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This is the most beautiful and romantic love story I have ever watched.
Nat-422 August 1999
This is an incredibly romantic and moving film. The movie follows the amazing and powerful love between Tally (Michelle Pfeiffer) and Warren Justice (Robert Redford. Tally starts off as a minor and with no knowledge of the news broadcasting industry. Justice takes her under his wing and motivates her, teaches her, helps her and supports her. The love between these two deepens as a complete reversal of character positions occur. Justice begins to take a back seat to the rise and fame of Tally, but still their love and passion override. Their love is the type couples can only dream of having, unrequited, loyal and free of jealousy. This film captures attention from beginning to end.
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Everyday we have, is one more than we deserve
Old Joe10 April 2003
The struggles in reporting the news are shown in such an interesting way in the 1996 movie, 'Up close and personal'. It also shows that a little bit of luck can help a person go a long way in an industry like that of TV journalism. This movie's story, which has a strong and very emotional romance within it, also has some surprising twists that I am sure people will not expect once they have watched it.

Sally Atwater is fresh from a small-town trailer park when she arrives in Miami, overdressed and overeager to be the weather girl. He debut is disastrous but her boss, experienced newsman, Warren Justice, admires her spunk and takes her under his wing, making her an on air reporter. As Justice moulds Sally into one of the county's most sought after journalists, the pair fall in love, only to have their relationship threatened by the very success they have created.

Here is one of the great romance movies I have seen in a longtime. I love the way that the main stars first meet and how their relationship develops. By the time that Tally is a great journalist, what is more important than her career, is the man that she loves that being Warren Justice. The screenplay for this movie was beautifully written by John Gregory Dunne and Joan Didion. I love how the two main stars are able to fall in love, but at the same time, able to do what they do as a career. Sure it might take a little while for the movie to show that this is important, but I feel that the time needed to be taken, so that both Tally and Warren fall deeply in love.

The director of 'Up close and personal' was Jon Avnet, who has been a part of some great movies such as that of 'Risky Business', 'When a man loves a woman', and the 'Mighty ducks' trilogy. In this movie, I love the way that Avnet shows Tally Atwater at the start, to be someone who is a struggler, ignored and made fun of. Then to make her character be so vital and important in the whole make-up of the film, was great. This I believe is the good work of Avnet and makes the movie all the more compelling. I also like the world that Avnet has created for the film, that of the pressurised, TV journalism environment.

The stars of the movie are two of Hollywood's better known actors in Robert Redford and Michelle Pfeiffer. The pair have a good chemistry in this movie, with the way that they fall in love very believable. I also like how Redford's character, Warren, refers to Tally at the start of the film, saying that 'she eats the camera'. This scene shows that Warren not only likes Tally as a journo, but as a woman as well. I also like the way that Pfeiffer appears in this film. She looks very much like a reporter does on the news and it is in her appearance that this needed to be so definite.

The supporting cast of 'Up close and personal' is a pretty good one. I like Marcia McGrath (Stockard Channing), who is the tough as nails anchor girl, who is pushed out of her position by the rising career of Tally Atwater. She treats Tally pretty bad in the film, if the truth be known. I also like Joanna Kennelly (Kate Nelligan), who we find out is one of Warren's former wives. She is one of the reasons why Warren has had a turbulent journalism career. Do not discount the little role taken on by Tally's cameraman Ned Jackson (Glenn Plumber). He is an incredibly brave cameraman, who admires Tally for the work that she does. Trust me I would not have liked doing the camera work that he was doing in the prison.

'Up close and personal' might not have the greatest of sound tracks, but it does have one song that I really like. That song is 'Because you loved me' sung by Celine Dion. It is a song which was used well in the film and its lyrics suit this movie beautifully. How great a song this was, made me want to watch the film all the more. By the way, there is one scene in the movie that shows Pfeiffer's character singing 'The impossible dream' at an empty football stadium in front of Warren. All I will say about this is that Pfeiffer should stick to the acting game, because she does not sing that well.

This movie, is such 'a good drama love story', because it shows how tough the 'TV journalism' area can be, and does not shrug away from showing how difficult and dangerous such a career can be (the prison scene is wonderfully shot and one of the great parts of the film). I also like how this movie concludes, and I am not afraid to admit that it has gotten me upset both times I have watched it. You will notice, that I say that Sally Atwater's name is actually 'Tally'. I will not reveal how this change happens, just to say that I like it. I believe it was placed in the story for a bit of fun. But I am not so sure I would like my name changed for my chosen career. Would you?

CMRS gives 'Up close and personal': 4 (Very Good Film)
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Moving Story Line
daniellebuchina30 June 2011
I don't know how anyone could watch this movie and not love it. The line up of actors in the move are amazing and maybe that's why some people expected a different kind of movie. The movie moves a long perfectly, telling the story in a great time line. It doesn't drag and there is not one part of the story that doesn't fit. It's as if a friend is telling you the main highlights of a friends' love life. I gave it a ten - Redford an Pfieffer make a great, believable couple and you can tell they put their heart into this movie. They both play people who are intelligent and aren't afraid to fight for what they believe it, something we all strive for. Get a tissue, you'll need it.
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In the dictionary under "guilty pleasure"
Sean Gallagher29 October 1999
You know how there are some movies which you know you're not supposed to like but end up liking anyway? That perfectly describes this movie. This umpteenth re-telling of A STAR IS BORN is sappy, unbelievable(while previous "Norman Maine" characters are down because of alcohol, Redford's character is down because of his "integrity." Yeah, okay), and contains an unbearable Celine Dion(of course, in my opinion, unbearable and Celine Dion is redundant, but that's my opinion). But darn it if the romantic chemistry between Redford and Pfeiffer doesn't make this worth watching. And say what you want about director Jon Avnet(and I'm not a fan of his), he knows how to direct actors. Joe Mantegna, Stockard Channing, and Kate Nelligan are all excellent here. You may not like yourself for liking it, but there you go.
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Good Cast, Mediocre Story
gws-228 May 2002
"Up Close and Personal" proves again that charismatic stars and good production values can overcome a weak story. This story of two television journalists (Redford and Pfeiffer) has few surprises, no fresh insights about the news business, and its big moments are both predictable and overblown. Nevertheless, Redford and Pfeiffer provide enough star power to make for a reasonably entertaining couple of hours. There is one particularly funny line, though. When the Pfeiffer character says of a co-worker, "He's so stupid!" her boyfriend, the Redford character, with a quizzical expression on his face, says, "He's an anchorman." 6 out of 10, marginally recommended.
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On the best romance drama I've ever seen
tanpole17 June 2004
It's one the most sensible movie I have ever seen and I've seen a lot. Great...no.... excellent performance of Robert Redford and Michelle Pfeiffer creates a special romantic atmosphere. It's absoletely one of the most outstanding movie duet in the whole history of cinematografe. And some scenes make you heart stop for a moment, like in the news room during the editing or when she came to say him that she is going to Filadelphia.

I recommend it to everyone who crazy about romantic movies. And be ready to feel all spectrum of feelings with positive emotions.
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The Politics Of 'Up Close And Personal'
ccthemovieman-19 September 2006
While this is definitely a "women's movie," a man can enjoy this, too. I did, but not enough to see it twice or to purchase it. Supposedly, it's the story of former television news reporters Jessica Savitch and Ron Kershaw.

Robert Redford is good at playing the veteran newsman teaching Michelle Peiffer (Savitch) the business. He does more than that, of course, being her lover and then her husband. With Redford, you know you are going to get a dose of Liberal politics in the mix and in here, it's let's-feel-sorry-for-the-prison inmates. The preaching is "they are in jail to be rehabilitated." Well, that sounds nice but whatever happened to jail as a form of punishment for someone committing a crime against someone else? Liberals - like Redford, who is never shy about giving us his views in movies like this - sometimes seem to have more compassion for thugs than they do victims of crime! He goes so far in here as to preach that if you don't treat prisoners with kid gloves you deserve to have a riot on your hands.

Outside of all that heavy-handedness, you get a nice romance with solid acting all around, not only from the two leads but the supporting case with people like Stockarrd Channnng, Joe Mantegna, Kate Nelligan, Glen Plummer and James Rebhorn.
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Warning: Spoilers
This is an updated review, having just watched this film for the second time.

In reading up on the film, I learned it was supposed to be based on the life of Jessica Savitch, a newscaster I remember quite well, although I forgot how she died. I have a feeling the producers/director were in a damned if we do, and damned if we don't situation here. They were inspired by Savitch's life story, but wanted to make a love story, instead. If they just told the love story, and weren't open about the Savitch angle, they'd be criticized. If they made it clear the story came from the Savitch bio, but didn't make it a documentary/fiction story, they'd be criticized as well. They should have just shut up about where the inspiration for the story came from.

I really liked the first third of this film and the last third of this film. The first third was great because it told the story of a wannabe reporter coming up through the ranks to become a respected reporter...led by her mentor (Robert Redford)...and throw in a bit of romance. The last third of the film was great because it was more about what hard-hitting journalism can be. The problem is the middle third where the couple (Redford and Michelle Pfeiffer) seem to fart around in terms of getting a relationship going. I found that middle third to be rather boring. Were they going to go forward as a couple? Yes, no, yes, no, yes, no. Jeez! Hence the "66%".

Now there are a lot of people who dislike the ending -- if it's a romantic film, why kill of a main character? If its a hard hitting story about the news, why lean so heavily into romance?

Perhaps the problem with the film is that when you begin watching it you think it's one thing -- a romance story with some humor...but then it turns deadly serious.

Another thing that would have helped would have been some timelines, particularly in Tally's time in Miami. It was difficult to get a sense of how long it took her to go from desk work, to weather, to reporter, etc.

Redford's acting here is superb. Redford, who was pretty much always at the top of his game, was here, also. Michelle Pfeiffer is very good, and the problem with her character seemed to be a petty attitude...but after all, she didn't write the script or direct the film. This is very much Redford's and Pfeiffer's film. Sure there are supporting actors, but none that have memorable roles, although their performances are all very good.

It seems as if this film suffered from a bit of an identity confusion. But I still liked it. I just didn't love it.
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The life of TV journalists
esteban17475 January 2002
The film tries to give an idea of the difficulties of TV journalists to succeed and the problems they may face during the job. The director of the film seems to be interested of what may happen in Cuba, and the film touches partially the ethic of contra group in Miami. It also shows how mass media are always behind sensation of the news, sometimes sacrificing the life of the reporters, and this is what happened to Robert Redford, one of the heros of the film. This is not an easy film to be seen, but the argument is acceptable.
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Great Movie
JodyHoelle8 March 2005
Michelle Pfeiffer is a wonderful actress who brings her characters alive. The movie was heartwarming because of her performance. The plot was realistic and well done. Robert Redford did a far better job in this flick than he has in most of his other movies. Pfeiffer and Redford seem to have great chemistry. This combination works well. I highly recommend this movie since a lot of information about what goes on behind the scenes in the news industry are highlighted. I am writing this review in 2005 and the issues we are dealing with in this era were addressed in Up Close and Personal which was made in 1996. Pfeiffer's character remarked that the news was based on what the sponsors wanted; the one major complaint about the news media today is that it is corporate-owned and corporate controlled. So, we don't get the real deal when watching the news. We need PBS and Link TV to get the real news, but mainstream media is exactly as Up Close and Personal portrayed it. Great job! Thank you, Michelle
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Gimme a break!
SillyPuddy19 November 2004
Wow was this movie ever a stinker. I realize its a chick flick but the melodrama was laid on pretty thick. I'm so sure Redford's character would have all that time to spend with Pfeiffer's. As if he has no one or nothing else to tend to in his busy career. She just strolls in and basically becomes his pupil. He believes in her. Right! The convenient circumstances begin to pile up in the first hour making the second hour quite unbearable. Just about the entire movie is implausible. It really meanders when they have Redford's character reporting on the war. The romance is so forced that there was never a chance for any chemistry to develop naturally on screen. I realize its a movie but I didn't buy any of the happenings for a second.
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Great romantic chemistry between Robert Redford and Michelle Pfeiffer. *** out of ****
Movie-129 December 1999
Director: Jon Avnet Running Time: 124 minutes Rated PG-13 (for some sensuality, language, and brief violence)

"Up Close & Personal" is one hundred percent a chick flick-but it is an effective one. With his new romantic drama director Jon Avnet has created a relevant, realistic, interesting behind-the-scenes look at news broadcasting, relationships, and journalism.

The story centers on a young energetic woman, named Sally Atwater, who, in desperation to find the job of her dreams, sends an application to be a television newscaster and work with the biggest names in the business. One of them is Warren Justice, played cleverly by Robert Redford, who lives an opposite life from the clumsy, tactless, and silly Sally. Of course she gets the job, falls in love with Warren, and experiences difficulties with her occupation as well as romance.

The film's first act is near perfect: it introduces the characters and guidelines, exactly what a good first act is supposed to do. We initially meet an opportunity starving underdog, the external conflict, then move on the romantic complications in the second act, the internal conflict. The second act also provides the gradual increase in romantic chemistry; for once we don't have a typical love at first sight story. Both problems are eventually resolved efficiently, but getting there is what contains the original felling.

What makes the characters so relateable in "Up Close & Personal" is the people who they are. Sally is a down-to-earth human being, blooming with cute charm and amiable qualities. She isn't presented as a glamorous, high stakes, important individual, but completely the opposite--perhaps a little too underdogish at times. Warren provides us with a stern opposite to Sally, forming tension. Their slow character development is totally appropriate, as well as effective, here.

The leading characters are played delicately by Robert Redford and Michelle Pfeiffer; the right choice for each. Both pay special attention to the nitty gritty details within the characters. They are very careful not too overdue their characters and subdue the audience. This is not a deep picture, although the closing may catch a few unexpected viewers weeping, it's a light hearted, evenly presented, well-plotted romantic comedy-the filmmakers don't often pretend otherwise.

"Up Close & Personal" is not your typical love story. It is not slow moving, but full of colorful characters, interesting situations, focused point of views, and a suave atmosphere. It is a romantic comedy worth the watch time and your money.

Brought to you by Touchstone Pictures.
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This movie is in my top ten collection!
Streetwolf30 January 2002
I saw this movie years back, but unfortunately ever since my friend borrowed it I never got it back so I never saw it for many years and recently I got the DVD and this movie sure brought back memories.

Sally/Tally Atwater fakes her way into a job and a TV station and has her hopes set up high in becoming a journalist when she meets Warren Justice, who begins teaching her what journalism is truly all about and slowly the two start falling in love, but all things end...

This movie is about love, work and everything else in between. A woman and a man both workaholics can't stand to be away from the thrill of their work and yet can't stand to be away from each other either and then one of them goes and makes a fatal mistake.

10/10 and I hated the ending just for the record, but it was the only one that would suit this film. Whoever believes in fairy tales this is a movie you should stay away from...
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See how to love each other in a complex world.
photosoflife26 November 2015
Every couple who are serious about their relationship should sit down and watch this movie together. As the characters and storyline develop we are presented with a world full of stresses and change that many of us face in our own lives. If you sometimes wonder what should be your priority in life then let this film be an example of how to love and support the partner beside you. For those in touch with their emotions this film has many useful lessons, and for those who are not let it awaken your potential : a masterpiece to watch again and again. Just be prepared for your emotions to be taken on a roller coaster ride. Laugh, smile and cry with someone you love. Start eating your popcorn early on as you'll probably forget all about it as the movie progresses.
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It shows a life.
hans-4810 February 1999
I've seen this movie on TV. The song - Because you loved me - sung by Celine Dion is pretty good. I like the song. But the most important thing is that it showed me my life. I'm a male. But Michelle had a great ambition like me. Finally she ranked the first position in broadcast world. I hope to be like her. We will make our dreams as we have wished to be. I believe you make your dream, and me too. also looooove.
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writing about up close and personal
buck_writer21 June 2001
i have seen this movie different times, during this year, and i must say it appears as a very good adult love-story. sometimes there are comedies you wouldn't like to remember because they're simply stupid,meanwhile, up close and personal can make reflect you about tha complicated world of media, and about a love that can simply grow working together. redford is wonderful, and michelle pfeiffer so nice. it is one of my favourite movies. everybody should see this, and remember that the word love can have a real meaning, sometimes. anna maria
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Material not worthy of its cast
Boyo-223 September 2002
Robert Redford, Michelle Pfeiffer, Kate Nelligan, Stockard Channing, James Rebhorn, Joe Mantegna and Miguel Sandoval all should have sent their agents a skunk or a dozen rotten eggs with the RETURNED script for this yawner. The fact that they all agreed to do it indicates they were paid a lot, because it can't have been for any other reason.

To be fair, Nelligan and Redford have a pretty good scene together. They were married awhile ago and their chemistry and familiarity with one another seems genuine. When she says "I was seven years and three dozen asses ago...", you get a nice sense of their history.

There is also a pretty good scene in a jail - Pfeiffer is doing a story and a riot breaks out. Since this has nothing to do with the rest of the movie, it works well. But when a teary Michelle emerges without a smudge on her white blouse, the movie quickly returns to its sorry state.

To start at the beginning..Pfeiffer gets a job at a Miami television station. She is over-dressed, awkward and clumsy. He is dismissive, sexist and condescending. Naturally they are supposed to be together, its cinema law.

She moves up the television chain of command, for reasons that are never spelled out. Eventually she is a reporter, and with his infinite help and wisdom, a good one. So good, in fact, that she is soon off to Philadelphia (and the movie doesn't even get off a good joke at that city's expense!) but since she is without her MAN, she is faltering. He comes to Her Rescue. This is so stupid, so incredibly insulting to every woman that ever had a career and an ambition, that its amazing Redford and Pfeiffer allowed themselves to be a party to such drivel. No one loves Michelle Pfeiffer more than I do but its getting sickening having to tolerate her awful career choices. When she is sitting with Channing in one scene, Stockard might as well say, "WHY did you agree to do 'Grease 2'? Even I turned it down and I was Rizzo in the first one"!

And they all have these RIDICULOUS NAMES! Tally Atwater? Warren Justice? The best of all -- BUCKY TERRANOVA? Who thought these up, Vince McMahon? Jackie Collins?

Pfeiffer wins one prize for this - most makeovers in a two hour movie. Every time you turn around, she's dyed another color. No, wait..Shirley MacLaine in "What a Way To Go!" would win that. Sorry, TALLY. Ugh. 3/10.
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Wrong-headed, impossible concoction whipped up by too many chefs
moonspinner557 May 2006
What began life as the turbulent story of the late newscaster Jessica Savitch was re-written and revised so many times it now resembles no one, living or dead. It's just another "Star Is Born" rehash, with big stars slumming in soap-ville. Pretty upstart (Michelle Pfeiffer) in the TV-news biz becomes a network anchorwoman, but her romantic relationship with a handsome colleague (Robert Redford) causes problems. Strictly on its hand-me-down terms, the film is a gusty, guilty pleasure, something to watch to kill time, and Pfeiffer works well (as always) even under the most hokey circumstances. However, the best performance is turned in by Stockard Channing as a no-nonsense hard-nose; poor Redford looks like he might be ill at any moment. ** from ****
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That's all the news that is news. Film at eleven.
Michael O'Keefe18 May 2002
A seasoned TV journalist(Robert Redford)molds...and falls for...an engaging, ambitious news woman(Michelle Pfeiffer). A strong, romantic story that also gives a glimpse of behind the scenes TV journalism. Redford and Pfeiffer are magical together. The finale is sad, but intelligent. A charming movie with a very talented supporting cast that includes Stockard Channing, Joe Mantegna, Kate Nelligan and a small role for Pfeiffer's sister. An excellent first date movie.
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Very good
Monika-54 August 1999
Even though I feel Robert Redford is getting a bit old to play the romantic hero, I did enjoy this movie. I liked the newsroom setting. I felt Michelle Pfeiffer gave a very good performance and that she and Mr. Redford had a very likeable chemistry. I didn't care for the ending, but it was good viewing on the whole. A good love story.
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No, no no,...this is NOT a good film!
MartinHafer16 July 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I think the overall score for this film is way too high and may be related to the fact that people like the stars. But their performance in this dreary retread was just sloppy and dull. Nothing about the film in any way made me prefer it to the original A STAR IS BORN with Janet Gaynor or the remake with Judy Garland. Both of these older films are marvelous classics, whereas this film looks like both the stars just did it for money. Additionally, while in this case it's becoming a top news anchor instead of a movie star, the films are essentially the same and any hack writer could have created the script--as there is nothing NEW or IMPORTANT to say in the film. Anyone who saw the original films KNOWS that Redford will ultimately buy the farm and Pfeiffer will be the next Barbara Walters.

Ultimately, I could have summed up the film with "WHO CARES?!", but IMDb doesn't allow such succinct reviews.
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Greatest movie ever made- Robert Redford makes this movie.
jadams-1624 January 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I totally love Robert Redford in this movie. To this day I still watch this movie at least 3 times a week or if not more. I just want to eat this man alive in this movie. It is the best love story I have ever seen. I just can't say enough good things about this movie. I love the way he looks at her, and the things he said to her, and what he does for her, and the way she looks at him, and the things she said to him. I guess what I liked most about this movie were the messages they gave each other without saying a word. It is my fantasy movie. I cannot get enough of Robert Redford . I would love to meet this man. This man can say so much with his facial expressions, yet not say a word with his mouth. GREATEST MOVIE EVER MADE - ROBERT REDFORD AND MICHELLE PFEIFFER REALLY OUT DID THEMSELVES.
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romantic story which good advice
lia0002720 November 2002
Good story from novel. I think man that they show from novels is always same nice, very attention with his woman, have a good life. But what very make this film good is the ending, the ending is touching my heart. Because even in the story her husband is death, but she is strong and fight for her husband care.

Michele and Robert, they are good actors with very natural played. And they can act to be anyone, that's what I very appreciate about actors work.

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I started not liking it - ended loving it
Odgi16 October 2001
I switched to it more accidently on TV, and fell in love with this movie. It is not a so special film, but it really catches you. It is a small insight in the news business, hey, it even helped my write a work for school (I always tried to tell stories wrong), but foremost it is a wonderful love story with enough dramatic action to make it not to soft.
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Extremely underrated film
lisafordeay27 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Up Close and Personal was released in 1996 and stars Michelle Phiefer and Robert Redford and tells the tale of an inspiring news- reporter named Tally(played by Phiefer)who gets offered a job by Wallace Justice(Robert Redford) after he seen an audition tape that she had for her job interview and ends up getting hired while later falling in love. But when Wallace has to travel far away for a while to do a news report will there love for each other be under jeopardy. Overall I have never seen this film before till now and I gotta say I really enjoyed it. The chemistry between Robert and Michelle was great,the story was very heavy with its news reports and on journalism and the life and death that comes with it as its not as easy as you think. With music from Celine Dion "Because You Love Me" and with a great cast that also includes Grease's Stockhard Channing and Michelle's sister DeeDee Phiefer. Try and track this film down and see what you think of it.

Hankies at the ready for this one though as the climax towards the end of the film will have you in tears.

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