Star Trek: First Contact (1996) Poster

Plot Keywords

borg captain
first contact warp speed
alien 24th century
vulcan cube
sphere borg queen
nuclear missile escape
21st century borg cube
borg sphere directed by star
admiral sequel to cult favorite
based on tv series klingon
reference to moby dick attack
teleportation laser gun
alien race world war three
based on cult tv series whiskey
artificial lifeform alternative history
doctor scientist
self destruct telescope
alternative timeline disguise
deception cybernetics
vortex drone
exploding ship bar
alien invasion spacesuit
nightmare transformation
disintegration phaser
escape pod eighth part
post apocalypse shot in the face
magnetic boots pool table
weightlessness blood
eye gouging machine gun
forest ray gun
moby dick female doctor
retribution cyborg
explosion commune
paradox four word title
severed arm spaceship
electrocution post nuclear war
commander kidnapping
space battle photon torpedoes
space war good versus evil
end of the world space opera
statue virtual reality
takeover laser
hologram robot as pathos
star trek tommy gun
wilhelm scream assimilation
shot in the chest radiation sickness
underground bunker mercy killing
alien contact invulnerability
space shuttle arm amputation
hostage spacecraft
sequel genetic mutation
dog blade
u.s.s. enterprise ncc 1701 e held at gunpoint
neck breaking lieutenant
mutation engineer
nightclub holodeck
drunkenness genetic engineering
saga montana
infrared vision android
alcoholic invasion
revenge fictional war
flashback rock music
jukebox colon in title
changing the future 2060s
race against time counsellor
time travel shot to death
obsession shot in the shoulder
female medical doctor outer space
lasersight radiation
shot in the back vengeance
sickbay mind control
lieutenant commander cigarette smoking
cult film stabbed in the neck
fainting experimental technology
dereliction of duty robot
robot as menace genetic manipulation
stowaway inventor
disembodied head title spoken by character
surprise ending

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