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Daria often describes her perceived cynicism as unabashed honesty. Appropriately, the name "Daria" is Greek and means "upholder of truth".
Sandy never refers to Daria as Quinn's sister. Instead she refers to her as Quinn's "cousin or whatever", "that girl that lives with you or whatever" or "that exchange student that stays with you or whatever" to Quinn.
During the end credits of "Is It College Yet?" the futures of the characters are revealed. The three members of Mystic Spiral become gospel singers, Andrea the goth becomes a model, Quinn becomes a CEO, Tom becomes elderly needing the help of a carer, Jodie becomes the owner of "Landon Towers", Sandy works at an escort agency, Jake and Helen live in a cabin in the country and live on Valium, Mack and Kevin become owners of their own ice cream company, Lindy and Alison live on a farm with three children, Tiffany becomes a fortune teller, Mr. DeMartino becomes a mail man, Britanny becomes an actress, Ms. Barch becomes a reverend, Joey, Jeffy and Jamie becomes MTV broadcasters, Trent becomes a judge, Mr. O'Neil becomes a theatre actor, Stacey becomes a race car driver, Upchuck becomes a millionaire with women on his arms and Daria and Jane becomes talk show hosts.
The character Daria was conceived as a dry-witted comic foil to counter Beavis and Butt-head's stupidity on Beavis and Butt-Head (1993).
Daria does not appear in the 2011 Beavis and Butt-Head revival, however it is mentioned and acknowledged that she moved away.
The last episode of the show's half-hour series, the fifth season's Daria: Boxing Daria (2001), was written to close out the show. After the creators were offered by MTV an option for another half-season (6-7 episodes) and fans begged for more, co-creator Glenn Eichler decided instead to make a 90-minute TV-movie, Daria in 'Is It College Yet?' (2002), as the official finale.
Production of each half-hour episode takes ten months to a year, from concept to post-production.
Trent Lane refers to his sister Jane by the name "Janey." This is a possible reference to 80s metal singer Jani Lane, who sang for the band Warrant.
Karen Disher modeled Brittany Taylor after Jenny McCarthy. Janie Mertz's inspiration for her voice was Jean Kasem from Cheers (1982) and The Tortellis (1987).
There is a small recurring joke involving Trent writing song lyrics as he's doing something else (such as driving). He always hits a snag, needing a rhyme for an "ane"/"ame" sound, at which point somebody suggests "My soul's waves of grain" - which is a lyric first performed in a Mystik Spyral song in the second season episode "Ill". This happens both in Daria: Camp Fear (2001) and Daria: It Happened One Nut (1999); in the latter episode, Trent vaguely remarks, "I've heard that somewhere before."
Jamie's last name White is revealed in Daria: Fair Enough (1998). The last names of Joey and Jeffy are never mentioned. Tiffany's last name Blum-Deckler is mentioned in Daria: The Invitation (1997), but it isn't a specific reference to her.
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One running gag involves Quinn's refusal to acknowledge Daria as her sister in public (until season 5). Usually, Daria is referred to as her "cousin" but has also been called by Quinn, the Fashion Club, and various others as, among other things: "That girl who lives with Quinn", Quinn's "little friend", a cabana girl (namely the "cabana girl's distant cousin"), a visiting exchange student, Quinn's trainer, a relative, an au pair, a hotel maid, an out-of-town volunteer worker, a librarian, and a member of the Witness Protection Program.
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