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Remake of Treasure of the Sierra Madre
Patrick R. Pearsey1 December 1999
I sat down to watch this movie with my girlfriend, who loves cheap sci fi films, expecting to fall asleep at some point. Just when I was losing interest, I began to realize that I was watching a loose remake of "Treasure of the Sierra Madre", the great Humphrey Bogart-Walter Huston movie from 1948, one of my favorites.

I think the scene where the old man began dancing a jig and laughing crazily after finding the "precious" ore tipped me off. Although it was set on an asteroid, the plot was basically the same. The character in the 1948 film who wanted to horn in on their partnership was changed to a woman (Joan Chen) in this movie.

Rent both films and see if I'm right. I rate "Precious Find" a 3 out of 10 by the way.
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No-go, don't see
waterloo-529 December 2000
As a devoted fan of Rutger Hauer I've seen some crappy productions. This, a remake of a western in a sci-fi setting, tops them all. Can anybody tell me why asteroids have an atmosphere and why you would use a pick-ax when you go there by spaceship?
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for pete's sake what junk
william_blake15 May 2002
tell you the truth i don't really know where to start with this 'movie'. i don't know what's worst, the ridiculous acting that makes me wanna cry, the silly so called 'special effects', the worst directing job i've ever seen or the dialogue that made me get the bucket in the middle of the movie.

i always thought of rutger hauer movies rather 'campy', but this one's so poor poor poor it's not even worth the tape it was recorded into, and it doesn't even make you laugh with it's poorness, it's just that poor.

the only good thing about this movie was it's length, i couldn't have taken another minute of it.

there's a better rutger hauer/joan chen movie that proves they CAN act,

it's called blood of heroes, watch that instead.
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Low budget but still worth watching
xronny12 May 2005
Well, Hauer and Chen has done better acting but I really think we need movies like this. I kind of liked the movie because it still has a story to tell despite bad directing and low budget. The first thing that struck me was the bad effect's in the opening scenes but then I saw that it was computer generated graphics and not CGI in a time when Windows 95 was the hottest OS. So I can overlook that.

The movie has a few good unexpected twists but it's an all Hollywood movie so the end is highly predictable.

Inspite of all the bad things I had a good time watching this movie on DVD and I can recommend you to rent it or even buy it because it's an old movie and the price is really low. I bought the DVD and I will watch it a few times again.
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Simply put the worst movie ever
larslyngby10 January 2003
Warning: Spoilers
SPOILER Wow. A DVD with Rutger Hauer AND Joan Chen for only 69 DKK... A steal I thought - and I was right. In the negative sense!

This movie is simply the worst I have ever seen in my entire life.

The first thought that sprang to mind after the movie was: Why did I have to see this movie? Then Why did I have to spend time seeing this movie?

The only funny thing in the movie was when Rutger Hauer towards the end jumped to his death through a hole in the floor: He actually looked relieved finally to be able to leave the movie.

And that's my recommendation to everyone: Leave this movie alone.
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A poor effort to make an interesting SF
martinmarimba17 March 2003
Director Phillipe Mora is known, at least within the circle of serious movie audience, for his lack of talent so the low quality of this movie was no suprise to me. The movie was to say the least - naive. I personally am not a SF fan, but I can respect a properly made film in any genre. However, I find movies like these truely insulting. Forgive me if You're a Mora fan, but this, as I would like to call it, warning was ment for those who aren't and for those don't know anything about him. Rutger Hauer is a very tricky actor. Whenever I see his name in a credit block of a movie, I can't tell if it'll be a good one or the worst ever. So, if You like Rutger, better watch him in one of those good films where he's at his best and you can calmly skip this one.
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gold,space,ninjas,what else is there?
Tfh_96211 March 2002
well i know i have seen them all now! , can anyone tell me why the space station has a pick-up truck in it on a ranch and what the hell that alein worm was that u never here of again ? was it left over from another set or something???????? i dont know what to think all kinds of stuff like that , but!!! i am thinking ,is this film made to be serious? thats the question ,cause if it was made to be like not stupid then the whole movie is undoubtably a peice of junk its got all the 2 dollar speical affects , crappy everything i think they lost the space station half way through so they replaced it with a ranch i mean u got to take your hat off to the crew , talk about not caring about there jobs or the movie,,,,,BUT if it is like made to be a peice of junk funny crap thing like plan 9 thing then it is undoubtably genius i mean it would be so hard to make a movie so crap it BECOMES !!good so i give it about a 3/10 u have to see it to believe it ,just make sure u dont except much in the way of science fiction , SO if u want to see a movie about Ninja Card playing gold miners who ride around in pick-up trucks on space stations then this movie is for U!!
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