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A Big Surprise
whpratt118 October 2006
This story starts out very calm and quiet in a average American town with a married woman, Vanessa Marcel,(Sydney Carpenter),"Storm Watch",'02, who is offered a career in the film business, which she had prior experiences. However, she loves her husband, Thomas Gibson,(Matthew Carpenter),"Come Away Home",'05 and her little son and decides to stay home and be a good mother and wife. Matthew Carpenter does very little communicating with his wife and they do manage to sleep in the same bed and things do happen, once-in-awhile. It is at this point that I begin to wonder just what is going to make this film interesting and is it going to be a good mystery. As this film progressed further, I was very much in for a Big Surprise and never stopped looking at the screen. Vanessa Marcel all of a sudden appears are a very charming young woman who has an outstanding female figure and is full of life and determined to find out some very dark problems in her marriage. You will enjoy this film and it will keep you guessing right to the very end.
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One Great Movie!!!
Jeremiah_1611 August 2002
This movie was a great movie , great plot , and even though the actors weren't that famous they did a good job acting. It is truely too bad that this movie didn't recieve the recognition that it truely deserved because this is a good movie . I recomend this movie to everyone , no matter what your type of movie you prefer because this movie will make your day .

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Frustrating stew of credibility problems
synonym4shedog26 February 2010
Not sure what I expected, but in many ways this was a disappointment of a thriller. The protagonist's (Vanessa Marcil) attitude, her intent from the very beginning to get her son back (but not the husband), had me confused. A little back story of marital problems would have been most welcome -- especially since the actor portraying the husband (Thomas Gibson) acted rings around the official police detective love interest (James Wilder).

The whole FBI subplot thing -- including the courtroom scenes -- had no credibility at all, and Agent Lassiter (Leland Orser) was such a chore to watch that at one point I considered just turning the blame thing off. And the wife's best friend (Rosalind Chao) was never even given the dignity of a name.

Maybe some other viewers will be satisfied with the ending. I do not feel that much of a job was done knitting up plot lines. I was left thinking, "Wait, is that all there is? What about A and B and C?"
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deceit can be so entertaining !
larrerv27 January 2007
Warning: Spoilers
This movie really starts slow,but right when you are ready to give up on it,it starts moving at really good pace.The acting is much better than most made for television movies and the plot is full of twist and turns.Most of the cast does a great job,especially the female lead.Thomas Gibson surprisingly enough makes a great creepy husband and of course thinks only of his own diabolical self.James Wilder manages to mug his way through in his usual,look at me brooding,style of acting.It always amazes me that these people fall in and out of love in an hour and half,I guess they are strapped for time.Not a perfect movie but very entertaining,very enjoyable.
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