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Season 1

13 Sep. 1997
Holiday Knights
The heroes and villains of Gotham City have various adventures during the Christmas holiday season.
20 Sep. 1997
Sins of the Father
A young street kid finds himself hunted by Two-Face and the boy insists that he help Batman stop the villain.
12 Oct. 1997
Cold Comfort
Batman and Batgirl hunt Mr. Freeze who is on a destructively nihilistic campaign.
1 Oct. 1997
Never Fear
The Scarecrow threatens to unleash a powerful new toxin on Gotham City that removes all fear, leaving its victims unafraid of deadly danger. Complications arise when Batman is exposed to the gas.
15 Nov. 1997
You Scratch My Back
Catwoman entices the estranged Nightwing to cooperate with her against a gangster over Batman's wishes.
22 Nov. 1997
Double Talk
Arnold Wesker, The Ventriloquist, is released from Arkham Asylum, deemed a healthy man - only to discover that his alternate personality Scarface may still be struggling to return.
21 Feb. 1998
Joker's Millions
A destitute Joker unaccountably inherits a fortune from a hated gangster, only to find out the hard way that there's an embarrassing catch to the boon.
28 Feb. 1998
Growing Pains
Robin tries to help a mysterious lost little girl against the equally unknown man pursuing her.
25 Apr. 1998
Mean Seasons
Batman and Batgirl oppose Calender Girl, a mysterious woman who is attacking various youth oriented media events.
9 May 1998
The Demon Within
Klarion the Witch Boy takes control of Etrigan the Demon and the Dynamic Duo must stop his destructive mischief.
23 May 1998
Over the Edge
Batman and his allies apparently have their secret identities exposed and are now are hunted by the police.
13 Jun. 1998
Torch Song
A rock singer is stalked by an obsessive pyrotechnician turned supervillain, Firefly.
11 Jul. 1998
Love Is a Croc
Seeing a kindred spirit, Baby-Doll springs Croc from custody to her lover and partner in crime.

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