Shadow Zone: The Undead Express (TV Movie 1996) Poster


The Reaper: Who dares to disturb me?

The Reaper: What do you think you're doing?

The Reaper: Come in here.

The Reaper: No one leaves here, until I tell them to go.

The Reaper: Because I really really like company here in the shadow zone.

The Reaper: The shadow zone can exists anywhere.

The Reaper: [Looks at the torch unfired] In your neighborhood.

The Reaper: [Fires it and looks at the other torch on his other side unfired] In your school.

The Reaper: [Fires it] Even in your own bedroom.

The Reaper: This is where your world meets mine.

The Reaper: Where the everyday world meets the things that live in the worst nightmares.

The Reaper: There is only one requirement to enter the shadow zone.

The Reaper: [Holds the staff that has a bulb on top of it] A touch of evil.

The Reaper: [Hand swirls around it] It's all it takes.

The Reaper: As easy as stealing.

The Reaper: As simple as cheating.

The Reaper: As near as a lie.

[Looks into the bulb]

The Reaper: Like Zachary here.

[Hand swirls around it again and reveal Zach and Gabe and J.T playing basketball outside]

The Reaper: He doesn't understand that lying can get you into trouble.

The Reaper: And into the shadow zone.

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Gabe: Oh great.

[after the basketball brakes the window into an abandon building]

J. T: Guess that bad.

Zach: Come on.

Gabe: Great again.

Zach: I'm not going in there.

Zach: And I say...

[Kicks the door down]

Gabe: Zach.

Gabe: Let's get out of here.

J. T: What?

J. T: Scared that something will come out stab you of the shadows?

[Gabe rolls eyes then things start to wrap around her and J.T gets quicksand, both are screaming and Zach gets some hands pull him into the wall and shows the last bit of the basketball fall to the camera and then black out then a wall coming to the left to the right and shows a councilor and Zach in the room sitting]

Counsellor: And what you did that?

Zach: I got it in the arm and pulled Gabe away from the thing and I pulled into the quicksand and J.T pull me out.

Counsellor: I see that your mother is a conifer and your father is an artist.

Zach: Yeah.

Counsellor: And they recently got divorced.

Zach: Yeah.

Counsellor: Cording to your teacher you have a tippilecaly rather hard - uh let's say imaginary to the truth and the divorce might have triggered some compantancy and denial inappropriate behavior.

Counsellor: How's things going at school?

Zach: School? Fine you know school hey, it's great.

Counsellor: Why don't you tell me about your friends Gabe and J.T.

Zach: Gabe and J.T?

[Screens off above Zach onto the Zach, Gabe and J.T onto the streets walking]

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Gabe: You told him about us?

Zach: Yeah.

Zach: Told him you're athletic.

Gabe: Why?

Zach: Cause you aren't.

J. T: What did you tell him about me?

Zach: I told him that you're a computer geek guy that um your real name is garadiemias caras.

J. T: What?

J. T: Why?

Zach: He's a doctor.

Zach: He won't tell anybody.

J. T: Yeah right.

Gabe: Zach, do you want to do the research for this project with me its due next week.

Zach: Yeah right. School after Friday

J. T: We can hit the arcade.

Zach: No can do guys, it's an up weekend.

J. T: Was it last weekend the up weekend?

Gabe: Which this would to this a down weekend.

Zach: No, this week end is I'm down at mom's

Gabe: So maybe doing the research for this project isn't such a bad idea.

J. T: Up again with mom's?

Zach: One of a kind Snakers tickets, um we're going to sit courtside and I going to play the Lakers right?

Zach: I mean those people will bring free drinks and um hot dogs and stuff.

J. T: Cool.

Gabe: They playing the bulls, Zach.

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Zach: Well, yeah, who ever.

Zach: I mean I get to meet this team right?

Zach: Okay well, I see you later.

Zach: [Gabe and J.T looks at each other, J.T shakes his head and scene changes to Zach entering the china food restaurant] Hey Harv, hey Mr. Chain.

Mr. Chan: Hey Zach, how you're doing?

Zach: Good fine.

Mr. Chan: Today's usual?

Zach: Egg roll with the mustered.

Zach: [after Mr. Chain gives him the Eggroll with mustered] Thanks.

Zach: I see you later Harv.

[Harv tips his hat at him]

Video Store Clerk: Hey Zach.

Zach: [Zach goes into the video shop for rent] Hey Mill.

Zach: Anything new?

Video Store Clerk: We issued Freaks class black and white horror flick.

Video Store Clerk: [a woman shopper looks over her shoulder to look at them] You know the one that beats you in time.

Zach: Seen it.

Video Store Clerk: With interviews?

Video Store Clerk: We got the colorization of 'Earasor head'.

Zach: Been there.

Zach: Done that.

Zach: Doesn't work.

Zach: What time is it?

Video Store Clerk: Up weekend?

Video Store Clerk: [Looks at the clock then back at Zach] Don't sweat it.

Video Store Clerk: You've got plenty of time.

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Zach: [Picks up video that says 'BLOOD CURSE OF THE VAMPIRE'] Ah!

Zach: Cool!

Zach: Blood Curse of the Vampire?

Zach: Mill!

Zach: You weren't going to tell me?

[Goes to check it out at the desk]

Video Store Clerk: I knew you'll find.

Video Store Clerk: [Mill scans it and holds it to him] I say it's outstanding.

Video Store Clerk: Watch it with the lights one.

Zach: Yeah.

Zach: Right.

[Put it in the backpack and zips it up]

Zach: Mill, see ya later.

[Mill waves the money for goodbye and sticks the lollipop back into his mouth]

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Zach: [Scene changes to Zach walk the street and walks down stairs and slide down the binders and puts a quarter in the slot and runs down moving stairs. A subway exit. Zach walks onto the platform and stops to look at the clock... which is going wild. See clock go wild] Cool.

[Looks into tunnel]

Valentine: [Enters then shows the clock going wild then Valentine holding a rat before eats it's head off then throws it at Zach then smiles and walks away]

[Zach leans more and gets pull out of the way on the on coming subway by a guy]

Zach: See that?

[Points to the dead rat at his feet]

Man in Subway: It's a rat, kid.

Man in Subway: Welcome to the big city.

[Zach gets on the subway and the scene shows the end of the subway running making it look like it is going backward away from Valentine and the scene changes to the building Zach is staying at and stops onto the top floor of the build and shows his mother making something in the kitchen]

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Mom: So.

Mom: How's Doctor Drowns?

Zach: [sigh] You know

Mom: You know I was talking to the councilor yesterday.

Mom: She said her whole family lives at mayitbe.

Mom: It's no big deal anymore.

Mom: It's just how people express their feelings.

Mom: [Phone rings and both Zach and mom looks at each other before she picks up the phone] Hello?

Mom: What?

Mom: No.

Mom: This sudden count center draw at where I left it.

Mom: No.

Mom: I can't just drop everything and -

[Puts hand on mouthpiece phone and says to Zach]

Mom: I'm sorry honey.

Mom: It's going riddiculus.

Zach: [sigh] Yeah, and that's why you get paid for big bucks.

[Zach gets up and sits on couch]

Mom: Uh.

Mom: Look I really not just going to - just let me talk to D.

Mom: D.

Mom: I can not baby-sit.

[Walks into her bedroom and Zach look over his shoulder then to the movie. That shows a woman running to the car while Mom comes back with black over coat on]

Mom: Honey.

[Zach looks over his shoulder]

Mom: I'm really sorry.

Zach: You're going out?

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Mom: [Put the top off of it and it makes a big clang sound and she burns her hand but put the stove off] I know I promised you.

Mom: I'm going to make it up to you. I don't know -.

Mom: I-I'll-I'll get some-some tickets or you know a basketball.

Zach: No.

Zach: It's okay.

Mom: I called marios.

Mom: They're going to stand up some pizzas.

Mom: [Scene goes to the TV now with the man banging against the car with a brick] I'm sorry honey.

Zach: It's alright.

Zach: I'm just going to watch some TV.

Mom: Okay.

Mom: Bye.

[Leaves with sounds of footsteps and a door slamming and Zach looks back at the TV and scene changes at night and Zach putting in the movie in the VCR and starts it up and starts eating popcorn. TV shows a guy looking around before entering a construction site and him looking around again]

Zach: Heh.

Zach: I can really go in there.

[Shows a woman vampire and the guy starts to walk on the wooden block and shows the vampire walking toward him and shows Zach chewing on the popcorn and then looks behind him and then back at the TV just in time to see the vampire grab one of the man's leg to trip him and she shoves he hair away from his neck and starts sucking and Zach pulls a pillow near him and shows the vampire sucking then it is daytime and he just got up with a blanket around him loosely]

Mom: We got eggs.

Mom: We got bacon.

Mom: And uh we got toast.

Mom: And we got grape fruit.

Mom: An ha Zach, I got bad news.

Zach: Gotta go back to work?

Mom: Yeah.

Mom: One of my clients is emerging with two other companies and the large one is a advisory and entrails statement day and hey.

Zach: Hey.

Zach: It's cool.

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Mom: Well I - I - I didn't want to wake you.

Mom: I wanted you to sleep as late as you could but um it's almost noon and I have to go.

Zach: It's alright I understand.

Mom: Ah - take a cab, here you go.

Zach: Like usual.

Mom: Yeah.

Mom: It's just a day earlier, right?

[sighed and kissed Zach on the check]

Zach: Mmm.

Zach: Don't worry.

Zach: You're still the best mom I got.

[She smiles]

Mom: Thank you.

Mom: Okay.

Mom: Bye bye.

[Walks out and closed door sounds and Zach looks down at the money in his hand and the scene changes to the build he is getting out of]

Zach: Thank you Mat.

person that was holding the hotel door: Have nice day.

[Waves and Zach looks into the cab making the guy lean in to see what he wants]

Zach: Na, that's cool.

Zach: I'm going to take the subway.

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Zach: [after going into the subway station and looks at the map, Zach passes the clock that is going wild and see the number six and goes left when a work guy come and pull the number six to swing it back into a number nine]

[Sees Dwayne]

Zach: Hey.

Zach: [Dwayne looks up] I didn't mean to scare you.

Zach: I'm sorry.

Zach: Umm.

Zach: Do you know where the number six line is?

Zach: Stop down this way?

Dwayne: Number six?

Dwayne: Oh!

Dwayne: The number six!

Dwayne: Yeah!

Dwayne: Yeah!

Dwayne: I could show you.

Dwayne: I'll be happy to.

Dwayne: My pleasure.

Dwayne: It's... this way.

[Points with thumb over shoulder behind him. Zach backs away slowly]

Dwayne: Come with me.

Zach: You don't have to show me.


Zach: [Dwayne in turns light and skin falls off to reveals bones and skull and Valentine pulls him out of it]

[Valentine Enters with no smile then smiles small]

Zach: W - What-w-w-who...

Valentine: Valentine Cutter at your services, Zach. /or/ Sir

Zach: [sighs] W-what happen?

Valentine: What?

Zach: W-w-what was he doing?

Valentine: What do you think he was doing?

Zach: His face was it a skull.

Zach: [pauses] I know you.

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Zach: You through that rat at me.

Valentine: Sure it was a rat?

Zach: It was a rat.

Valentine: You looked at it carefully?

Zach: Well-no.

Valentine: Well, it must be something else.

Zach: It looked like a rat.

Valentine: Perhaps it was an illusion.

Valentine: Things are not what they always seem, young man.

Zach: I get it.

Zach: You're doing a movie aren't you.

Zach: Is it a Riftmaker?

Zach: Great make up and effects.

Dwayne: No!

Dwayne: Don't let him go!

Zach: I won't tell.

Zach: C'mon.

Zach: Rottmaker isn't it?

Zach: Or Is it Clide Parker?

Valentine: Dwayne wants to apologies for scaring you.

Valentine: Don't you Dwayne?

Dwayne: I'm sorry.

Zach: No.

Zach: That's okay.

Zach: And I was just looking for number six line.

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Valentine: I suggest you follow me.

[Zach follows him]

Zach: Gabe and J.T will never believe this.

Valentine: That's your train I believe.

Zach: Are you catching this one?

Valentine: No.

Valentine: My - uh - My friend and I will wait.

Zach: Ah.

Valentine: Bon voyage.

Zach: Well, thanks anyway - Well.

[Stares at them till they disappear. Dwayne waves creepily]

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Zach: [Goes to find a seat and sits on it and sees Valentine] H-How did you...

Zach: I saw you back there the platform when...

Zach: It was ya stud is that it?

Zach: Is this train heading down town?

Valentine: I believe so.

Zach: Does it stop at Canal street?

Valentine: Not anymore.

Sims: What did he say?

Valentine: He asked if this stop at Canal Street?

[Everybody laughs except Zach and Valentine, who only smiles a little]

Zach: What?

Zach: It goes to Brooklyn?

[Same results]

Zach: What's going on here?

Zach: Th-is is a movie shoot right?

Zach: And you got to wear costumes and stuff na...

Zach: Or you can pick a door...

Zach: TV show right?

Valentine: TV show?

Ronnie: I told you man.

Ronnie: It's like all junk, ya know.

Ronnie: Except Gilligands Island.

Ronnie: That's a trip.

Valentine: Yes.

Valentine: It's the little box with pictures.

Zach: Very funny.

Zach: This sounds weird but this kinda looks a ghost train with ghost.

[Sims laughs]

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Valentine: That's very close.

Valentine: But not quiet right.

Valentine: Not dead people.

Valentine: Not dead at all.

Zach: Oh good.

Zach: Glad to hear it.

Valentine: Undead.

Zach: What?

Valentine: Zachary, have you never heard of Nosferatu?

Zach: Yeah.

Zach: Yeah.

Zach: He's in that movie.

Zach: Black and white.

Zach: 1920s.

Zach: [pause] How'd you know my name?

Valentine: You'd be amazed at what I know.

Valentine: And Nosferatu isn't a 'he'.

Valentine: It's a 'them'.

Valentine: Vampires.

Valentine: We are vampires.

Valentine: Welcome aboard the Undead Express.

[Everybody laughs except Valentine and Zach]

Valentine: [Zach gets up and cuts his hand and every vampire gets up except Valentine]

Valentine: [Walks past the group toward Zach while creepy music like dun dun dun dun]

[Stamps his steb and fangs out with yellow eyes and hisses at the place]

Valentine: He's mine!

Valentine: [Turns to Zach with normal face] You need not worry, my friend.

Valentine: [Hands a handkerchief] You're under my protection.

Zach: Why should they listen to you?

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Valentine: Because I am the first.

Valentine: Without me, they will not know the pleasures of our world.

Valentine: How'd you get here?

Valentine: Heh.

Valentine: How did I get down here?

Valentine: I was rich.

Valentine: Once.

Valentine: These tunnels, this - uh car - I owned it all.

Zach: The subway?

Zach: Get out of here.

Valentine: Get out of where?

Valentine: Oh that - yes.

Valentine: I - err...

Valentine: [Smiles then stops] No.

Valentine: I - err - built all this.

Valentine: Was 1905.

Valentine: I lived on fifth avenue.

Valentine: In a lough town house.

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Valentine: [Shows wine being poured into wine glasses staked on top of each other and a cello being played as the quartet is playing and shows Valentine and his family, outside his new subway he build] I've built railroads all over the world.

Valentine: So when they proposed an underground railway, here in New York, I was one of the first to support it.

Valentine: Greatest money.

Valentine: Invested.

Valentine: And I became far wealthier than I have ever imagined I would be.

Valentine: I could provide my wife and my son.

Valentine: My son, John.

Valentine: I was the proudest man in New York, Zachary.

Valentine: And there were many proud men here.

Valentine: That's the greatest night of my life.

Valentine: We were going to the opera.

Valentine: But the Shadow Zone bekened.

Valentine: His name is Barnabus.

Valentine: He was more than a thousand years old.

Valentine: And had walked the world for fifty generations.

Valentine: Seen so much.

Valentine: Known so many great bonds.

Valentine: That evening... that evening was the last time I saw my son.

Zach: Well, so which one is Barnabus?

Valentine: He's no more.

Valentine: He wasn't tent of life you're under the streets.

Valentine: He saw an escape.

Valentine: Into the light of day.

Valentine: I wasn't quick enough to save him and...


Valentine: well... you saw what happened to Dwayne.

Zach: Yeah... Unfortunately.

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Valentine: Well, you see, Dwayne isn't like long enough for things to be permanent, but there are others that weren't so lucky.

Zach: You mean, what happened to Dwayne happened to them?

Valentine: Yep.

Valentine: Help ease the over crowding.

Zach: That's one way to put it.

Valentine: Zachary, they were fools.

Valentine: Why risk loosing the power in this street?

Valentine: Tonight?

Valentine: Blood.

Valentine: Blood is our food.

Valentine: Our drink.

Valentine: And immortality is our prize.

Valentine: It's a wonderful life.

Zach: [Looks down to see a rat] A rat!

Zach: There's a rat!

[Valentine's stud cuts him off as the vampires eats it]

Pearl: Ladies first!

Sims: Give me him I'll pay ya twice for two offers.

Valentine: You need not worry my friend.

Valentine: I told you, I'll be protecting you.

Zach: Thanks.

Zach: Can I... where can I get off at?

Valentine: This car runs on very old tracks.

Valentine: No one even remembers it's here.

Zach: So how do you get fresh in...

Valentine: Well, people get lost.

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Valentine: That corridor where you met Dwayne.

Valentine: It's brought to be very fruitful.

Zach: So they get lost and you...

Valentine: Me?

Valentine: No.

Valentine: No.

Valentine: I -uh- must prefer rats.

Valentine: People too er rich.

Valentine: I'm sort of vampire vegetarian.

Zach: But uh...

Valentine: Oh.

Valentine: Them?

Valentine: Are they...

Valentine: They much prefer human blood.

Zach: Why are you...

Zach: Why are you...

Zach: I mean protecting me from them?

Valentine: I want to get out of here.

Valentine: They have to know rather it's day and night.

Valentine: And I can't go unless an innocent leads me out.

Valentine: And you my friend, going to be that person.

[STARES and Zach looks at the stud and sees a snake instead then looks up and shakes off]

Zach: No.

Zach: No.

[Runs off and stops at the end of the car]

Sims: Can dame by its own mouth!

Zach: [Pulls the emergency cord and jumps off the subway train and rolling down then gets up and runs out onto the tracks up the steps to the station then through another room and stops to look at his had when the scene changes to show him down like someone is watching him in the rafters and sees him run out of the room then stop looks both was before going up the steps then brushes off the dust on the wall to reveal TO BEERWALKER STREET and runs out of there]

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Zach: Dad!

Zach: Dad you scared me!

Dad: You scared the hell out of me too!

Dad: What's up?

Dad: You're not suppose to be here till tomorrow.

Dad: You're alright?

Zach: Yeah.

Zach: I was on the subway.

Zach: You won't believe the ride I had.

Dad: Subway?

Dad: This time of night?

Zach: Yeah.

Zach: There's this guy.

Dad: Guy?

Dad: What did he do?

Dad: He did touch you?

Dad: What happened to your hand?

Zach: I cut it.

Zach: It's fine.

Zach: No Dad.

Zach: He was a vampire.

Zach: He had the teeth and the cape.

Dad: Vampire?

Zach: Yeah.

Zach: They were all vampires.

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Zach: The whole car.

Zach: They keep going round and round in the city.

Dad: Did you rent one of those horror movies?

Zach: My backpack.

Zach: I left my backpack on the subway.

Dad: Zach.

Dad: Do you know that cost?

Zach: Dad.

Zach: I-I'm sorry.

Zach: I didn't mean to forget it.

Zach: Its just listen I'm trying to explain something to you.

Dad: I'm tried to tell you a million times, you get on the car and asked the conductor in it.

Dad: Someone's bothering you, you tell him.

Dad: He's there to protect you.

Zach: I'm trying to tell you something.

Zach: I'm not a kid.

Zach: There's only one car and the conductor, he was one of them.

Zach: The Undead.

Dad: Don't start Zach.

Dad: There's a train in the subway and only one car.

Dad: Hey stay right here.

Dad: This isn't over yet.

Dad: [to the phone] Hello.

Dad: Yeah, he just got in.

Dad: He met some weirdo on the subway.

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