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Season 2

23 Sep. 1998
Ringing Up Baby
When Dharma finds their high-pregnant checkout-clerk Donna was abandoned by the baby's father, she 'obviously' offers to take her in and accepts by herself to adopt the unborn child with Greg. While Kitty dreads this like the end of civilization, the Finkelsteins are delighted with 'Greg's first truly unselfish act', while their own attempts to help save the planet by cycling instead of wasting the earth's riches proves taxing, especially for Larry. Still, Greg manages to make Dharma see his sincere yes is required for such a commitment...
30 Sep. 1998
It Takes a Village
Now Greg has accepted adopting Donna's baby, who is biracial, his whole home is taken over by a lunatic circus including the Finkelsteins, bard Sean etcetera, because it 'takes a village to raise a child', and they all bicker over everything all day, outvoting every sensible idea. Kitty now is determined to play her part as grandmother, even sees it as another chance to become a family matriarch...
7 Oct. 1998
Turn, Turn, Turn
Donna makes an announcement about the baby's future; the families can't agree on how to celebrate the naming of the child.
14 Oct. 1998
The Paper Hat Anniversary
Greg and Dharma planned to bail out on conventional paper anniversary celebrations with their parents, but just because she overhears him call her flaky to Kitty she gets furious for hours and taunts Greg as utter fuddy-duddy all the way to Nappa Valley, till he furiously wrecks the car. The place Greg had reserved is closed for a funeral, but he throws a rock trough the window of Maud's diner; when officer Burke drops by, they can't leave and must wait as 'Ike and Tina', for whom she invents crazy details gossiping to customers... Back in Frisco, the oldies dog-sit, ...
21 Oct. 1998
Unarmed and Dangerous
Pete is helpless after breaking an arm, so Dharma insists to take him in. When she goes pick up his underwear, she realizes his life is as empty as his place dirty, and resolves to turn him into a modern, balanced man by her standards, a recipe for mutual disappointment. His piggish nature wins out, but a heavenly massage has a hellish twist.. Meanwhile Abby puts aside her aversion of Kitty's socialite style of fund-raising with fake awards, as that decuples the earnings needed to safeguard Spotswood Lake as a vital site for the endangered gray mallard. Alas celebrity...
28 Oct. 1998
A Closet Full of Hell
Greg gets stripping lessons at home, then discovers a secret door in their bedroom to a hidden attic closet full of dolls which scare Dharma as 'bad karma', Jane remembers the previous tenants moved and were never heard of 'spookily'. When the cleaned-out dolls are back inexplicably, Dharma beaks up the house warming party to move away from the 'portal of hell', but Abby presides over 'exorcism' to the girls' satisfaction. When they hear noises from it at night, Greg is determined to find out the truth, so they stay up there until they see ...
4 Nov. 1998
Valet Girl
To Kitty's public embarrassment Dharma abuses the junior country club membership the Montgomerys gave her to bring along Celia, their foreign maid, and works on both women's guilt till Kitty is invited against either's will to Celia's wedding, next Saturday, while she only now hears from inquisitive Dharma Celia is a former teacher and guerrilla sniper. Greg grudgingly accepts 'as a gift' to stand in for the parking valet, yet she shamelessly takes the Ferrari for endless drives. It gets worse when Greg's first physical partner ever, Ynez, is a guest who now thinks he...
11 Nov. 1998
Like, Dharma's Totally Got a Date
Much to Greg's chagrin, Dharma accepts the invitation of a neighborhood teenager to be his date for a high school homecoming dance. Meanwhile, Kitty sues Larry for personal injury.
18 Nov. 1998
Brought to You in Dharmavision
Dharma's dead friend George goes to Dharma and tells Dharma to go on a vision quest.
25 Nov. 1998
Yes, We Have No Bananas (or Anything Else for That Matter)
Greg's proud pleasure to be given the rare excellent rating as every year is spoiled by the fact his incompetent lazy mate Pete got the same, then realizes his boss just can't choose anything as better, however clear the choice, his frantic efforts only make him look so messed-up Pete is left in charge in the boss's absence. Dharma decides on impulse to buy a shop, without a plan what to sell assisted by Jane- then accepts to let it become a waiting area for public transport passengers. Edward wants a speedboat and tries one out at sea with both parent couples, but ...
9 Dec. 1998
The House That Dharma Built
Dharma abuses her casino experience to clean out Greg- at strip poker, but he can't have sex while her parents are in the next room. When they show papers from lawyer David Saunders who is hell-bent to acquire their home, Greg warns it's a ratty shark who was at Harvard with him, but Dharma insists to invite David and his -obviously cheated-on, spoiled but unhappy- wife Patty and appeals to the good in the 'little boy beneath the tough surface', only to have everything she says used against her parents. Finally after Saunders expects her to offer him sex to back off, ...
16 Dec. 1998
Are You Ready for Some Football?
When Pete's horrible girlfriend allows him to take Greg and Dharma along to an American football game, something strictly banned from the Finkelstein household, she not only learns the rules but becomes the 49ers most avid 'superfan' as called on TV. 'We' hence means the San Francisco team, taking over her entire life, even watching college games as recruiting potential, while she imagines her presence and superstitious idiotic dances are required for the team to win, wherever they play, so she gets up in the middle of the night to follow them to say Chicago, Greg is ...
6 Jan. 1999
Death & Violins
Just to spite Kitty, who brought the family for a dignified visit to Edward mother's deathbed, Beatrice Montgomery gives her priceless Stradivarius to Dharma, who even doubts playing a violin requires training, but joins a kids class. Greg demands Dharma should respect his family's non-demonstrative way, but she keeps encouraging 'last fun' and pressing for a reconciliation in the 'feud' since Edward married a 'mere' millionaire' daughter. When Greg finally drags Edward to 'Bea', it's too late, but she had just promised the heirloom engagement ring Kitty never got...
20 Jan. 1999
Dharma & Greg on a Hot Tin Roof
Dharma and Greg masquerade as a southern couple to impress a judge before whom Greg is arguing a case.
3 Feb. 1999
Dharma and the Horse She Rode in On
When Dharma meets Kitty's fox-hunt horse Capital Loss, the devilish stallion and she get spontaneously along, and more: he even escapes to follow her home... Meanwhile Greg has to work late with his ex Barbara Colfield, and makes Pete pretend he's just with him, but the secret is hard to keep, and when Dharma finds out and the birthday gift he hid for her...
10 Feb. 1999
See Dharma Run
When Dharma persists putting money in other peoples parking meters, even after a warden's warning that's illegal, she gets eight tickets but ignores Greg's advice not to fight the city, only to find red tape in city hall runs long enough to wear down anyone dumb enough to try. After Jane suspects her boy-friend in jail has another and Pete admits his girl Eileen is invented, they decide to celebrate Valentine's day by- getting married... Greg tells Dharma complaints on principles should go before the board of supervisors anyhow- which turns out to be a parade of ...
17 Feb. 1999
Run, Dharma, Run
Dharma runs her campaign for San Francisco Supervisor the 'democratic' Finkelstein way: hippie nonsense rules by drawing tasks from a hat, with no regard for any capacity, nor for the logic and tricks of campaign efficiency, so when Greg takes a week off to help, his experience as congressional candidate is put to no better use then licking stamps! Then Karen Love steps into the race- Dharma just worries about the name ("'care and 'love' are all we stand for") but Greg warns the no-nonsense college graduate will make mince meat of ignorant Dharma in the first debate ...
24 Feb. 1999
See Dharma Run Amok
In the final phase of her electoral campaign for the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, Dharma gets a gut full of honesty harvesting lukewarm or negative crowd reactions and learns from Greg to tell what people want to hear without actually saying anything. She gets addicted to the applause, enough to lie to everyone and be believed as she has no record. The effort causes her to get a terrible, uncured cold, rendering her ugly and bitchy, so she turns down an offer by competitor Karen Love to become her advisor, and breaks down during a TV debate, calling herself a ...
3 Mar. 1999
Everybody Must Get Stones
Fearing they'll never get to spend time with Greg as Dharma keeps involving him in her loony world, Kitty drags Edward along to a forest retreat couples relation weekend, but back home -on foot- after seeing Larry leaving the only latrine. Inside therapist Chapman's tests, in which couples earn stones in a basket based on indications of compatibility, absurdly suggest constantly bickering Pete and Jane would be the best match, Greg and Dharma the worst, so frustrating they even cheat...
24 Mar. 1999
Dharma Drags Edward Out of Retirement
Edward is miserable in retirement, no more work or purpose, just dragged along by Kitty, who feels her best years finally started. Dharma made Greg give her a stock investment account, but was stupid enough to waste all on a tip from Larry, eDrag.com which sells dresses to men and got listed to launch itself internationally. Desperate to get something out of the dodo, she enlists management expert Edward's help to put the firm on the market. Hoping to escape such pastimes a Kitty's book club, he does a great job and enjoys life again, but Kitty explodes now Dharma has...
5 May 1999
It Never Happened One Night
After six weeks of marital hell, Pete and Jane decide to get divorced, and Dharma presses Greg to plead Jane's case, which he ethically can't accept given the conflict of interest, being Pete's friend, but just advising her ruins that terrible lawyer's chances. The couple's furious fight for their meager assets takes a surprising turn... Now Dharma's six month trial period in the socialite charity committee is over, she is put in charge of a ball where Kitty is to get an award, but instead of following 'suggestions' writes the speech herself and is declared persona ...
12 May 1999
Bed, Bath and Beyond
Greg is in hospital, and Dharma tortures the worried Montgomery parents by telling them in inconsistent flashbacks how it all happened. It started when her dad Larry came help repair some loose tiles in the bathroom, but they made a huge hole in the exterior wall; every attempt by Greg to get some damage undone results in worse throughout the apartment, a contractor he asks for an estimate can't even come within a reasonable time yet charges $435 for an hour doing nothing and beats Greg up, so it's back to do-it-yourself with or without loony Larry...
19 May 1999
A Girl Can Dream, Can't She?
Because of a dream, Dharma is convinced that the flight Greg and Pete are going to take to Washington will crash. Nothing can convince her otherwise, not even Abby's admission after reading tarot cards the dream probably has another meaning, such as sexual frustration. She therefore tries anything to stop him going, from hiding all his cloths to taking the door out of its hinges, but he still goes and arrives fine, only Peter was worried sick Dharma would be right. Then Dharma's real problem becomes clear: she can't sleep alone without Greg, and makes life impossible ...
26 May 1999
The Dating Game
Greg remarks he and Dharma missed something as they didn't date before wedding, so they decide to pretend to be unwed lovers. Even Larry plays the 'real dad'. Of course the date goes wrong, but his argument presenting themselves to his parents is too weird, even for her, makes her start a row and return to her wacky parents, yet like a love-sick puppy he willingly goes to extreme lengths to be 'forgiven', stripping on the goat's lawn.

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