Space Jam (1996) Poster


Plot Keywords

basketball michael jordan
basketball game alien
nba outer space
theme park bull
amusement park baseball
huntsville stars birmingham barons
major league baseball mlb
minor league baseball milb
lincoln motor company national basketball association
ford windstar reference to charles barkley
gm surburban gm the car
lincoln automobile lincoln town car stretched limousine
dodge the car dodge challenger
chevrolet caprice chevrolet corvair
chevrolet cheerleader
ford maverick ford motor company
reference to michael jordan reference to lola bunny
reference to madonna rice krispies cereal
live action and animation 1 year later
1970s 20 years later
piggly wiggly grocery store subway restaurant
mcdonald's restaurant cartoon on tv
golf player baseball game
baseball player baseball team
television nissan
coca cola mcdonalds
1990s basketball movie
tall anthropomorphism
anthropomorphic animal talking animal
scene after end credits kidnapping
basketball tournament tournament
reference to the mighty ducks reference to mickey mouse
montage granny
surrealism cartoon skunk
cartoon rabbit cartoon pig
cartoon mouse cartoon duck
cartoon chicken cartoon cat
cartoon canary cartoon bird
cartoon dog sports team
athlete cameo cult film
wile e coyote road runner
umpire tweety bird
rooster reporter
referee psychiatrist
pig photographer
mouse medical doctor
fan duck
dog coyote
chicken cat
bird basketball team
basketball player basketball court
skunk ball
sniffles semi autobiographical
tasmanian devil blockbuster
reference to porky pig road runner the character
pepe le pew reference to bugs bunny
rabbit reference to elmer fudd
part animation cartoon reality crossover
monster yosemite sam
part computer animation basketball hoop
golf lola bunny
foghorn leghorn product placement
sylvester the cat based on commercial
martial arts reference to speedy gonzales
reference to daffy duck

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