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17 Jan. 1998
If: Part 1
Fitz assists the police in tracking down a serial sniper who's killings of four African-American woman have all the ear markings of being revenge killings. Following a clue of numbers of the number of bullet hits on the bodies, Fitz determines the sniper to be motivated by the L.A. riots in 1992. However, the sniper, is shown to be a distraught man who is motivated on behalf of his severely injured, comatose wife. During this, Tyler begins dating a handsome K-9 cop, named Dale, while Watlington deals with Lt. Fry's handling of the case as well as his ex-wife Tisha's ...
24 Jan. 1998
If: Part 2
Fitz and the police are startled to discover that the next target for the sniper is someone they all have a relationship with: Watlington's ex-wife Tisha who's boyfriend, Ronnie Brooks, was involved in the incident that put John Ramon's wife in a coma during the 1992 race riots. Things get even more under pressure when Ramos takes Tisha hostage at the hospital, leading to a standoff between him and Fitz in Ramos' wife's room. Meanwhile, Judith's admission of her betrayal somehow brings both herself and Fitz together again over their newborn son.

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