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Filming in Oklahoma was briefly delayed due to the terrorist bombing of Oklahoma City on April 19, 1995. Much of the crew went to the bombing site to help with recovery efforts.
A recording of a camel's moan was slowed down and used as the sound of the tornado.
Was the first movie released on DVD, and the last to be released on HD-DVD.
According to the book on the making of the movie, the CGI cow picked up by the twister sisters was originally a CGI zebra from Jumanji (1995).
The real town of Wakita, Oklahoma had part of its old downtown area demolished by the film crew for the scenes after the twister passes. The studio then paid for the downtown to be rebuilt. The town also kept the new fire truck used in the film.
The reason the characters react to the TV screens going blank and showing only static before the tornado hits is because, in the days before digital TV, it was discovered that a tornado generates a signal that will override and blank channel 2 on TV sets. Digital TVs do not react this way.
An urban legend states that a tornado hit a drive-in theater in the town of Stoney Creek, Ontario while this movie was playing. What really happened was that on May 20, 1996 a tornado hit a drive-in theater in the town of Thorold that was scheduled to play this movie. One of the screens was damaged. The movie was not actually playing when the tornado hit, but scheduled to play that evening.
The instrument package used in the movie, "Dorothy", is actually a homage to the instrument pack real tornado researchers attempt to place in the paths of tornados, "T.O.T.O.".
In order to get the background skies looking suitably stormy, the truck cab sequences had to be flooded with high-intensity lighting for contrast. As a result, Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton suffered minor retinal burns through much of the filming.
Both Joss Whedon and Steven Zaillian were brought in as script doctors at a fee of $100,000 a week.
Helen Hunt was injured while filming the scene where the truck drives through the corn, when the door was forced back into her head. For later shots, the door was wedged open.
During an early scene when Philip Seymour Hoffman is sitting on a lawn chair, he lifts his leg in the air while laughing. His genitals were fully visible for a split second; this was edited out for DVD and VHS releases, but was leaked from VHS screeners sent to industry professionals.
A jet engine from a Boeing 707 was used to generate wind in some scenes.
The project was a co-production between Universal and Warner Bros. That is why the drive-in marquee shows Psycho (1960) a Universal release and The Shining (1980), a Warner Bros. release.
Jan de Bont said he regretted thinking of the hail sequence because it took so long to do and was very difficult. Also the crew couldn't find ice blocks big enough in Oklahoma, so they had to find them in other states.
Shot over a period of 95 days.
After the team leaves Wakita, there is a seemingly impossible helicopter shot in which the camera descends several hundred feet in a matter of seconds, ending up mere feet from the convoy. This was achieved by having the cars drive slower than usual and then speeding up the film.
Many of the news reports spread throughout the movie are actual weathermen from Oklahoma news stations, including Gary England, chief meteorologist at KWTV in Oklahoma City, and Rick Mitchell, chief meteorologist at KOCO in Oklahoma City. The "1969" footage of Gary England giving the televised tornado warning to Jo's family is actual archived footage of him issuing a tornado warning; however, Gary England did not join KWTV until 1972.
Jonas is vilified in the film for selling out to 'corporate sponsors'. This is especially ironic considering the very prominent product placement for Pepsi. When the team is making the 'wings' for the sensors, all the cans are for Pepsi products. Additionally, in almost all the shots showing the 'Doppler', the colors spiral inwards and morph into the Pepsi yin-yang symbol.
Trailers contain a shot not in the film: a truck tire hurtling towards the viewer. This was supposedly one of the test shots that was created during pre-production to prove that CGI was capable of executing the effects sequences with the necessary level of realism.
"It sucks" was originally going to be used as one of the taglines for the film, but the producers felt that it worked too much to the advantage of disappointed audiences and critics.
Michael Crichton and his wife Anne-Marie Martin were paid $2 million for their script.
Right after Bill and Jo come out of the toppled house, the teddy bear that hits their truck is CG.
Lois Smith's character is reading Dante Alighieri's Inferno when the twister hits Wakita. The book also features a tornado in the second circle of Hell that punishes people ruled by Lust.
Garth Brooks turned down the role of Dustin Davis.
Although Amblin Entertainment has collaborated with both Warner Bros. and Universal on many occasions (with Amblin co-founder Steven Spielberg having directed films for both studios), as of 2014, this film marks the only time Amblin collaborated with both studios on the same film.
The name on the tanker truck that pushes Bill's pickup off of the tree is "Benthic Petroleum" which is the same oil company that Ed Harris' crew works for in The Abyss (1989).
The base camp (where the crew trucks and equipment was staged) for the end sequence of the film was at a pig farm down the road from the well-house. Every morning the cast and crew were greeted by the aroma of a 2 acre pig-waste holding pond in the middle of all the trucks.
The original Director of Photography was Don Burgess (best known for his collaborations with Robert Zemeckis), but he and many other crewmembers walked off the set midway through filming after a series of heated arguments with director Jan de Bont.
The laptops used in the film are Silicon Graphics Indy Presenter LCD screens (not real laptops) that have been modified to look like functional laptops when in fact the screen image is generated by a computer off-screen.
Jan de Bont is a fan of singer Tori Amos, and decided early on he wanted to include some of her music in the film.
The name "Dorothy" and the picture on the side of the device are an homage to Judy Garland in her role of Dorothy Gale in The Wizard of Oz (1939)
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Laura Dern was considered for the role of Dr. Jo Harding.
The red combine used in the film is now in Watrous, Saskatchewan, Canada
Jami Gertz's first acting role was a school production of The Wizard of Oz, in which she played Dorothy.
Bill's truck is a Dodge Ram 2500 with a V10.
The 21 August 1995 draft of the screenplay credits Joss Whedon and Jeff Nathanson as writers. Niether are credited in the final film.
Jan de Bont, a vegetarian, has stated that he hated filming the scene at Aunt Meg's house when everyone is eating steak and eggs.
As stated earlier, the crew had trouble finding enough ice blocks for the hail making machine. Some were obtained from the Burlington Ice Company in Burlington, Iowa. The ice blocks were made special by pouring milk in with the water, so the hail would show up better on film.
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The reason Dustin is wearing the OU hat is because the producers wanted to spite OU gore not letting the OU symbol be on Dorothy.
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The trivia items below may give away important plot points.

At the end of the movie Bill remarks that the tornado didn't take the house. In fact, it was originally supposed to. The Hardin County, Iowa, Historical Society and many citizens objected to the house being blown up so it was spared. The area is now a tourist attraction as the rubble from the barn and fences is still there exactly as it was in the movie.
Despite the severity and frequency of the tornadoes in this movie, there are only 3 known deaths: Jo's father, Jonas, and Eddie.
The house that was spared at the end of the film was actually destroyed by a tornado in 2010.
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In the scene right before aunt Meg's house gets hit by the tornado you can see a movie playing on her tv and the actress you see is Judy Garland, who plays Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz.
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