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Season 1

5 Jan. 1998
Chelsea snoops and meddles in Jane's relationship with her ex.
12 Jan. 1998
A Trip to Chelseatown
Jane agrees to let Chelsea renovate her apartment for a magazine spread, so the two wind up rooming together. Jane discovers what a nut-case Chelsea really is when she's invited to visit the attic, home to miniature Chelseatown.
19 Jan. 1998
The Boss and Other Disasters
Chelsea butts heads (and more) with Jane's condescending boss.
26 Jan. 1998
A Recipe for Disaster
Chelsea begrudgingly takes the opportunity to meet her idol and quickly discovers the pressure to be perfect has taken its toll on the original domestic diva.
2 Feb. 1998
Chelsea Gets an Opinion
To offset some bad press, Chelsea foolishly decides to go on a talk show that's modeled after "Politically Incorrect."
22 Jul. 1998
Terry, We Hardly Knew Ye
Chelsea feels guilty after she makes Jane fire clueless Terry. Meanwhile Trudy and Mr. John fawn over Matthew, Terry's replacement.
29 Jul. 1998
Office Management for Beginners
Chelsea incites an office war between Jane and Bobby.
5 Aug. 1998
The Plate
Chelsea becomes consumed with getting her hands on Jane's antique plate, but there's dire consequences when it finally winds up in her clutches. Meanwhile, Trudy dates a guy who seems too good to be true.
12 Aug. 1998
Chelsea's First Date
Chelsea agrees to a date with an old friend and soon finds herself standing at the altar before God and Carol Channing.
19 Aug. 1998
No Soap, Romeo
Jane begins dating a self-involved soap opera star and unwittingly encourages him to quit his job. Meanwhile, Terry is bullied by a creepy delivery man and Chelsea finds herself addicted to soap operas.
26 Aug. 1998
Chelsea's Ex
When Chelsea bumps into her ex-husband, she becomes convinced that he wants her back. Meanwhile, Mr. John is forced by his lover to tell his aged parents that he's gay.
2 Sep. 1998
I Went to a Garden Party
Chelsea's plan to win an award by hosting a quaint function for a drug rehab organization hits a major snag when she unknowingly serves magic mushrooms to her guests.
Do Not Go Squealing Into That Good Night
Chelsea is blamed when her obnoxious neighbor's pig turns up dead, but the real culprit is the last person anyone would suspect.

 Season 1 

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