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7 Jan. 1998
Do You Want Fries with That?
After winning a major court case and celebrating at the office, Greg admits to Dharma his stressy job makes him unhappy, so she convinces him to resign on the spot. After a single party night, she finds Greg up making an elaborate breakfast and miserable without somewhere to 'wear his work underwear', so she convinces him to practice cooking, which he obviously enjoys, as his professional calling, even if he must start as fry-cook in a measly hamburger joint which even Pete considers beneath a lawyer. The Montgomery parents's efforts to get Greg an even better lawyer ...
21 Jan. 1998
Old Yeller
Because Greg's compulsive neatness clashes with Dharma's free spirit car care, they decide to buy her one; a traumatic experience for the 'lying' car salesman Greg was getting a good deal from, instead she goes to an auction with Jane, and returns with- a yellow school-bus, to Greg's legally justified horror like giving -uninsured- free rides to people. Abby cooks a roast for the Montgmery's first formal visit, when Kitty discovers Abby got an original from Salazar, the sculptor whose latest exhibition her foundation hosts an opening for. At the reception, it becomes ...
4 Feb. 1998
The Second Coming of Leonard
As if Dharma's alternative medicine didn't make sick Greg miserable enough, she gets a surprise visit from her hunky ex Leonard, who took a vow of celibacy and started Buddhist wandering after their break-up, and she asks him to stay with them. Leonard has many talents and is instantly popular with everyone, even the Montgomerys take him in, while Dharma wants a few weeks of marital abstention. Only when she sees Greg is desperately unhappy, she agrees to stop seeing Leonard, but he has a surprise for Greg and Pete...
11 Feb. 1998
Dharma and Greg's First Romantic Valentine's Day Weekend
Once they sneak by their dogs, Greg can take Dharma for their first Valentine's Day weekend outing, a B&B he booked. Greg endures a stressful drive, during which Dharma litters, plays childish car spotting games, and makes him bury roadkill. To top it off, they are arrested and booked during the romantic sunset they had hoped to enjoy together. Greg is unhappy when the B&B isn't nearly as romantic as made out on the website, but Dharma takes a liking to the dump's owners, Alice Binns and her measly adult son Kenny. Meanwhile a bad phone connection makes Kitty and ...
25 Feb. 1998
The Official Dharma & Greg Episode of the 1998 Winter Olympics
During the Winter Olympics, everything in Greg and Dharma's home is somehow linked to the Games, their official sponsors etc., including a drinking game which gets Greg, Larry -who needs somewhere to eat, Abby doesn't cook- and Edward -who flees the home where Kitty got invited to a Seniors organization on turning 50- drunk at the rate of showings of the Olympic flame, far faster then expected, till they believe their own bragging and fly to Lake Tahoe, barely able to remember they came to prove they can bobsled, for some reason from a mountain slope in a canoe... ...
4 Mar. 1998
Daughter of the Bride of Finkelstein
When the water is cut off at Greg and Dharma's place, they stay with his parents, to uninterested Kitty's obvious suspicion, while maid Celia is pretty lazy. Greg's room is the deal place to discuss their romantic past and seductive moves. Then Abby arrives in tears, because Larry still considers marriage a mindless convention, she wants open commitment after 28 years, and Dharma decides this requires a family meeting, with the Montgomerys. It gets even worse at night, when Dharma keeps the telephone line open in Greg's bedroom for Abby, Kitty sees Larry wandering ...
11 Mar. 1998
Dharma's Tangled Web
When Dharma discovers the Montgomerys are living apart, Kitty convinces her to promise to keep the 'cooling off period' secret for Greg. Having to lie, especially to Greg, thus forced to make Jane Seymour play along in her deception (all the way over in LA!), is bad enough, but when Greg says he 'trusts her judgment' if Dharma has a good reason for keeping a secret from him, which obviously works both ways, the fear he hides things for her too rekindles her pixie sticks-addiction and spoils her six months anniversary fun when she searches his things...
1 Apr. 1998
The Cat's Out of the Bag
Dharma accepts to mind Jane's even crazier 'cat' Mr. Boots, a lunatic wearing withe socks and mittens who behaves as feline as a fat human can. However Greg is far more troubled when Dharma doctors the fortune cookies at a double date-dinner in a Chinese restaurant to tell him his parents are separated. Now the proverbial cat is out of the bag, Kitty sucks up to Dharma and Edward tries with Greg, whose remark puts dad on the path to try professional 'young flesh'...
28 Apr. 1998
Spring Forward, Fall Down
Like all San Francisco Greg loves the nude-danced ode to Spring, until he realizes it's performed on live TV by Dharma. In Kitty's socialite circles the season starts with a formal feast; when told the ballroom dancing contest requires years of practice, Dharma insists to enter just for fun, which practicing with sweet Greg is, but to Larry's utter horror she turns competitive, encouraged by ma Abby who once was a teenage dancing talent, to the point of contemplating cheating and stunting on stage...
13 May 1998
Much Ado During Nothing
Greg discovers why Dharma is so eager to 'do it' with him in weird, dangerous, public places: it's a contest with Jane, the winner is awarded the duck (actually a goose), just one of many silly rules. Still Greg decides to help her win the duck back when told doing it with a dull guy like him was worth a bonus. They get arrested, but are released without bail by cop Mel, an old friend of the Finkelsteins. Greg reasons the safest time is during the last episode of Seinfeld, when all San Francisco will be watching inside. However enlisting Pete to give instructions by ...
20 May 1998
Invasion of the Buddy Snatcher
Greg's poker bunch has been playing happily for years without any serious personal conversation ever, but Dharma quickly finds out about their private lives and feelings, even becomes their confident for problems and secrets, such as the mystery man's name Paul Binyan, Stuart's job loss and hunk Howard's crush on Greg, who feels she has thus ruined his poker friends, with whom he could relax anonymously... Meanwile Kitty and Edward are so desperate to get rid of ducks who invaded their swimming pool that they appeal to Abby's Berkely degree in bird behavior, yet ...
23 Sep. 1998
Ringing Up Baby
When Dharma finds their high-pregnant checkout-clerk Donna was abandoned by the baby's father, she 'obviously' offers to take her in and accepts by herself to adopt the unborn child with Greg. While Kitty dreads this like the end of civilization, the Finkelsteins are delighted with 'Greg's first truly unselfish act', while their own attempts to help save the planet by cycling instead of wasting the earth's riches proves taxing, especially for Larry. Still, Greg manages to make Dharma see his sincere yes is required for such a commitment...
30 Sep. 1998
It Takes a Village
Now Greg has accepted adopting Donna's baby, who is biracial, his whole home is taken over by a lunatic circus including the Finkelsteins, bard Sean etcetera, because it 'takes a village to raise a child', and they all bicker over everything all day, outvoting every sensible idea. Kitty now is determined to play her part as grandmother, even sees it as another chance to become a family matriarch...
7 Oct. 1998
Turn, Turn, Turn
Donna makes an announcement about the baby's future; the families can't agree on how to celebrate the naming of the child.
14 Oct. 1998
The Paper Hat Anniversary
Greg and Dharma planned to bail out on conventional paper anniversary celebrations with their parents, but just because she overhears him call her flaky to Kitty she gets furious for hours and taunts Greg as utter fuddy-duddy all the way to Nappa Valley, till he furiously wrecks the car. The place Greg had reserved is closed for a funeral, but he throws a rock trough the window of Maud's diner; when officer Burke drops by, they can't leave and must wait as 'Ike and Tina', for whom she invents crazy details gossiping to customers... Back in Frisco, the oldies dog-sit, ...
21 Oct. 1998
Unarmed and Dangerous
Pete is helpless after breaking an arm, so Dharma insists to take him in. When she goes pick up his underwear, she realizes his life is as empty as his place dirty, and resolves to turn him into a modern, balanced man by her standards, a recipe for mutual disappointment. His piggish nature wins out, but a heavenly massage has a hellish twist.. Meanwhile Abby puts aside her aversion of Kitty's socialite style of fund-raising with fake awards, as that decuples the earnings needed to safeguard Spotswood Lake as a vital site for the endangered gray mallard. Alas celebrity...
28 Oct. 1998
A Closet Full of Hell
Greg gets stripping lessons at home, then discovers a secret door in their bedroom to a hidden attic closet full of dolls which scare Dharma as 'bad karma', Jane remembers the previous tenants moved and were never heard of 'spookily'. When the cleaned-out dolls are back inexplicably, Dharma beaks up the house warming party to move away from the 'portal of hell', but Abby presides over 'exorcism' to the girls' satisfaction. When they hear noises from it at night, Greg is determined to find out the truth, so they stay up there until they see ...
4 Nov. 1998
Valet Girl
To Kitty's public embarrassment Dharma abuses the junior country club membership the Montgomerys gave her to bring along Celia, their foreign maid, and works on both women's guilt till Kitty is invited against either's will to Celia's wedding, next Saturday, while she only now hears from inquisitive Dharma Celia is a former teacher and guerrilla sniper. Greg grudgingly accepts 'as a gift' to stand in for the parking valet, yet she shamelessly takes the Ferrari for endless drives. It gets worse when Greg's first physical partner ever, Ynez, is a guest who now thinks he...
11 Nov. 1998
Like, Dharma's Totally Got a Date
Much to Greg's chagrin, Dharma accepts the invitation of a neighborhood teenager to be his date for a high school homecoming dance. Meanwhile, Kitty sues Larry for personal injury.
18 Nov. 1998
Brought to You in Dharmavision
Dharma's dead friend George goes to Dharma and tells Dharma to go on a vision quest.
25 Nov. 1998
Yes, We Have No Bananas (or Anything Else for That Matter)
Greg's proud pleasure to be given the rare excellent rating as every year is spoiled by the fact his incompetent lazy mate Pete got the same, then realizes his boss just can't choose anything as better, however clear the choice, his frantic efforts only make him look so messed-up Pete is left in charge in the boss's absence. Dharma decides on impulse to buy a shop, without a plan what to sell assisted by Jane- then accepts to let it become a waiting area for public transport passengers. Edward wants a speedboat and tries one out at sea with both parent couples, but ...
9 Dec. 1998
The House That Dharma Built
Dharma abuses her casino experience to clean out Greg- at strip poker, but he can't have sex while her parents are in the next room. When they show papers from lawyer David Saunders who is hell-bent to acquire their home, Greg warns it's a ratty shark who was at Harvard with him, but Dharma insists to invite David and his -obviously cheated-on, spoiled but unhappy- wife Patty and appeals to the good in the 'little boy beneath the tough surface', only to have everything she says used against her parents. Finally after Saunders expects her to offer him sex to back off, ...
16 Dec. 1998
Are You Ready for Some Football?
When Pete's horrible girlfriend allows him to take Greg and Dharma along to an American football game, something strictly banned from the Finkelstein household, she not only learns the rules but becomes the 49ers most avid 'superfan' as called on TV. 'We' hence means the San Francisco team, taking over her entire life, even watching college games as recruiting potential, while she imagines her presence and superstitious idiotic dances are required for the team to win, wherever they play, so she gets up in the middle of the night to follow them to say Chicago, Greg is ...

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