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Looking for a certain episode. HELP PLEASE.
hlfrazier877 November 2009
My friends and I have been looking for a certain episode of 'Strange Universe' that aired approximately ~15 years ago. We have been searching for years and we will not give up until we find this video.

The episode we are looking for contained a certain segment titled "The Face in the Window" and featured (from what we can remember, which isn't a whole lot) a family from Missouri that accidentally caught footage of an alien on one of their Christmas home video recordings.

As to whether or not it really was an alien's face at the window doesn't really matter. All that matters is that we find this video. The reason being is that we all remember seeing it, and we all remember being totally freaked out over it - and now, we all can't find it.

I, personally, am offering a cash reward for whoever can find this video for me. It won't be much, but will definitely pay for your time, troubles and shipping (if necessary).

The following is a list of clips that are NOT the one we are searching for.
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Strange Universe was a strange show but it was great!
Movie Nuttball23 December 2002
This was great little show. I am not sure if it still airs on TV or not because It was only on in My area for a few months then it was removed. I watched it every night until it just disappeared. The show was hosted by Emmett Miller who is a strange fellow himself! Strange Universe focused on strange and unexplained things such Big Foot, The Lock Ness Monster, and UFOs. Plus the insane things people do such as lying on a bed of nails. Strange Universe focused on other things such as aliens abductions, the Chucacabra creature,Spirts,the Cow Mutilations, sightings of the Moth Man and the Jersey Devil and Dragons and much more! It also had a nice feature where it would have small interviews with top movie stars and they would tell what they believe in and give their opinions. Strange Universe was a good show though they only downfall of the series was that it lasted only thirty minutes and with commercials it lasted even less:( If you see Strange Universe on TV on somehow come across it on video do watch as you won't be disappointed because it delivered some good moments of the unexplained and it was very interesting and fun to watch!


I loved this one segment which had they showed on Strange Universe. It was an insane but hilarious segment. Master Joe was the star of the segment and he would demonstrate his act. He would let cars and trucks drive over him and the only protection he had was a towel! Yes, a towel! I was so amazed that after he got ran over by the vehicles he would stand up like nothing happened! It was so cool!
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