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  • John Travolta plays George Malley, who owns the local auto repair shop in a small California town. After celebrating his birthday with friends at the local bar/hang-out, George heads for home. He pauses to watch a strange light in the sky, then collapses for a few seconds in the middle of the deserted street. In the days and weeks that follow, George finds his IQ and consciousness expanding dramatically, and develops telekinetic abilities. Despite his attempts to explain what has happened to him, with just a very few exceptions, most of the local townspeople treat the "new" George as a freak. His state of isolation becomes even more pronounced when his new-found abilities allow him to correctly predict an earthquake, and outside authorities become interested in what's happened to him.

    - Written by - written by: R. Merriman <wyldberi@msn.com>
  • The main character observes a strange light on his birthday at a bar. The following days he becomes very intelligent and puts the intelligence to good use in his community. When word gets around he becomes known as a freak and everyone wants to figure out why this happened to a car mechanic. The government also wants to get their hands on it to put it to other uses.

    - Written by Ryan Taylor <raytay@psyber.com>
  • An ordinary man sees a bright light descend from the sky, and discovers he now has super-intelligence and telekinesis.

    - Written by Anonymous


This movie is for those of us that believe in a, "Higher Intelligence," but to which doctrine this power, "holds court" is left to the observer.

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