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9 Jan. 2001
Dutch Treat
When Dharma notices how neighbor, law student Donald Ridgely, dreams about the lingerie models in her yoga class -Pete actually bribes her to be allowed to the same sessions-, she invites him to dinner. Greg gives his new protégé an internship at his office, where the other staff shamelessly abuses the gentle kid as their errand-boy. The real worry is Dharma, who decides college shouldn't be 'just' about study and arranges for Donald to join a fraternity, so he starts spending valuable study time on prank nonsense as 'new experiences'. When Greg protests the boy won't...
16 Jan. 2001
The Box
Dharma accidentally discovers Greg has a strong box. Greg assures her it's not a matter of keeping secrets but of privacy, which she claims to respect. In fact she keeps trying first to make him disclose, then to get it open behind his back or even by proxy, till he takes action. Meanwhile Larry takes Edward's advice to leave the delicate choice of a gift for post-natal depressed Abby to the expert, Kitty, who soon regrets trying to teach Larry how to shop with free champagne.
30 Jan. 2001
Let's Get Fiscal
Dharma is forced to make cutbacks with the co-op while Greg makes a slam-dunk case personal when he learns that the other side's lawyer used to live with Dharma.
6 Feb. 2001
Educating Dharma: Part 1
When his parents ask Greg to defend rich brat Brandon Gullicksen, he's angry once he finds the incorrigible scamp pulls pranks and gets caught regularly and wants to dump such a morally dubious client, while Pete just sees a 'gold mine'. Realizing Brandon is rebelling in order to get back at his absentee parents for dumping him in boarding school, Greg sympathizes from experience and acts as substitute dad. Taking notes for sick Donald in college, Dharma discovers Larry's history lessons were pure lunacy and considers going to college herself. Greg thinks she'll ...
13 Feb. 2001
Educating Dharma: Part 2
Dharma feels guilty now that Charlie declares his love, although nothing happens, so she tries to spoil Greg and hint he's intimate with a female divorce client, Brandon's mother. Abby claims feelings can't be controlled, Kitty warns her not to hurt Greg for a stillborn affair.
20 Feb. 2001
Dharma Does Dallas
At Edward's birthday party, Dharma enters the soap opera-like drama of the Montgomery clan and detects a conspiracy among some of them to take over the company.
13 Mar. 2001
Judy & Greg
Dharma drags Greg away from a boring lecture on Victorian architecture to crash what turns out a class reunion, assuming the identity of non-show alumni Judy and Todd, who were the least viz. most liked class mates, so he has a ball posing as the popular hero, she starts feeling guilty for her assumed persona, and carries that on trying to make amends as Judy even afterward, as usual as absurdum. Meanwhile Edward gets envious enough of the Finkelstein sex frequency to take his cue from 'Love Dr.' Larry, he brings Abby to coach Kitty about seduction, but their combined...
27 Mar. 2001
Do the Hustle
Kitty is dead-set on dragging the family to a 'tulip festival', but although Dharma messes up Greg's excuses Edward gets both boys off with a -real- root canal. In order to escape the destination, Dharma gets Kitty to try her amazing pool skills in a pool bar, and teaches her to hustle. Meanwhile Greg and Pete planned to trap a rat behind her back, but Abby drops by and refuses to lie. The 'safe trap' still kills the rodent while Dharma is back hustling with Kitty, who likes winning so much that she drops her guard and takes on Sweet Lou.
3 Apr. 2001
For Pete's Sake
Greg is eagerly doing another week in the Army reserve, lots of boyish fun for the serious lawyer, even though real Rangers play a cruel trick on his kind. Dharma insists he should keep the law office open, with Pete in charge, and gets him 'easy' routine cases, such as Marcia's conflict with her landlord. As Greg feared, Pete's legal incompetence causes disaster, despite Dharma picking lazy, arrogant legal secretary Marlene's brain for procedures in return for pleading for a raise. Pete manages to drive Marlena away, and mess up worse then she could wish him.
10 Apr. 2001
Kitty Dearest
Greg finds out Kitty has enrolled him as sole adult for a 'mother and son' fashion show, angrily walks off and calls her devotion to charity fund-raising a wasteful excuse to show of her outfits. Dharma's attempts to make him make up stand no chance, so she spends time with he Montgomerys without him. A Finkelstein advice attempt only makes Abby realize Larry doesn't speak up for her against his mother. Kitty 'adopts' obviously gay waiter-actor with matching fashion sense David as substitute son, but is in for a surprise at his stand-up performance.
24 Apr. 2001
The Story of K
During spring cleaning Greg gets sentimental about some collectibles and their childhood memories that Dharma would sell for pittance, and decides to finish a model warship meticulously, with Pete's dubious help. Dharma concentrates on a notebook which got into Greg's boxes by accident, containing Kitty's private erotic stories. She feels they're too good to remain unpublished, and drags the author along to Abby's loony 'literary' circle, with the desired effect. However, a writer's block proves quite a dilemma: she only produces steamy stuff when she's frustrated in ...
1 May 2001
Pride & Prejudice
When Greg's short study friend, Ray, visits and brings along is equally short wife, Kate, Dharma embarrasses everyone by absurdly scolding Greg for every word that could conceivably have the slightest height-connotation. When Greg makes her realize she was the one wrongly raised, denying people's reality rather then accept them as they are, she goes overboard the other way. Meanwhile Edward's mediocre performance at bridge frustrates Kitty by making them loose against the Finkelsteins every time - or should Larry drop a game?
8 May 2001
How This Happened
When Dharma sees Montgomery Enterprises has a large plot of land, she convinces Kitty to make Edward turn the investment into a communal gardening plot. This soon becomes a battleground with her loony commune over organic gardening versus a clinical industrial approach, for which Greg even hires a college expert. A bag of money is found, which turns out to be the missing fortune that Edward erroneously fired his chief accountant, Earl, for thirty years ago, taking him for a thief. Dharma can't help stirring the wound Earl had finally come to terms with. In both story ...
15 May 2001
The End of the Innocence: Part 1
Greg is furious after finding a letter which proves Dharma lied to him about Charlie. Dr. Trish's childish 'methods' are no help; even Kitty's assurance to Dharma that, on balance, they are good for her son's happiness doesn't cut it. Greg still encourages her to start classes at UCLA where Charlie teaches history, but sees her leaving his car.
22 May 2001
The End of the Innocence: Part 2
Greg has moved out after catching Dharma with Charlie. Greg stays with Pete, who has a 'relationship' with Hungarian Magda, or guesses so as he speaks no more Hungarian than she does English - she may be a maid or a hooker, and finding out proves perilous. Charlie tries to convince Greg he's still Dharma's greatest joy, to no avail. However the split-up couple must meet for friends' wedding preparations, being usher to the Montgomery family's Jewish lawyer Gottlieb's son Russel viz. bridesmaid to Chinese co-op member Susan. At first their marital row seems to spill ...
25 Sep. 2001
Intensive Caring
Just after Greg and Dharma made up, they had a car accident which lands her in hospital. Greg is concerned more with her medical treatment than is she, Dr. Coleman or physiotherapist Nancy, whom she matches with Pete. When the Finkelsteins arrange an alternative 'therapy' with a loon in Santa Fé, that crosses the top surgeon Gower which Greg got to operate on her. Meanwhile jealous Kitty refuses to let the hippie couple take care of Greg and his place.
25 Sep. 2001
With a Little Help from My Friend
Even during her rehabilitation and still in a wheelchair, Dharma keeps meddling with everybody else's love - and other lives, but none of them accepts or appreciates it, and even matchmaking Pete with her physiotherapist turns sour. She also pretends to need no help and ignores doctors orders and other warnings to take it easy, pending full recovery, but Greg finds her flat on her face and in tears as physical reality catches up with loony arrogance.
2 Oct. 2001
Papa Was Almost a Rolling Stone
When Dharma starts a very amateuristic radio station in the living room, Greg jumps in opposing callers' conspiracies and other loony theories, yet finds the right tone to handle the audience, but is ignorant of one technical kink. Surprisingly the most requests are for a good song by - Larry, so Dharma wants him to perform at an open night. Kitty panics when Greg finds an old-fashioned suit which Edward insists on wearing publicly.
9 Oct. 2001
Sexual Healing
Shameless Dharma enjoys making prudish Kitty hear how she tells Greg she's ready to have sex again. After discussing the total loss car with insurance official Ed, Greg first takes her to Dr. Coleman, to check what exactly they are allowed in her recovering state, then is terribly worried not to hurt her. Meanwhile Larry refuses to return Edward's favorite chair, which Kitty gave away, but promises to gamble for it.
16 Oct. 2001
Without Reservations
The British tourist couple Henry and Lorraine Cooper accidentally phones Dharma and Greg, looking for a B&B to celebrate their anniversary. They can't find any vacancies elsewhere because the fleet is in San Fransisco, so Dharma decides to volunteer Greg as their waiter and footman at home. Alas Henry proves too picky for such a perfectionist's pride. Kitty is furious the zoo named a hippo facility after her and demands Greg's help to get better value for 'charity' in the ongoing rivalry with another socialite couple, Porter and Teensy. When the Brits leave without a ...
23 Oct. 2001
Try to Remember This Kind of September
Greg was surprised when Dharma stole his PJ pants while he slept, and startled when he meets a self-invited house-guest wearing only his boxers. The guest turns out to be Dharma's commune youth friend, September, a radical hippie who even puts bugs in salad. While they visit the Finkelstein parents, with the intent of meeting Larry and finding out if he's September's biological father, Greg is left alone wrestling with Dharma's claim he can't live without his electronic friends, such as radio and TV.
30 Oct. 2001
Used Karma
Greg finds out that Dharma actually bought the sports-car he only dreams about. After Abby declares the car is haunted, Pete shows them a file about its previous owner who was a gangster called Shorty Green. Meanwhile Edward tells 'security professional' Larry to mount a camera to find out which Halloween vandal always throws eggs at his house.
13 Nov. 2001
Home Is Where the Art Is
When Dharma finds her friend Terry the performance artist is in Frisco, she immediately accepts an invitation to participate in his latest 'play': being live exhibits in a gallery for a week, which gets extended to a month. Greg didn't see the point in it but let her go. Larry, who is thrown out by Abby for feeding the baby meat, moves in and drives Greg nuts, even climbing in his bed stark-naked. Even Dharma slowly starts to realize she should give priority to her marriage.
20 Nov. 2001
Wish We Weren't Here
Greg had planned to escape their rowing parents by spending Thanskiving on the Bahamas, but bad weather got them stuck in Fort Wayne, Indiana. While he eagerly tries to rebook, however complicated, despite incompetence or ill will from airline staff, even to another tropical destination, Dharma gets involved in a couple on its way to a romantic wedding, if they don't break up.
27 Nov. 2001
Dream a Little Dream of Her
When Kitty offers Greg and Dharma a cruise but fails to mention she and Edward are also coming, for once Greg abandons his excuse and even insists he would prefer to be able to tell the truth. This deeply unsettles the balance of pretense in the Montgomery Senior household. Dharma bugs Greg till he admits his sexual fantasy girl is a famous violist he once shared winks and a cab with. She wrecks it for Greg by contacting her and decides to 'provide' him a new fantasy, which delivers only stunting.
4 Dec. 2001
A Fish Tale
Dharma refuses even a white lie against her parents, so she makes Greg tell Abby he and Edward are going fishing, a rare habit- to her, plain murder and cause for divorce. After Dharma's desperate attempts to stop him Greg confides in her the men in fact don't fish but go to Las Vegas; maid Celia tells them what Kitty does. Now Dharma tries to learn from Pete what they do in Vegas...
11 Dec. 2001
Previously on Dharma and Greg
Dharma & Greg find that they nearly met quite a few times before they really met. But the universe wasn't ready for them.

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