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14 Apr. 2000
El Bravo Magnifico/Johnny-O and Juliet/Clan of the Cave Boob
El Bravo Magnifico: Johnny battles a brutal bandit. Johnny-O & Juliet: Johnny falls for his beautiful neighbour. Clan of the Cave Boob: Carl tells Johnny about prehistoric life.
16 Jun. 2000
Hail to the Chump/A Fool for Sister Sarah/Days of Blunder
Hail to the Chump: Johnny is appointed mayor when the city is taken ill. A Fool for Sister Sara: Johnny romances a nurse. Days of Blunder: Johnny enters the Dandy 500 race.
23 Jun. 2000
Pop Art Johnny/Dude Ranch Doofus/A Cake Too Far
Pop Art Johnny: Johnny becomes an art sensation. Dude Ranch Doofus: Johnny tries to impress a beautiful cowgirl. A Cake Too Far: Johnny takes Mama's place in a cake bake-off.
30 Jun. 2000
Look Who's Drooling/Law and Disorder/Tooth or Consequences
Look Who's Drooling: Carl's youth potion turns Johnny into a baby. Law and Disorder: Johnny becomes a security guard. Tooth or Consequences: Johnny pretends to be the Tooth Fairy.
7 Jul. 2000
The Unsinkable Johnny Bravo/Rashomoron/Free Pookey
The Unsinkable Johnny Bravo: A middle-aged Suzy visits Johnny. Rashomoron: Johnny's picnic goes drastically wrong. Free Pookey: Johnny tries to impress an animal rights activist.
14 Jul. 2000
Good Knight Johnny/Balloon Platoon/The Clueless Kid
Good Knight Johnny: Johnny believes he is in the past. Balloon Platoon: Johnny and Suzy are attacked by water balloons. The Clueless Kid: Johnny is picked for a karate fight.
21 Jul. 2000
Yukon Yutz/Prep School Johnny/Send in the Clones
Yukon Yutz: Johnny discovers a beaver plan to invade Canada. Prep School Johnny: Johnny is accepted by an exclusive school. Send in the Clones: Johnny is cloned by a scientist.
28 Jul. 2000
Loch Ness Johnny/Den Mother Johnny/Quo Doofus
Loch Ness Johnny: The Loch Ness monster steals Johnny's haggis. Den Mother Johnny: Johnny takes over as Suzy's troop leader. Quo Doofus: A time portal sends Johnny to Ancient Rome.
4 Aug. 2000
As I Lay Hiccupping/Marine Maroon/Thunder God Johnny
As I Lay Hiccupping: Johnny's hiccups cause him sleepless nights. Marine Maroon: Johnny 'finds' the lost city of Atlantis. Thunder God Johnny: Johnny becomes a Nordic god.
11 Aug. 2000
Luke Perry's Guide to Love/In the Line of Johnny/Fugitive Johnny
In the Line Johnny: Johnny becomes a bodyguard. Luke Perry's Guide to Love: Johnny is coached through a date by an actor. Fugitive Johnny: Johnny is accused of stealing cookies.
18 Aug. 2000
Virtual Johnny/Hold That Schmoe/Hunted
Virtual Johnny: Johnny tests a new virtual reality video game. Hunted: Mama loses Johnny in a poker game. Hold That Schmoe: Johnny awakens a ghost while searching for a comic book.
1 Sep. 2000
Candidate Johnny/Johnny B. Badd/Air Bravo
Candidate Johnny: Johnny runs for high office. Air Bravo: Johnny joins the local basketball team. Johnny B. Badd: Johnny tries to become the lead singer of Mama's pop group.
8 Sep. 2000
Scoop Bravo/The Incredible Shrinking Johnny/Backdaft
Scoop Bravo: Johnny searches the town for a news story. The Incredible Shrinking Johnny: A witch puts a shrinking curse on Johnny. Backdaft: Johnny volunteers to be a firefighter.
22 Sep. 2000
The Johnny Bravo Affair/Biosphere Johnny/Spa Spaz
Johnny unwittingly foils a cat burglar; Johnny gets trapped in a biosphere; Johnny upsets management at a spa.
13 Oct. 2000
Dental Hijinks/Little Red Riding Johnny/Pouch Potato
Johnny is tricked into going to the dentist; Johnny tries to steal Suzy's basket to win a contest; Johnny is adopted by kangaroos in Australia.

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