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  • The old bag of bones 'Cryptkeeper' returns for his second full length feature flick about a funeral home that's a front for a whorehouse run by vampires.

  • The dwarf Vincent Prather leads an expedition to the Tierra del Fuego following an ancient map. He arrives at a cave where there is a coffin instead of a treasure. He opens a box with four pieces of a heart and revives the mother of all vampires Lilith that kills his employees. Vincent uses a key artifact with blood to control and protect himself from Lilith. The punk Caleb Verdoux has an argument with his sister Katherine Verdoux and leaves their house to go to a bar to meet a friend. They learn that there is an amazing brothel at 325 Beaumont, a funeral home where they should ask for the Cunningham Wake. They are received by the mortician McCutcheon and soon they go to the brothel. However Lilith runs the place and the girls are vampires. Caleb's friend is killed by Lilith that that rips his heart out of his chest and then Caleb is attacked by her. Katherine goes to the precinct to report that her brother is missing but the police officer does not give much attention to her. The private investigator Rafe Guttman overhears her conversation and offers his services to Katherine. The snoopy Rafe tracks Caleb's path and he discovers that the brothel seems to be a lair of vampires. But Katherine, who works with Reverend Current that has a business connection with Lilith, does not believe in his word. Now Rafe is seeking evidences to prove to Katherine that he is telling the truth.

  • The Crypt Keeper returns to tell the story of a funeral parlor that moonlights as a vampire bordello.


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  • rafe guttman is a wise cracking detective who gets a case by katherine which leads him to a place where dead people are alive an the dead is walking...he ends up helping katherine but then after they solve the case he finds out the case wasnt worth solving...he encounters a plot where he an katherine find her missing brother only to find he is undead.. he an katherine must battle a vampire named lilliath which is taken from the name of a adams first bride but was banished before eden in the genesis book... basically the story goes from one vampire to the next and we find out that killing the head vampire is not always the safest way to end a vampire plot.we can see that when you hunt vampires you must be always wary that the person next to you could be the foe you are trying to battle... so basically watch out cause even if you are in it for the long haul there's more than what you expect...

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