he didn't try to impress her. But what the hell am I ranting about? This is a cartoon and like most cartoons they are as far from reality as they can get.

So two or three seasons later the show got even further out there. Johnny was now a walking, talking adrenaline affected weirdo with only two friends, Pops and Carl. Pops, the local diner owner, was jolly and totally dimwitted and liked to cook endangered animals like pandas. Carl, on the other hand was even weirder than Johnny and Pops put together and had a laugh that could scrape the surface of a blackboard in one go. Oh, and I almost forgot little Suzy. She was featured in the first seasons but her character got more developed later. Now she became totally like one of the brats from nearly every sitcom and was a little know-it all who only seemed to have fun when she humned lalalalala in a very shrill voice. Although I liked this change it also got more like a Simpsons rip-off. An example was Johnny and others using the Dan Castellaneta expression "d'oh" when dissatisfied (he has commented that it was his own invention). One of the more satisfying changes was the voice-over talent Grey DeLisle who voiced some of the female characters. They were usually babes but with a nasty temper like the drill sergeant, the monster of Frankestei... ehh... Jones or the newspaper editor.

So all things considered Johnny Bravo was a very fine, harmless show that could offend very few except those who absolutely resent sometimes clearcut stereotypes like Johnny really is but what are you gonna do. You see them on TV every single day. I watched some of the new episodes also, but they really aren't worth mentioning because the resemble the 95-97 seasons with way too much emphasis on celebrity voiceovers like Mr. T and Donny Osmond. They even had a talking bull who sounded suspiciously like a black man. Oh well, you can't have everything so ignore it if you can.
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Proof that sexism doesn't pay!
smetin27 October 2017
I am going through a pre-midlife crisis and am watching numerous cartoons from my youth. Hanna-Barbera played a big role in my childhood TV so I could not pass up the opportunity to watch Johnny Bravo when I discovered a cheap DVD on Amazon!

Johnny Bravo, among many many other cartoons, comes from a time when creators had almost completely free reign on what the put out, provided it didn't have nudity or swear words...aside from that, anything was fair game. The Flintstones highlighted the sexism of the time, whilst Hong Kong Phooey was somewhat racist. But as I said, it was a sign of the time, and Johnny Bravo was no exception.

The cartoon focuses on Mr. Bravo and his antics to try and get the girl. His methods, although persistent, were somewhat flawed since he relied on being buff and acting like your typical airhead jock. Although the way he treated women would be considered downright sexist and degrading to women, the show promotes the opposite view. This is because every attempt he makes using this approach fails and it simply highlights that women should not be objectified or treated like women were in the 60's. It was a bit of a mind game, but I honestly think that the cartoon's silliness did have an essence of a message!

The plots of the episodes themselves were great fun. From Johnny Bravo being thrown out of a plane to him shrinking to the size of a pea, this series really did cover all its bases. I struck of a point here because I felt some of the episodes were repetitive making them unmemorable, or just a bit too silly making them annoying. However, the majority were great and that is what is important.

Like many cartoons, Johnny Bravo enjoy referencing other cartoons to. From their rendition of the Scooby Doo to Batman, I loved that this cartoon really did make you feel like you were experiencing more than just the small world of Johnny Bravo himself. It also gave me a few more cartoons I need to add to my watch list!

Johnny Bravo is not only a great cartoon of its time, but it is a great cartoon period. Although some of his antics are questionable from a gender equality point of view, the cartoon itself emphasises the opposite message! If you enjoy watching something to relax to at the end of a hard day, or you just want a laugh, give this a go. It's peachy :)
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Meh, I didn't really care for the show...
thorntmd17 December 2016
Okay, I have to be honest here. Back in the mid to late 90s, we were given shows like Dexter's Lab (a great show), Power Puff Girls (another great show), "Courage the Cowardly Dog", and later "Ed, Edd, and Eddy". Those were great. But there were some shows I didn't particularly care about too much. And Johnny Bravo is one such example. I mean I just don't get its appeal. Its just about some retard named "Johnny Bravo" who looks like he has Guile's hairdo and Elvis Presley's voice. And he's constantly hitting on girls, only for him to suffer endless abuse and torture as a result. And to be honest with you, I found nothing worth of substance in this show during its run. And honestly, I didn't think it was that funny. In short, Johnny Bravo is a show that I'm indifferent to. It really wasn't a great show to begin with, and I'm not that disappointed that it was canceled. Some things are better left forgotten.
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