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One of Television's all time best movie series

Author: TexasRedge from Kingsport, Tennessee
17 April 2002

If America only knew how good this was,it would be the highest rated Made-For-TV movie series of all time(hard to believe there are more people out there that would rather watch "The Columbo Mysteries" than Bernard Cornwell's Sharpe Chronicles- that just goes to show the power of major network name-brand advertising.

The Richard Sharpe movie series has been television at its finest. I have seen all of the BBC Sharpe series movies,"Sharpe's Waterloo" is my favorite of the films. However I tune in to PBS everytime they air the Sharpe movies. So far all the movies have been based on the Sharpe Chronicles - adventure novels written by Bernard Cornwell(the same author who wrote "Rebel"). Each Movie chronicles the on-going adventures of Richard Sharpe who is a Brittish Lt. in the Brittish military during the late 1790's-to early 1800's during the Napoleonic era in Europe. I sincerly believe that each one of these Films has been good enough to have shown at the movie theaters,if the producers had wanted to. Unlike other Made-For-TV films,The Hornblower films do not have that Made-For-TV feeling to them,like most television movies have. However each of the Sharpe Movies picks up exactly where the last one left off. The only negative thing I can say about this movie series is the use of an electric guitar as the background music- I have to take points off for that, because the sometimes screeching guitar noises can become annoying at times.

A common misconception that people who havent seen these movies have is that all of these films go to gether as a mini-series- that is not true. The Sharpe movies are not a mini-series,all of these films are individual movies about the same charactor, However they are sequels to each other each picking up where the last film left off.- with all the same actors playing the same roles in each film(EXAMPLE:think of the James Bond films-that same principle applies to the Sharpe movies,but unlike Bond, the Sharpe films are sequels)

If you have seen the Sharpe movies and you liked them and you wish to see more similar themed programing, I will suggest A&E's Horatio Hornblower movies(6 movies in all- same basic priciple as the Sharpe movie except Hornblower is in the Brittish Navy to whereas Sharpe is a ground soldier)

I give the entire Sharpe movie series 4 out of 5 stars. Its near Perfect entertainment- but you cant please everyone, so for those of you dont like epic Napoleonic era battles,classic historic style drama,high stakes adventure, and danger on the European battlefields,if you dont like stuff like that-there is always a Columbo re-run for you to watch.

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Exciting Entry in the Series

Author: bs3dc from United Kingdom
13 November 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Sharpe's Siege is set against the backdrop of the beginning of the British invasion of France in 1813, towards the end of the Napoleonic Wars. With the classic Bernard Cornwell formula Major Sharpe (Sean Bean) has to face enemies both from his own side, this time in the shape of an incompetent young Colonel (Christopher Viliers) and from the French, led by General Calvet (Pierre Oliver) and his old adversary Major Pierre Ducos (Féodor Atkine).

After Sharpe's Regiment where the bulk of the action took place in England, this entry sees the welcome return of Philip Whitchurch as Captain Frederickson, one of the more colourful characters in the entire series. The guest stars in this entry are also memorable and well-acted.

Though not the best in the series this episode in particular has a great balance of drama, action and humour as the heroes have to overcome the odds yet again. There are also some interesting sub-plots including Harper's toothache and an outbreak of fever back at the British camp. The story has been changed somewhat from the Bernard Cornwell novel, but it is plain to see how sticking strictly to the original material would have put this production heavily over budget.

The fact that the characters are in France are a sad reminder that the series was drawing to a close, but there is still some way for Sharpe and Harper to march...

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Sharpe is getting closer to Boni

Author: chrichtonsworld from Netherlands
25 October 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This episode is finally back on track in the grand scheme of Lord Wellington defeating the french! Sharpe is ordered to take over a castle,so that Wellington can pass easily in order to advance! Like all the other episodes some men and other troubles get in his way and Sharpe has to deal with it! This episode was very fast paced comparing to the previous episodes! There was a lot of action and much comic relief! Harper looks terrible,he has a toothache but refuses to go to the surgeon! Very funny scene! It is nice to see that Sharpe really is maturing,especially his dealings with women! Also he seems more secure being a Major! All in all this was a good and fast episode,you feel that they are getting closer to Napoleon.

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Sharpe is as Brave and gallant as ever

Author: Scaramouche2004 from Coventry, England
1 December 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Sean Bean reprises his role for the tenth time in this exciting entry in the Sharpe movie.

Sharpe and his chosen men are once again put under the command of a inexperienced, incompetent officer as they are sent to capture a French held fort. The French nobleman who owns the fort has promised that the locals can be persuaded to join the British and organise a rebellion against the French. However Wellington's spies are convinced that these reports are untrue, which his why Sharpe, his men and their new useless commander have been sent to the fort, to ascertain the truth.

Sharpe is also troubled that his new bride has been hit by fever and as he departs, she is at deaths door and with quinine the only thing that can save her in such short supply it seems that nothing can save her.

As suspected the French nobleman's talk of rebellion was a trap, and mainly thanks to the incompetence of his new commander Sharpe soon finds himself trapped inside the fort with a depleted rag tag bunch of men and half the French army camped outside ready to lay siege.

Also the same fever that is ravaging his wife's body, is rife withing the fort and with the local doctor having acquired some quinine, Sharpe has to wrestle with a difficult decision, does he selfishly save it for his wife or administer it to the locals?

Plus with ammunition running out fast, and with Sharpe vastly outnumbered, it seems that this maybe Sharpe's final battle or can a miracle save him at the eleventh hour.

Excellent support from all involved and another good swashbuckling yarn.

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