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Chicago Tribune
Scott is able to make it fresh and lyrical, as well as give us rousingly exciting scenes of nature in eruption. [02 Feb 1996]
I enjoyed the movie for the sheer physical exuberance of its adventure. It is magnificently mounted and photographed.
Amid the action heroics of White Squall, Bridges creates a character of consequence.
White Squall is a success because the good elements are so well-orchestrated that they dwarf the few obvious flaws. This film offers just about everything, including a twenty-minute white-knuckle sequence and a chance to shed a few tears. In short, it's first-rate entertainment.
White Squall is lovely to look at, but frustrating to behold.
USA Today
The 15-minute squall is spectacular and the movie's partial redeemer - the minimum you'd hope for in a movie called White Squall, don't you think? [02 Feb 1996]
A misshapen allegory wrapped around a truly awe-inspiring set piece, Ridley Scott's latest is another waste of his prodigious talent.
As a coming-of-age melodrama and high seas adventure, White Squall is fair.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
The shipwreck comes too late to rescue movie from endless banalities. [02 Feb 1996]
Wall Street Journal
The failures of White Squall are dismaying as well as perplexing. Director Ridley Scott serves up some ravishing images along the way: the stark geometry of the ship's riggings against an azure sky, crew kids scampering along a verdant ridge toward a volcano's silvery crater lake. But the script is a shambles. [06 Feb 1996]
It just doesn't work.

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