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New Theatre Company to Celebrate Working-Class Voices + More U.K. News

Hello and welcome back to our roundup of news from across the industry. From stage to screens big and small, we’ve got you covered. It’s everything you need to know and all you can’t afford to miss. New company to celebrate northern talent.Playwright Jim Cartwright is to establish a new theatre company based in Salford to showcase the best of northern talent. The writer of “The Rise and Fall of Little Voice” and “Road”, recently revived at The Royal Court, has previously called for the vibrant northern theatre scene and working-class voices to be celebrated. Based in Salford University’s new £55m arts centre, actors Warren Brown (“Luther”) and Julie Hesmondhalgh (“Broadchurch”) are to help launch the company on Dec 1. Also performing “Burning Bright”, a selection of Cartwright’s monologues, will be Sue Johnston and Beverley Callard. It will be the inaugural performance inside the 350 seat New Adelphi,
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Chris Morris has shot a secret film with Anna Kendrick

According to comedy site Chortle, Four Lions and Brass Eye creator Chris Morris has been secretly working on his first feature film in seven years.

Details are scant, there isn’t even a title yet, but the movie stars Anna Kendrick, who sent the below picture via her Instagram account of her character wearing FBI body protection, whilst sporting a rather large machine gun.

The Pitch Perfect actor will star alongside Four Lions’ Kayan Novak, stand-up comedian James Adomian, Orange is the New Black’s Danielle Brooks, True Blood’s Denis O’Hare, and Mousa Kraish from American Gods.

Filming took place this summer in Florida and the Dominican Republic. Morris’ sophomore feature is a joint production between See-Saw Films and Archer Gray Productions, with backing from Film4. Iain Canning and Anne Carey are producing.

Comedy has had a rough ride in 2017, so is the Chris Morris brand of funny
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My Week As a Muslim review – a cynical concept and spectacularly odd

We don’t need to watch a white woman ‘browning up’ to explain racism. We could just listen to Muslims talk about their experiences

It has been 20 years since Brass Eye first appeared, but the spirit of the satirical news show lives on in My Week As a Muslim (Channel 4), a documentary so spectacularly odd in every respect that it’s hard to believe it wasn’t conceived as a dare. It follows Katie Freeman, 42, ex-raf, who now works as a healthcare assistant in the NHS. Katie lives in Winsford, Cheshire, and is frightened of Muslims. She explains her belief that people are coming to this country and stretching its resources. The voiceover notes, with withering timing, that she lives in one of the whitest areas of Britain and rarely mixes with anyone outside of her own ethnicity.

In order to challenge her prejudices, such as avoiding sitting next
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Twenty years on … how comedy genius Chris Morris invented ‘fake news’

Out-takes from Brass Eye have been made into a film to mark its birthday – but fans of the cult show can only view it at rare live cinema screenings

For a band of ardent fans, the television and radio satirist Chris Morris has been elevated to the status of an oracle. The brand of surreal satire he trademarked on his controversial Channel 4 show Brass Eye, involving pastiche news stories that hysterically chronicled, for example, the pseudo-discovery of heavy electricity plaguing Sri Lanka like “a ton of invisible lead soup” now seems to have preempted fake news 20 years ahead of its time.

This week many of his followers will be meeting up in a spirit of celebration. Proud, and filled with subversive glee, they will line up on Thursday evening for the latest of a series of secretive 20th anniversary events, some no doubt muttering about “Shatner’s Bassoon”.

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Line Of Duty series 4: creator Jed Mercurio interview

Louisa Mellor May 5, 2017

Major spoilers ahead as we speak to Line Of Duty creator, writer and director Jed Mercurio about Roz Huntley, Acc Hilton and more…

If I were ever to find myself alone in a room with a dead body I’d created in self-defence and pondering my next move, “plead guilty to manslaughter,” Jed Mercurio tells me. “For the minimum three years sentence. If you take the risk of fighting a murder plea with self-defence and you fail, then you will be convicted of murder and that is a mandatory life sentence.” Getting off with self-defence is really, really hard, says Mercurio, really hard. “I did the research.”

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It’s good advice, if alarming in the context of a DVD release-plugging interview. As a general rule,
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‘Scotland Yardie’ Review (Knockabout Comics)

Written by Bobby Joseph | Art by Joseph Samuels | Published by Knockabout Comics

Usually the last thing I want in my comic book or graphic novel is politics… Usually I am looking for a book that takes me out of the real world a little bit and gives me some surreal fantastical story… Usually. When I read the write up and blurb for Scotland Yardie I decided, to hell with my usual. This book sounded like a story that was pulling all the real world issues from my nations heartland and poking them with a bloody big stick with a nice big tongue planted firmly in its cheek.

Its hard to actually boil down what Scotland Yardie is in a simple synopsis for you guys but I am going to try. With crime, police corruption, racism, unexplained deaths, Brexit, mass immigration and a new strand of a highly addictive drug named
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Brass Eye at 20: still Chris Morris at his hysterical, gobsmacking best

From Cake to Paedogeddon, Chris Morris’s epochal satire always said the unsayable. No other comedy has touched it – or even come close

As Brass Eye turns 20, it’s worth remembering that it probably shouldn’t have made it to our screens at all. When Chris Morris’s epochal media satire first aired, the broadcasting code forbade programme makers from misleading interviewees for entertainment purposes. Channel 4 defended the show and an amendment informally known as “the Brass Eye clause” was incorporated into the code. It’s an example of Morris’s apparent ability to bend reality according to his needs – and at the time of Brass Eye, he appeared able to perform this trick at will.

It’s hard to overstate the shock of initial exposure to Brass Eye. The Day Today, which aired in 1994, had suggested that Morris was an unusually gifted writer and performer. But this was
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'Black Mirror': Inside New Season of Chilling Cult U.K. Horror Series

'Black Mirror': Inside New Season of Chilling Cult U.K. Horror Series
Maybe you heard about it from a friend, someone who'd stumbled across a random episode late one night. Maybe you knew someone from the U.K. who'd been crowing for years about this thing they'd caught on TV, something to do with brain-chips and recorded memories and a nightmarish sense of dread. Or maybe someone texted you, or Dm-ed you, or posted something in your social media feed about this show that was tapping into the collective fear that it's all one click away from coming apart at the seams.
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On The Hour: revisiting a brilliant radio comedy

Andrew Blair Oct 17, 2016

Armando Iannucci & Chris Morris' BBC Radio 4 news spoof not only gave rise to Alan Partridge but also launched countless comedy careers.

If you haven’t heard of On The Hour, you’ll have seen or read the work of the people who made it: Brass Eye, The Thick Of It, Stewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle, Veep, Four Lions, that bit on the train at the end of Mission: Impossible, Closer, Jam, the Leicester Square Theatre Podcasts, the movie version of Notes On A Scandal; the NME, TV Burp, the videos for Little Baby Nothing by the Manics and Kung Fu by Ash, Smack The Pony, and Alan Partridge to name a few.

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Isy Suttie webchat – as it happened

The author, comedian and Peep Show star joined us to answer your questions in a live webchat – from comedy to food via why she’d love to star in Batman, catch up with her answers here

2.05pm GMT

Huge thanks to Isy and to everyone who submitted questions. Until next time!

Thanks for all your questions, especially the one that suggests I could have a role in Batman. If you need touring and book information, go to I'm off to eat some Thai green chicken curry.

2.02pm GMT

SalvadorDarley asks:

If you got a dozen top lads from Matlock and I rounded up a dozen “faces” from Darley Dale, who’d win the resultant “off”?

I guess it would have to take place on Bakewell Road, halfway between Darley Dale and Matlock. And I'm going to say Matlock would win, because it's the best place in the universe.
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Sacha Baron Cohen Sets Up Production Company Spelthorne Community Television

Cannes — Sacha Baron Cohen and Andrew Newman, the former chief executive of Objective Productions, have set up U.K.-based production company Spelthorne Community Television, in which Channel 4 has taken a minority stake.

Spelthorne Community Television, which is named after the district from which Baron Cohen’s character Ali G came from, will specialize in creating scripted TV comedy and comedy entertainment content with a “strong focus on innovation and new ideas.” Through this company the duo will support new and emerging comedy writers and performers with “bold ambition.”

Baron Cohen’s relationship with Newman and Channel 4 reaches back to the 1990s. Baron Cohen made his debut in 1998 on Channel 4’s “The 11 O’clock Show,” where he worked with Newman, who was the show’s producer. Baron Cohen’s TV series “Da Ali G Show” also aired on Channel 4. It won two BAFTA TV awards and
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Environmentalist George Monbiot skins, butchers, cooks and eats a squirrel on live TV

Environmentalist George Monbiot has sparked debate by skinning, butchering, cooking and eating a squirrel on live TV.

The Guardian columnist attracted criticism after revealing that he had eaten a roadkill squirrel, and later wrote a 2,360-word piece in the newspaper justifying his actions.

"There are millions of squirrels, rabbits, pigeons, deer that are killed every year, and a lot of them are landfilled," Monbiot said on the BBC's Newsnight as he butchered a squirrel bought from a farm shop.

"It doesn't have to be. It's not very nice! But meat production isn't. But at least there's no further ethical problem here."

George Monbiot taking an axe to a squirrel during an earnest #newsnight discussion is straight out of Brass Eye.

— Jim Waterson (@jimwaterson) August 27, 2015

He continued: "I'm just cutting through the tail vertebrae - the tail bone in other words - but not the skin. It's quite a delicate operation,
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9 truly bizarre Noel Edmonds moments, from 'electro smog' to spiritual melons and Throttled Cock

Noel Edmonds baffled TV fans this week when he declared that "electro smog" is a bigger world problem than climate change or even Aids.

This might be a surprising claim, were it not for the fact that Mr Blobby's bearded buddy has had more than his fair share of bizarre moments over the years. Whether you consider him a national treasure, a visionary maverick or just plain wrong, here are 9 of his most memorable moments that will surely leave all but the most hardened fans scratching their heads.

1. He claims to be visited by two melon-sized 'spiritual energy' balls

Noel has spoken openly about his belief in Spiritualism and cosmic ordering, a version of positive thinking in which people can write down their wishes and wait for them to materialise.

After being introduced to the practice by his reflexologist, he went on to write his own book titled Positively Happy:
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Daniel Rigby’s favourite TV

The Eric And Ernie and Big School star on his guilty love of 24 Hours In A&E and how a new series of Brass Eye would let him die a happy man

Game Of Thrones. I love fantasy stuff, and fantasy stuff with an occasional arse is even better! It’s not jumped the shark yet, but when you start off with dragons and stone men and stuff it’s quite hard to jump the shark anyway. I’m really loving it.

Continue reading...
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Are you ready for Part 2? More Gladiators of the '90s: Then and now

We certainly felt the power of 10 former Gladiators yesterday, as we took a look at what some of the stars went on to after the success of ITV's '90s hit.

We were bowled over to discover that Blaze (Eunice Huthart) is a stunt double to A-listers and godmother to Angelina Jolie's daughter Shiloh, and that Rhino (Mark Smith) went on to star in Hollywood films including Ben Affleck's Oscar-winning drama Argo.

But whatever happened to the villainous Wolf or the infamous Shadow, who was dramatically sacked from the series? We haven't found many current pictures of this lot, but here's a little bit about what 9 more of our favourite former Gladiators got up to after their time on the show:

1. Scorpio (Nikki Diamond)

Contenders were subjected to the mighty sting of the speedy Scorpio. Former bodybuilder and model Nikki Diamond was an original Gladiator, but was forced
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The Golden Compass: what went wrong?

With fantasy franchises having been so popular in recent years, why did Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials series stop before it got going?

A much beloved trilogy of fantasy novels, Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials was much praised for its rich, imaginative fantasy world, nuanced and ambiguous characters and powerful anti-religious themes. Critically acclaimed, award-laden bestsellers with a young heroine in the form of Lyra Bellacqua, the trilogy seemed an obvious choice to follow Harry Potter and Lord Of The Rings and become a blockbuster movie series.

New Line bought the rights after bringing Lord Of The Rings to the screen, hoping for a similar success. The two stories are very different High Fantasies though, and The Golden Compass contains concepts less familiar to audiences than wizards, monsters and swordplay. His Dark Materials was also occasionally categorised in shops as a children’s book, unlike Lord Of The Rings.
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Nathan Barley is 10: Looking back at Charlie Brooker's debut TV series

Originally published two years ago, we re-present our look back at Nathan Barley to mark its 10-year anniversary

10 years since Channel 4 aired Nathan Barley, Charlie Brooker's "self-facilitating media node" has gone from absurdist parody to frightening reality.

A flop when it originally aired, but a cult hit on DVD, Nathan Barley is love-it-or-hate it telly. From Brass Eye creator Chris Morris, it was edgy, raw and often hilarious.

Brimming with up-and-coming talent like Brooker (Dead Set), Julian Barratt (The Mighty Boosh), and fellow Booshers Noel Fielding and Richard Ayoade, as well as some blink-and-you'll-miss-'em cameos from Stephen Mangan (Episodes), Mat Horne (Gavin & Stacey) and Sherlock's Benedict Cumberbatch, we think it's time Nathan Barley was given the praise it deserved.

Inspired by a mock TV show called C**t from Brooker's satirical TVGoHome website, the show follows two East Londoners: Nathan Barley (Nicholas Burns), the "self facilitating media
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Brass Eye, Brits and Boyle: What is the most shocking TV moment ever?

Channel 5 will count down the Most Shocking TV Moments tonight (Monday, December 1) from 10pm.

In the 3-hour special, celebrities will recall Tom Cruise's sofa jump, Charles Ingram's Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? con, Oliver Reed's drunken chat show antics and much more.

Digital Spy can reveal which shock moments have made the top ten, though you'll have to tune in tonight to find out which order they come in, and which has claimed the top spot.

Michael Jackson's performance at the 1996 Brit Awards is interrupted by a stage invasion from Pulp's Jarvis Cocker

Strictly Come Dancing professional Kristina Rihanoff is surprised to be partnered with John Sergeant back in 2008

Diana, Princess of Wales gives a revealing interview on Panorama in November 1995

A Blind Date contestant believed to be a secretary is revealed to be a journalist writing an article for Cosmopolitan magazine

The Bee Gees
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Tsr Exclusive: ‘The Guest’ Interview with Director Adam Wingard, Writer Simon Barrett, and Actor Dan Stevens

From You’re Next director Adam Wingard and writer Simon Barrett comes The Guest, a wacko action/horror comedy that rocks and rolls like a midnight madness movie, where expectations about pacing and tone are challenged, and good ol’ cinematic chaos reigns. Leading the film is Dan Stevens, formerly of BBC series “Downton Abbey,” who plays a kind ex-soldier named David who shows up one day at the Peterson family’s door, and begins to cozy into their daily lives. However, as the soldier spends more time as visitor, he slowly reveals himself to be a strangely wired individual, whose charm and incredible presence only provides a mask for his true origins.

Along with You’re Next, Wingard & Barrett have also made films like A Horrible Way to Die, and the V/H/S anthology shorts. Both of them also appeared as actors in Joe Swanberg’s post-Drinking Buddies experimental murder mystery 24 Exposures.
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10 Ridiculous Fake Status Updates Your Friends Shared On Facebook

In the last day or so, news has been filtering down through the internet about the possibility of Facebook testing a ‘satire’ tag for use with the increasing number of satirical news websites out there. Just so people are aware: satirical news is not news about satire. A satirical news story is a comedy story published online that mimics the format of real news sites.

Now, obviously The Onion and The Daily Mash have been around for a number of years, and The Day Today and Brass Eye were doing this back before the Internet was a glimmer of free porn in a lonely geek’s eye. Nonetheless, Facebook still feels the needs to signpost satire – because a horrifying proportion of its regular users will not check the background of a story before sharing it with all of their friends.

But this massive, widespread gullibility isn’t just
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