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2 Jul. 1999
Bikini Space Planet/Moby Jerk/A Gel for Johnny
Bikini Space Planet!: Aliens mistake Johnny as the perfect specimen. Moby Jerk: Johnny boards the wrong ship for his cruise. A Gel for Johnny: Johnny's favourite hair gel runs out.
30 Jul. 1999
Johnny, Get Your Tutu/Johnny's Inferno/Forest Chump
Johnny Get Your Tutu: Johnny's career test tells him that he should be a ballerina. Johnny's Inferno: Johnny summons a demon. Forest Chump: Johnny and Carl discover a remote tribe.
21 Aug. 1999
Karma Krisis/A Star Is Bruised/The Prince and the Pinhead
Karma Krisis: Johnny breaks a chain letter. A Star is Bruised: Johnny becomes the stuntman on an action film. The Prince and the Pinhead: Johnny trades places with his double.
17 Sep. 1999
Endless Bummer/Jailbird Johnny/Bravo 13
Endless Bummer: Johnny becomes a lifeguard to impress women. Jailbird Johnny: Johnny is sent to a women's prison. Bravo 13: Johnny is accidentally launched into space with a chimp.
24 Sep. 1999
Doomates/Johnny's Telethon/Johnny's Guardian Angel
Doomates: Johnny moves in with Carl. Johnny's Telethon: Johnny appeals to keep his favourite shop open. Johnny's Guardian Angel: Johnny is forced to appreciate his life.
1 Oct. 1999
I, Fly/Schnook of the North/Charm School Johnny
I Fly: Johnny swaps bodies with a housefly. Schnook of the North: Johnny is sent to live in the Arctic. Charm School Johnny: Pops tries to turn Johnny into a gentleman.
15 Oct. 1999
Johnny and the Beanstalk/A Boy and His Bird/Ape Is Enough
Johnny and the Beanstalk: Johnny buys some magic hair tonic. A Boy and his Bird: Johnny adopts an emu. Ape is Enough: When Johnny visits the South Seas a giant ape falls for him.
22 Oct. 1999
Panic in Jerky Town/Alien Confidential/Mama's New Boyfriend
Panic in Jerky Town: Johnny stumbles upon a dark secret. Alien Confidential: An alien arrives on earth to bring peace. Mama's New Boyfriend: Mama falls for a Latin playboy.
29 Oct. 1999
Man with the Golden Gut/Welcome Back, Bravo/Aunt Katie's Farm
Welcome Back Bravo: Johnny is forced to repeat 4th grade. The Man with the Golden Gut: Johnny's stomach becomes a big attraction. Aunt Katie's Farm: Johnny joins a TV show.
5 Nov. 1999
A League of His Own/Johnny Goes to Camp/Buffoon Lagoon
Buffoon Lagoon: Johnny is shipwrecked. Johnny Goes to Camp: Johnny accidentally goes to computer camp with Carl. A League of his Own: Johnny joins Mama's all-girl softball team.
26 Nov. 1999
Brave New Johnny/Witless/Carl Be Not Proud
Brave New Johnny: Johnny gets frozen in time. Witless: Johnny accidentally gets on the wrong bus and becomes a farmer. Carl be Not Proud: Johnny thinks that Carl is dying.

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